ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? From the Arab Media: “We Muslims curse Europeans as ‘racist,’ then we blow up their airports”

By BI: In the wake of the Brussels attacks, the Arab press has been awash with explosive articles acknowledging the Muslim world’s responsibility for global terror.


Breitbart   The views expressed by writers from Kuwait to Jordan to Saudi Arabia represent a brutal reckoning with the Arab and Islamic world’s failure to create a single normal country, to accept the fact that all terrorists are Muslim, and its insistence that terror is simply the result of Western racism, colonialism, and marginalization.

In an article titled “We Have Failed Indeed,” the editor of the London-based Saudi daily Al-Hayat, Ghassan Charbel, attacked Arabs and Muslims for wreaking havoc in the same European countries that agreed to take them in after they fled their own failed states. Charbel also chastised Muslims for their refusal to loudly condemn terrorism and, moreover, to find justifications for it.

Is our option for the other essentially that he will either be like us or we will blow him up, so that his body parts mingle with ours? Is it accurate [to say] that we are calmed only by seeing the streets of the other’s world full of barricades of corpses and broken glass? Who was it that allowed Muslim fanatics to kill a Turk on the streets of Istanbul, a Frenchman on the streets of Paris, and a tourist on the streets of Brussels?

Have we have the right to continue delving into historical sources in order to rely on past wrongs done to us and use this to justify the slaughter of innocents in a country whence we fled because of a tyrant or a civil war [in our own countries]? Who gave us the right to dictate to others the nature of their regimes, their values, and their lifestyle?

We have failed indeed.

Charbel continues by asserting that the Arab and Muslim world has failed to produce a single functioning state and a single “normal citizen.”

“We obliterated those who cast doubt, and accused anybody who raised questions of treason. We imprisoned the throats, the fingers, and the dreams. And thus our institutions rotted away – if they ever existed at all,” he writes.

The Muslim world, according to Charbel, became “sadder and angrier” as it watched as the rest of the world move forward and embrace progress, until Muslims felt they had no choice but to blow themselves up.

Meanwhile, Kuwaiti writer and author Khalil Ali Haidar echoes similar sentiments in the Bahraini daily Al-Ayyam, blaming Muslims for terrorism all around the world and slamming those who dismiss it by saying the terrorists “don’t represent true Islam.”

“Is it normal that while terrorism succeeds in recruiting hundreds and even thousands of Muslims, we are satisfied to persuade ourselves that their numbers ‘are still negligible’ compared to the global Muslim population? Must the number of terrorists swell to tens or hundreds of thousands before we realize that a thunderous pounding torrent [is headed] towards us?” Haidar asks in the article translated by MEMRI.

Haidar then lists the “innumerable ills” of the Islamic world – from Malaysia to Pakistan – including its disproportionate condemnation of “offenders of Islam.”

Unfortunately, the Muslims do not yet unanimously condemn IS [the Islamic State]. Some Muslims praise them [IS members], think the media wrongs them, and join them at the first opportunity, and even carry out the first suicide mission they are offered anywhere in the world!

We say that “terrorism has no religion and no homeland.” But we must confront the fact that most terrorist attacks in the Arab and Muslim world itself are not carried out by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Ahmadis, or Baha’is – but by Muslims and the sons and daughters of Muslims.

The views expressed in these articles dramatically contrast those espoused by many Arab writers who claim that the West is behind the recent uptick in terrorism. Last week, Breitbart Jerusalem reported on those articles, including the Egyptian claim that European support for the Muslim Brotherhood is the reason acts of terror continue to strike the continent.

In Jordan’s official newspaper Al-Rai, Tareq Masarwa blasted the Arab world’s attempts to justify terrorist attacks with claims of European racism and marginalization of Muslims.

“It is shameful that we demand that the world treat us justly as we drive away our sons by killing them, imprisoning them, or failing to provide them with proper education, healthcare, and employment, and with a dignified life,” Masarwa writes.

He concludes that “all we do is curse the Europeans as racists who hate Muslims and foreigners, and consider it our right to murder them in their airports, trains, and theaters.”