Hey! Where are all those “Syrian widows and 3-year-old orphans” that Obama is trying to dump on cities all over America?

By BI: The next time a bleeding heart tells you it’s the Christian thing to do is to open your heart to millions of these so-called ‘refugees’ from the Middle East and North Africa, show them this video of what’s in store for them.


What the media won’t tell you is that virtually ALL the invaders are Muslims, but relatively few (less than 20%) are women and children, few are Syrians, and even fewer are actual political refugees. Most are strapping young men of military age who are economic freeloaders, not to mention at least 4,000 ISIS jihadists already embedded with the refugees for ‘good’ measure.

Several EU countries could soon be on the verge of economic collapse, thanks to suicidal policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other EU leaders who have opened the floodgates to upwards of 3 million Muslim migrants over the next two years. Barack Hussein Obama is trying to do the same thing, but at least Americans are fighting back.