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Muslim Men Go To Christian Woman And Say: “Christian women are all whores”, They Then Take Turns Raping Her And Tell Her: We Will Rape You Again If You Tell Anyone

A Muslim gang in Pakistan went to a Christian woman and told her “Christian women are all whores”, they then raped her and then threatened that they would rape her again if she tells anyone, as we read in one report: A Christian woman in Pakistan was brutally attacked and gang-raped by two young Muslim […]

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Muslim Terrorists Attack Two Christian Soldiers, They Open Fire On Them And Slaughter Both Of The Christians, They Also Attack A Bus And Murder Two More Christians

Muslim terrorist soldiers from Azerbaijan attacked and murdered two Armenian Christian soldiers, they also killed two more Christians in a bus attack, as we read in one report: The defense ministry of the breakaway region said in a statement that soldiers were killed by gunfire from Azerbaijan in the early hours of Tuesday. It also […]

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Police Officers Discover Two Tons Of Marijuana In Evangelical Church, Major Drug Cartel Activity Found Within The Church

By Theodore Shoebat Two tons of marijuana were discovered inside of an Evangelical church in Paraguay. The seizure of nearly 2 tons of pressed high – quality marijuana, was discovered alongside five luxurious vehicles. The church was located a few meters from the road leading to the colony Fortuna Guazú, and the drug trafficker involved was  Ruben Dario Gimenez, […]

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Europe’s Future Axis Of Evil Is Arising: Germany And Turkey Are Uniting Together, France And All Of Christendom Will Arise, God Will Divide Europe Sheep From Goats And Christians Will Be Victorious

By Walid Shoebat Germany’s right wing party wants to split the E.U. saying: “France and southern EU states – Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece among them – to be banished from Eurozone, as they lack “cultures of stability” like Germany’s.” Few examine prophecies that predict a split in Europe (explained here in detail). There are prophecies that speak of […]

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Armenian Christians In France Fight Off Turkish Barbarians Attacking Peaceful Demonstration Commemorating The Armenian Genocide

In true Muslim fashion, they can never agree to disagree and have to make their presence known with violence. In this case, Turkish barbarians attacked a peaceful demonstration in Lyon’s France on the Guillotere bridge commemorating the Armenian Genocide:   The bridge on which this fight took place is interesting. While the current bridge dates […]

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The Ballad Of Lyin’, Cheatin’, Stealin’ Ted Cruz

This election is going to the most important election since at least the eve of the Civil War, and it may be the most important yet in our short history as a nation because of the implications that it holds. That said, this election is a veritable circus, especially given how the one party with […]

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Turkish President Erdogan And His Sniveling Foreign Minister Davutoglu Threaten EU With A Further Refugee Invasion If They Don’t Cave To Turkish Demands About Visa-Free Travel In The EU

The arrogance shown by Turkish President Erdogan is growing at a seemingly unstoppable rate. As we reported on, he has already managed to extort 6 billion Euros from the European Union and virtually free reign to do what he wills. In typical Muslim fashion, as has been documented throughout history, he is now threatening […]

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