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The Blood Moons Have Been Finally Unlocked And They Reveal The Coming War Between Christians And Muslims

By Walid Shoebat Much have been said about “Blood Moons” these days linking biblical verses to the fall of the stock market and a U.S. collapse with much date setting that never happened. But perhaps analyzing the biblical verses is much simpler than most like to do where they love to use a calculator with stock […]

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GREECE: Muslim barbarians grab a baby and threaten to use it as a weapon against police

By BI: A Muslim illegal alien invader grabs a baby from its mother and threatens to throw it at Greek officers during a clash over plans to move the invaders to a holding center. Greek commentators have denounced the event as ‘barbaric.’ Breitbart According to various reports the man grabbed the child from its mother and threatened […]

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Did you know that 297 U.S. airports do NOT screen employees before work on a daily basis…not even Muslim employees

By BI: A Senate committee heard that only three – Atlanta, Miami and Orlando – require their employees to be security-checked before beginning their work day…leaving the other 297 airports vulnerable to a Brussels-airport style attack. Clarion Project  At Senate Commerce Committee session, lawmakers heard that only three airports in the United States require their employees to undergo […]

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FRANCE: Many Jewish parents are pulling their children out of public schools and putting them in Christian schools to protect them from Muslim students

By BI: In 1970, only 7,000 French kids went to Jewish schools. Today, it’s 35,000, and and there are more than 35,000 Jewish students now attending Christian/Catholic schools. The primary issue is the notorious Jew-hating Muslim population that has been arriving in France over the last 20-30 years and refused to be integrated into the French […]

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PAKISTANI MUSLIMS fight for the right to mutilate and kill their daughters and wives…

By BI: Groups of devout Muslims across Pakistan have banded together in protest to reclaim the right to abuse, maim, and kill their wives and daughters for misbehavior. The country has finally taken a civilized step forward on gender equality, but many Muslim men still believe the mistreatment of women is their divine, Allah-given right. NY Post  […]

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SYRIAN man chastises Europeans, says ““You Europeans are really dumb, you are welcoming our trash into your countries”

By BI: “The Muslim jihadists you are letting in already are killing your people and they will continue to kill more. You Europeans will pay for your stupidity, or your children will. These Muslims will stay until they cut the heads off every last one of you.”

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The Sun Is Heating Up Seven Times Hotter Destroying The Moon As Noah’s Ark Finally Is Revealed For The Battle of Armageddon

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) Show me a single chapter in scripture and I will show you how prophetically packed it really is! We live in a time where we see a skirmish erupting in Armenia’s Christian Nagorno Karabakh with Muslim Azerbaijan and since we cannot pronounce Nagorno Karabakh we skip reading the news, all the […]

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