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Greek Farmer Sick Of Muslim “Refugees” Illegally Squatting On His Land Gets Out His Tractor And Plows Over Their Tents, Runs Them Off

Now this is the way to handle the situation. Those Muslims are illegally occupying this farmer’s land which he uses to earn his living. It is actually a good analogy with Europe today, as Muslims are living illegally of the provisions of another while contributing nothing except waste. This farmer took matters into his own […]

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Muslim Perverts Try To Rape Two Women Publicly, The Police Do NOTHING About It And They Try To Pretend It Doesn’t Matter

Of course the German police are not going to say anything. Like at the Nuremberg Trials, their defense is “Merkel told us so.” That is still no excuse for immoral behavior. Merkel only has as much power to abuse the German people in as much as the police, military, and other governmental organs allow her to. They […]

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Gang Of 17-Year-Old Muslim Thugs Beat Up 9-Year-Old German Boy For Fun And Attack His Parents, German Police Come And Beat Up The German Boy’s Father And Say That It’s His Fault Because He Provoked The Muslims

This video has been working its way around the German and European Media. I have transcribed the entire text below. Folks, this is the future of America and Europe if we are not careful- these Muslims are coming to kill us, our children, and rob our civilization and the government is enabling it. The traitor Merkel has […]

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EU Politician Says “Europe Must Embrace “Diversity” Or Face War,” Calls For The Religious, Ethnic, And Cultural Destruction Of Europe And Then Claims Europeans “Never Existed”

Muslims suicide bombers strap bombs to their bodies and blow themselves up on buses. Western Politicians do the same thing but with cleverly crafted laws and statements that mask religious, cultural, and ethnic genocide under the guise of “diversity.” This speech was given by Franz Timmermans in October 2015 at the first EU Fundamental Rights […]

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