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Smoking Gun: Newly Revealed FBI “Document 17” Officially Proves The Connection Between the 9/11 Terrorists And The Saudi Arabian Embassy

  It’s been an elephant in the room for a long time, but now our government finally admits to what everybody has known for years: the Saudis funded 9/11. The newly exposed, 28-page report, called “Document 17,” was written by FBI agents back in 2003. What makes this report special is that it profiles an Al-Qaida bomb maker, […]

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What the media didn’t tell you about Arabic-speaking Muslim student who got kicked off Southwest Airlines

By BI: The mainstream media went ballistic after learning that an Iraqi student was removed from a flight after an alleged ‘Islamophobic’ woman reported him because she heard him speaking Arabic. Left wing pundits and Muslim advocacy groups demanded to know why “speaking Arabic” is a reason to remove someone from a plane and were calling […]

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“We are the new Jews of Europe,” whine the self-described Muslim ‘victims’ in Birmingham, UK

By BI: Notice this story comes from a city in England which has become a virtual NO GO Zone for non-Muslims…where firefighters and ambulance drivers demand a police escort before they enter…where sharia patrols make sure anyone who doesn’t conform to Islamic standards of dress and lifestyle will be harassed. “Just because you are born in […]

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21st CENTURY ITALY: Where 7th Century Muslim residents think that women in Cologne who were sexually assaulted on New Year’s by Muslim men asked for it

By BI: They believe that only fully-covered women in loose-fitting, opaque material, with the exception of face and hands, are deserving of respect. Women who wear miniskirts or tight jeans are themselves responsible for being raped. Too bad they didn’t ask them how they felt about millions of veiled Muslim women being raped by their fellow […]

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So sorry to have to report that Pope Francis has now taken Muslim pandering to a whole new level

By BI: Pope Francis actually begged the forgiveness of illegal alien Muslim invaders, asking them to “forgive our (European/Christian) closed-mindedness and indifference” and insisting that each migrant has “the face of God.” “Forgive the closed-mindedness and indifference of our societies, which fear the change of lifestyle and mentality that your presence requires.” Did the Pope happen to […]

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