Archive | April 13, 2016

POPE FRANCIS will make a trip to the formerly lovely Greek island of Lesbos where the Muslim invasion has all but killed its main industry – tourism

By BI: The purpose of the Pope’s trip is to encourage Greece to accommodate even more Muslim invaders who have essentially scared away the tourists and hurt businesses whose livelihood depends on the tourist trade. I wonder if they will apprise him of the soaring crime, riots, rape, and vandalism, which have accompanied these so-called […]

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ILLINOIS: Do Christians in Wheaton not realize they are enabling their own eventual demise by celebrating the replacement of a church with a mosque?

By BI: A mosque recently took over a former church building on the northeast side of Wheaton, becoming what is believed to be the city’s first Jihad Indoctrination Institution. In late August, the Islamic Center of Wheaton bought and moved into the 26,193-square-foot former First Assembly of God Church at 900 E. Geneva Road. Christian pastor in […]

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So how many Muslim welfare families did the Obama Regime settle in your state just during 2015?

By BI: Of nearly 77,000 Muslim freeloaders dumped in America by Obama in 2015, more than 90% of recent Middle Eastern/North African refugees are on Food Stamps and almost 70% are receiving Cash Welfare. Middle Eastern Muslim refugees are using welfare assistance at an even higher level than all other legal immigrants. (Photos below show typical Muslim migrant […]

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