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Muslims Take Canadian Man, Saw His Head Off And Throw His Head Into A Black Bag, They Then Throw The Bag In Front Of Children As They Play

Muslims beheaded a Canadian man in the Philippines, sawing off his head and tossing his head into a black bag, as we read in one report: Islamist terrorists on the island of Jolo in southern Philippines beheaded Canadian hostage John Ridsdel and threw his severed head in a plastic bag to be found by police. […]

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Massive Die Off In Seagrass In The Florida Bay And Scientists Reveal That Sea Grasses Had Declined By 29% In All Sea Oceans. Is Tribulation Upon Us?

By Walid Shoebat Everglades experts think that what they are experiencing is a “serious environmental breakdown.” Much attention has been paid to the loss of coral reefs, but now scientists are reporting seagrass ecosystems are equally in trouble. In a study in 2009, scientists found the grasses globally had declined by 29 percent since the late […]

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Muslims Work Very Hard To Smuggle In Terrorists Into America From Mexico And Conduct Major Massacres Of American Citizens

Muslims are working very hard to smuggle in terrorists from Mexico into the US, to conduct major massacres of American citizens. As we read in one recent report: Federal prosecutors say a 21-year-old Somali-American planned to open up routes to the U.S. through Mexico so ISIS terrorists based in Syria could penetrate the U.S. border […]

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The French Government Unites With Russia To Go Against The Evil European Union

By Walid Shoebat With the E.U and the U.S. it is “the Turk we love but Russia we hated”. However, many righteous French being the prickly pears that they are, thorny and stubborn, they just like Russia. The French MPs have voted in favor of a resolution to lift the EU-imposed sanctions initially slapped on […]

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Muslim Terrorist On Trial For Murdering 368 People Last Fall In Paris Is Confused And Upset Why His Attorney And Non-Muslims Despise Him

Being a defense attorney is a difficult enough job. It is made more difficult when you have to defend people like Muslim mass murderer Salah Abdesalam, Per a recent article from Liberation News, even his own attorney does not like him: The Belgian lawyer of the main defendant in the Paris attacks explains the difficulty […]

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Refugees Erupt Into Massive Riot At Restaurant When They Are Told They Have To Pay For Their Meals

According to the back story, these Muslim “refugees,” many of whom were from Africa, demanded free food in a restaurant. When they were told “no,” they started to riot and loot. National borders and immigration restrictions exists for the same reasons that prisons and mental institutions exist: because certain people are not capable, either by natural […]

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CALIPHORNIA: Group of Muslim women allege they were kicked out of coffee house just because they were Muslims

By BI: URTH CAFFE, a popular cafe in Laguna Beach is under massive social media attacks right now allegedly for asking a group of 12 Muslim women wearing Islamic headgear to leave the restaurant for no reason other than they were Muslims. What they didn’t know is that the cafe is owned by a Muslim woman […]

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Famous “persecuted Iraqi refugees” running for their lives allegedly, return to Iraq voluntarily after six months living in the ‘safe haven’ of Germany

By BI: More evidence that there is no massive Middle East “refugee” crisis — but only a determined, liberal-driven, Muslim invasion of Europe — has come with the news that the Iraqi refugee family made famous in a press photograph has flown back to Iraq only six months after being given asylum in Germany. New Observer  The […]

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British City (Bristol) Council officials refuse to host St. George’s Day celebration because of all the Muslims in the city

By BI: Actually they said the city is “too multicultural” but we know that means there are too many Muslims in the city whose sensibilities might be hurt by a patriotic celebration that features a cross. Bristol City Council allowed the national day to pass without a single event for the patron saint, despite its history dating […]

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Fascist guards order North Carolina middle school kids to stop singing the national anthem at the 9/11 Memorial in NYC

By BI: Two tone-deaf security guards at the 9/11 Memorial got tough with some wide-eyed middle school kids visiting the city for the first time from their small town Waynesville in North Carolina — because they sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” “You have to stop. This is considered a public demonstration!” one guard barked at the patriotic teens. […]

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DESTINATION HUNGARY…European Christians fed up with their nations’ “suicidal Muslim migration policies,” are fleeing their own countries and heading to Hungary

By BI: Soon to become the prime destination of choice for many angry and fearful European Christians, Hungary stands to reap the benefits of ‘White Flight’ from Western Europe that comes with a large influx of highly-educated, skilled, and financially independent Christian immigrants. New Observer  Writing in the Hungary Today journal, Hungarian-American Adam Topolansky, in an article titled His […]

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