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Make No Mistake About It, Thanksgiving Is Not About Turkey And The Puritans, But About Fighting Muslims In A Great Crusade For Christendom

By Theodore Shoebat  On November 25th, 1177, the Christian crusaders defeated a 26,000 man army in what is called the miracle at Montgisgard. Saladin, who became an idol for the Muslim pantheon, ravished Egypt in 1177 with twenty five thousand men, and as they brought destruction on lands before them and decapitated many, they made […]

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Muslim Woman Says That The Islamic Religion Is False, And She Converts To Christianity, Her Muslim Family Captures Her And Saws Her Head Off

By Walid Shoebat EGYPT– This is a sad story but it gets to explain how things work in Muslim Egypt. Four years ago in Alexandria Egypt, a 22 year old Muslim named “Marwa A. E” is divorced by her Muslim husband. She later falls in love with her neighbor; a young Coptic Christian man. She then converts to Christianity, […]

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The Church Of England Confronts The British Government And Declares: Destroy ISIS And Protect Christians

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat The Church of England has effectively backed military intervention by the UK government in Syria by unanimously passing a motion which implied support for the use of armed force against ISIS. And what for? “To establish safe routes for refugees”. Such crusade was given the personal endorsement of the archbishop of Canterbury. […]

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Watch New Raw Footage Of Russia Unleashing HELL From Land Air And Sea On The Muslim Terrorists Who Killed Their Pilot

By Walid Shoebat While Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, Putin in his own style, sent a gift to the Turkmen who killed his pilot: hell, fire and brimstone coming from all directions; land, air and sea. The gift was not limited to the killers, but also included all their relatives and associates as well: anyone with the affiliation of Turkmen. […]

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