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Do Christians Really Hear Messages From Jesus?

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) A lady named Maria Valtorta is an enigma that defies categorization since she claims that Jesus personally spoke to her from 1943 until 1951 writing thousands of pages that she labeled “The Gospel According To Me”. Reading the gospel according to Valtorta divides readers where some consider it the work of fiction […]

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Apparently, Pope Francis was planning to take some Syrian Christian refugees into the Vatican, but changed his mind

By BI: A Christian brother and sister from Syria felt blessed to have been among the dozen refugees selected to start a new life in Italy — but now say their savior, Pope Francis, abandoned them on a Greek island. UK Daily Mail  A Christian brother and sister from Syria say they have been ‘let down’ by the Pope after he […]

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Chancellor Angela Merkel is telling Europeans that Muslim migrants will become the continent’s new workforce yet 98 out of 100 refugees are judged unfit for work

BY BI: German Municipalities estimates that just two percent of Muslim refugees in the rehabilitation program are ready to take a job. “You are not ready to work.” The stamp is the vast majority of refugees by the municipalities. Daniel Greenfield in his article The Death of Europe said: “The Muslim migrants are meant to be the retirement plan for an aging Europe. […]

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ANOTHER tiger dies at the Surabaya ‘Zoo of Death,’ in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation

By BI: Another Sumatran tiger has died at a notorious Indonesian zoo, where animals are ‘kept in filthy overcrowded cages’ and hundreds of them have perished prematurely in recent years because of neglect and abusive conditions. UK Express  The male tiger, named Rama, died of heart failure at the zoo in the city of Surabaya, on the main island […]

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Obama’s BFF, Turkish President Recep Erdogan, seizes several Christian churches and declares them “state property”

By BI: Yes, this is the same Turkish president who is demanding membership in the European Union. And the EU is is leaning toward giving it to him. UK Express  President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken control of six churches in the war-torn southeastern city of Diyarbakir in his latest move to squash freedom of speech […]

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DELAWARE becomes sharia compliant, will recognize Muslim holiday of barbaric animal sacrifice – Eid

By BI: To see what the barbaric Muslim holiday of Eid is all about, watch second video. Halal slaughter is the most inhumane kind of slaughter there is. When Muslims cut the throats of unstunned animals, they do NOT cut the spinal cord (as Jews do in Kosher slaughter) so the animal experiences maximum pain while […]

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Anti-Muslim themes are drawing huge crowds, especially in Christian towns in America where the majority of Muslim migrants are being dumped

By BI: Broad-based anti-Islamization concerns through a range of speakers mixed with fears about the Muslim invasion and the skyrocketing cost of ‘refugee’ welfare are increasingly finding a receptive audience, especially in places where Muslim masses are changing the face of the community, in rural Minnesota. AmericanBazaar  St. Cloud car salesman and anti-Muslim immigration activist Ron […]

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GREECE: Muslim illegal aliens didn’t like the tents they were being housed in so they set them on fire

By BI: Maybe Greece should convert some of their 5-star hotels into accommodations for the Muslim invaders. After all, tourists aren’t likely to be using them now that Muslims are wilding in the streets and causing havoc to the local economies in resort areas

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