Archive | November 9, 2015

Muslims Impose New Law On Christians: ‘If You Reject Islam And Accept Christ As Your Savior, We Will Force Your Children To Worship Allah’

By Theodore Shoebat The Islamic nation of Iraq is imposing a new law on Christians: if you reject Islam and accept Christ as your Savior, then your children will be forced to be Muslim. According to one report: An Iraqi law that forces children of Christian converts to be legally recognized as Muslims will lead […]

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BOMBSHELL: Amazing Biblical Archeological Discovery In Jerusalem Stuns The World Revealing More On Who The Antichrist Is

By Walid Shoebat The discovery of the Acra last week is “a dream come true” for archaeologists, who have been speculating on the citadel’s location for 100 years, the IAA said. The discovery of Acra comes at a delicate time, for it reveals the story of the Maccabees, Antiochus and the coming Antichrist. All this is understood once […]

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Christians And Muslims Open Fire On Each Other In An Intense Shootout, Seven People Are Killed In The Fight

By Theodore Shoebat Christians and Muslims in Nigeria got into a shootout, according to one report: At least seven people were killed in shoot-outs and other attacks after a tribunal annulled the election of the governor of Nigeria’s eastern Taraba state and replaced him with a ruling party candidate, police said. Attackers shot sporadically and […]

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Training Muslims To Fight ISIS Is A Disaster After Two American Soldiers Were Shot Dead By A Muslim While Training Him To Fight ISIS

President Obama is really opening the gates of death for our troops. A Jordan officer has opened fire at US-funded security training facility on the outskirts of the Jordanian capital, Amman, local authorities said, adding that two Americans and one South African national were killed in the attack. The Muslim shooter, Anwar Muhammad Abu Zeid […]

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