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In British Town Hall appearance, Barack Hussein Obama praises Muslim accomplishments in America and condemns “Islamofauxbia”

By BI: In a continuance of his great admiration for everything Islamic, Obama outright lied about Muslims being fully integrated into the United States, being more successful than real Americans, and ‘fighting for America’ in the armed forces. UK Defense Minister blasts-Barack-Obama-IGNORANT-EU-infighting-hurts-Britain-s-security

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While Americans worry about Syrian Muslim freeloaders and jihadists posing as refugees, Somali Muslim freeloaders and jihadists posing as refugees are pouring into the country by the tens of thousands

By BI: For all the talk about the security risks of Muslim “refugees” coming from Syria, little is said about another refugee program that has been delivering thousands of Muslims annually to U.S. cities for 33 years. That country is Somalia, which, just like Syria, is a hotbed of Sunni jihad terrorism and warring factions of Shariah-compliant […]

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Protestants Are Joining The Muslim Antichrist To Work Together To Destroy The Catholic Church And The Orthodox Church, Protestant Germany Is Already Working With Turkey To Control And Dominate Europe With Money And Power And By Prosecuting Free Speech

Protestants Are Joining The Muslim Antichrist To Work Together To Destroy The Catholic Church And The Orthodox Church, Protestant Germany Is Already Working With Turkey To Control And Dominate Europe With Money And Power And By Prosecuting Free Speech. By Walid Shoebat Solomon the wise once said “there is nothing new under the sun”. It […]

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Muslims Take Christian And Hang Him In Front Of His Parent’s House

  Muslims in Pakistan took a young Christian boy and hung him in front of his parent’s house, as we read in one report: A Christian boy in Pakistan has allegedly been hanged by Muslims who believed he was attached to a Muslim girl who lived opposite his brother’s house. A report in the Pakistan Christian […]

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Muslims Take Forty Five People And Lock Them Inside A Giant Freezer Until They All Freeze To Death

  ISIS terrorists took 45 people and locked them inside of a freezer until they froze to death, as we read in one report: The Islamic State terror group has reportedly killed 45 of its soldiers by locking them in a freezer after they attempted to flee from a battle in Iraq. MailOnline reported on Iraqi […]

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Muslims Kidnap Five Christian Women And Force Them To Marry Muslim Men

Muslims in Pakistan kidnapped five Christian girls and forced them to marry Muslim men, as we read in one report: Fides News Agency reported Monday that the latest victim was 23-year-old Laveeza Bibi from the Kasur district in Punjab, who earlier this month was kidnapped by two Muslims who stormed her house armed with guns, kidnapping […]

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Hungarian Government Bans Islamization, Says That Hungarians Have A Right To Choose Their Culture And How They Want To Live

It’s about time. As the PM Viktor Orban clarified, the Hungarian constitution bans the Islamization of Hungarian society. This is, in a sense, no different than the position of Saudi Arabia on this matter. There are many Christians living in Saudi Arabia, but they cannot do anything to assert Christianity in the public sphere. Likewise, […]

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Two Lesbians Strap Two Year Old Into A Cage, Stuff Objects Into His Mouth, And Beat Him With Belts Until He Dies, Then They Tell His Five Year Old Brother That He Was The Murderer

This twisted case began back in 2014. The lesbians, Rachel and Nyomi Fee, told police that two-year-old Liam Fee’s death was an accident. However, horrifying details have emerged from his two twin brother, now aged seven, that have implicated the pair in murder. Liam Fee According to the boys, life with Rachel and Nyomi was a […]

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Blood On The Walls, Vomit On The Floor, And Feces In The Beds: Inside The German “Refugee Center” Than Muslims Turned Into A Bug-Ridden, Disease Infested House Of Horrors

During Halloween lots of places have haunted or “horror” houses where you can pay a little money to get a scare from looking at something horrible, violent, or disgusting. However, everybody knows that everything is fake in it. The pictures you are about to see are not fake. They came from a “refugee” center in […]

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Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Muslims Were Allowed To Enter The UK And The Home Office “Forgot” To Record Them In The Official Immigration Statistics

Nobody just “forgets” about a quarter million people entering into your nation illegally and collecting benefits from the state. It’s impossible. The truth is that the UK Home Office has been faking immigration numbers to make it look like fewer Muslims are coming into Britain when in reality they are pouring in like water through […]

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Trump Takes Northeast By Storm And Another Step Towards The White House- Ted Cruz’s Campaign Is A Dead Man Walking Because It Is Now Mathematically Impossible For Him To Win

After today’s elections, there are only 622 delegates left. Ted Cruz needs 677 to win the nomination. Ted Cruz’s campaign is a dead man walking. He is mathematically finished. To the contrary, Trump has 922 delegates- he only needs 315 to win the nomination. Trump is the only Republican candidate who can actually win both the […]

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