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George Soros And His Open Society Foundation Are Behind The Muslim Refugee Invasions And The EU Is The New USSR- Serbian Director Speaks Out On EuroNews

In a recent interview with EuroNews, Serbian film director Emil Kusturica publicly talked about Hungarian-born financier George Soros and his involvement in the Muslim invasion of Europe. For those who are not familiar with him, Mr. Soros and his “Open Society Foundation” are behind many of the revolutions we have seen in recent times, including […]

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UK: Christian woman stabbed in the back (figuratively) by Muslim co-worker she befriended

By BI: Most Westerners are ignorant of the quranic verse which commands Muslims not to befriend Jews or Christians. This British Christian NHS worker who prayed for a Muslim colleague loses her job over a “bullying” ruling. MW News  After a Christian woman had developed a friendship with a Muslim female colleague, she decided to express her […]

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UNIVERSITY OF UTAH: Posters promoting a lecture on ‘Islamophobia” vandalized with un-PC messages of truth about Islam

By BI: University of Utah police are investigating a possible hate crime after an act of on-campus vandalism. They’re looking for the person who defaced seven posters inside Orson Spencer Hall. “It’s disheartening is what it is,” said U. spokeswoman Maria O’Mara. “It’s incredibly disappointing.” Funny this would happen in Utah, where the large population of Mormons […]

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UK: Muslim thugs savagely beat and kick a man’s head in at a gas pump leaving him with a fractured skull and eye socket

By BI: The sickening attack on the 25-year-old non-Muslim victim was captured on CCTV at the Gulf petrol station in Bristol Road, Birmingham. The footage, from which The Sun has removed the final scenes because they are so distressing, shows the man desperately trying to run away from his attackers. The Sun  The innocent victim falls over […]

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POLAND: Thousands of Christian patriots once again take to the streets to protest the Muslim invasion

By BI: Protesters burned an ISIS flag, while chanting slogans: “Poland for Polish people,” “Belgium is crying, France is crying, this is the end of tolerance,” as they marched through the Polish capital of Warsaw. Robert Bakiewicz, protest organizer says (in Polish): “As a state we must say that we will not accept any Muslim migrants […]

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CANADA: How the ‘shiny pony’ posing as prime minister plans to handle Islamic radicalization in his country

By BI: The Barack Obama of Canada, Justin Trudeau, plans to welcome in at least 100,000 more Syrian Muslim migrants posing as refugees in addition to the 25,000 he has just admitted, and will crack down on anyone trying to say that Islam is behind Islamic terrorism. Rumor has it that Trudeau has already converted to […]

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“Maybe I should give you to an Afghan man who will cut off your nose,” says Afghan politician to reporter

By BI: This is the response a female journalist got from an Afghan Muslim MP when she asked him about whether or not it’s OK to rape your wife. CLICK ARROW TO PLAY VIDEO An Afghan MP threatens to cut off @IsobelYeung's nose after she questions his stance on rape | #VICEonHBO 11PM — VICE (@VICE) April 8, […]

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VIRGINIA: ‘Clapping, hooting, and hollering,” after Culpeper County denies Islamic Center permit request

By BI: A roomful of Culpeper County Christian citizens cheered wildly Tuesday morning when Supervisor Bill Chase made a motion to deny a request from the Islamic Center of Culpeper for a pump & haul permit to serve an envisioned mosque to be built on Rixeyville Road. Herald Courier  Chairwoman Alexa Fritz banged the gavel in response, […]

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Well, the media won’t report it, but the African migrant who savagely murdered a beautiful 18-year-old University of Texas co-ed, likely was a Muslim

By BI: His name is Meechaiel ‘Khalil’ Criner, and while neither his country of origin nor religion are mentioned, ‘Khalil’ seems to be the operative Muslim word here.  Meechaiel Khalil Criner has been arrested for the murder of Haruka Weiser, the 18-year-old freshman student at The University of Texas-Austin. Police released CCTV footage of Meechaiel yesterday afternoon, […]

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SWITZERLAND: Muslim male students win the right not to shake a female teacher’s hand because it is “against their religion”

By BI: How long before they demand that no female can be a teacher in their classes? Or no female can be in the same classes with them? Sharia-creep anyone? A nationwide debate was sparked in Switzerland after two male Muslim students were exempted from shaking the hands of their female teachers in a small school […]

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