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The Pro-Life Movement Does Not Want To End Abortion, They Want Abortion To Remain Legal So That They Can Take Millions Of Dollars From Christian Funders

By Theodore Shoebat Why did the pro-life movement in America get so upset at Donald Trump for simply saying that the woman who commits abortion should receive some sort of punishment? For years I have known about the corruption and superficiality of the pro-life movement, and this is what I have learned: the pro-life movement […]

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“Islam Has No Place In Germany” German Political Party Calls For Banning All Mosques And The Koran Because They “Spread Lies And Deception”

It is taking longer than it should, but the German people are waking up to the reality that Islam comes to kill, steal, and destroy, and they have to get rid of it like a cancer before it consumes them. Chancellor Merkel’s support continues to decline in spite of her increasingly tyrannical behavior. German political […]

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Belgian Government Wants New “Migrants” To Sign An “Integration Pledge” Promising They Will Be Good And Obey The Laws, Yet Muslim “Refugees” Are Exempt From It

This is so stupid I can hardly believe it, yet it proves again that truth is always stranger than fiction. Asking grown men, fully capable of making mature decisions and taking responsibility for the consequences, are being asked to sign a pledge promising they will obey the laws of the country, when most of the recent arrivals […]

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The Government Of Illinois Fines A Christian Business Owner $80,000 For Standing Up For His Christian Faith And Refusing To Allow A Homosexual Wedding In His Hotel

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Illinois has fined a Christian business owner $80,000 for standing up for his Christian Faith and refusing to allow a homosexual “wedding” from being done in his bed and breakfast hotel. Why is sodomite tyranny being allowed to thrive so much in America? Because the “Christians” have acquiesced to […]

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Ted Cruz Says That He Would Kill Donald Trump If Given The Chance, Proving Just How Evil Many Evangelical Leaders Are

Ted Cruz said that if given the chance, he would kill Donald Trump, saying: “If I were in my car and getting ready to reverse and saw Donald in the backup camera, I’m not confident which pedal I’d push.” Here you can watch this disgusting statement from Ted Cruz: This is another event that reveals […]

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