Archive | April 12, 2016

100,000 Christians Take Up Arms And Form A Whole Christian Army, They Are Now Killing Muslim Terrorists And Defeating Them In Intense Battles

By Theodore Shoebat 100,000 Christians in Iraq have formed their own army and are killing ISIS terrorists, defeating them in battles and retaking Christian lands in a beautiful holy war and crusade of our own times. I did a whole video on this:   According to one report: It was reported in July last year, […]

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Over 200 Afghani And Kurdish “Refugees” Beat Each Other With Iron Bars In A Massive Brawl And Then They Set Their Housing On Fire

This started as an “ethnic conflict” between Kurds and Afghanis, and it turned into an uncontrolled riot with people beating each other senseless with iron bars and then burning down the train in which the Greek government was housing these refugees. At this point, the fact that these “refugees” don’t have a home is not […]

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Thousands Of Poles Rise Up In The Streets And Pledge War Against Islam, Shouting “This Is The End Of Tolerance”

Something about Poland’s history is that while the nation has always had liberal tendencies, when the tough times come the nation consistently returns to the Faith and then goes on to stand firm and even conquer the staunchest of evils. It happened in September of 1683, and it is possible we are witnessing this once […]

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