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16,500 American Border Patrol Agents Gather Together And Support Donald Trump For President So That He Can Protect America From Muslim Terrorists And Drug Cartel Killers

By Theodore Shoebat 16,500 American border patrol agents are supporting Donald Trump, as Trump himself announced on Twitter:     The reason they are supporting him because they believe he will enable them more to defend the border from Islamic terrorists drug cartel killers. Mexico is becoming a war zone and is on the verge […]

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The Government Of Sweden Fights Against Islam And Opens Its Borders For Christians Being Persecuted By Muslims

The government of Sweden has done the great evil of making it difficult for persecuted Christians from Iran to enter its nation. But, now the European Court of Human Rights has determined that Sweden must give persecuted Christians a fair assessment before sending them back to Iran, as we read one story: The European Court […]

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Muslims Invade Christian Town, Soldiers Charge In, Fight The Muslims And Drive Them Out, Conquering The Town With Great Victory

ISIS terrorists took over the Christian town of al-Qaryatain in Syria, but Syrian forces have successfully defeated them and have retaken the town. As we read in one report:    Syrian government forces, with the aid of Russian airstrikes, have taken the Islamic State-held town of al-Qaryatain, on the outskirts of the historic Palmyra complex. […]

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Major Battle Between Christians And Muslims Commences, They Open Fire On Each Other And Thirty People Are Killed In Combat

By Theodore Shoebat A major battle took place between Azeri Muslims and Christian Armenians in the region of Nagorno-Karabakhv. As we read in one report: Azerbaijan has announced a unilateral cease-fire in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, where a recent flare-up of violence between Azerbaijani and separatist Armenian forces has left dozens of people dead. […]

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LET’S ROLL! Bikers for Trump roll into Wisconsin to keep the George Soros-paid shills away from the Trump rallies

By BI: Bikers for Trump rolled in to Wisconsin and upset some anti-Trump protestors that think the first amendment isn’t for all citizens.  They heard the ROLLING THUNDER coming from afar and dang….their shouts just weren’t loud enough to earn their George  Soros cash for the day! Bikers for Trump Facebook Page Marshall Report Bikers for Trump […]

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Tens of thousands of ‘Islamophobic’ Zionist bees attack an Arizona mosque

By BI: Give those bees some honey! A huge swarm of bees surrounded people at the Muslim Community Mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, in a terrifying moment caught on video. At least 20 people were stung Friday. ABC News  Firefighters rushed to the scene and sprayed the area with a foam that calms the insects, but Deliz said […]

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WHACKADOODLE! Muslim mother sues tampon company for “stealing her daughter’s virginity”

By BI: IDAHO MUSLIM woman is suing the Kotex company for $1.4 million dollars after she claims one of her daughters lost her virginity while using a tampon. The family’s attorney claims the product’s packaging did not issue any warning about the possibility of losing one’s own virginity while using the product. Observatorial  “Why is there no warning […]

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MANHATTAN: Muslim woman who claimed she was slashed in the face by an ‘Islamophobic’ maniac who called her a “f**king terrorist” actually made up the story

By BI: The slash wound turned out to have been self-inflicted by the woman. Designated terrorist group CAIR had to scramble to scrub all the Tweets on their Twitter account screaming about this “Islamophobic” attack that never happened. EARLY REPORTS SAID: She (the Muslim woman) was simply walking along, when the deranged madman came up behind […]

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ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? From the Arab Media: “We Muslims curse Europeans as ‘racist,’ then we blow up their airports”

By BI: In the wake of the Brussels attacks, the Arab press has been awash with explosive articles acknowledging the Muslim world’s responsibility for global terror. Breitbart   The views expressed by writers from Kuwait to Jordan to Saudi Arabia represent a brutal reckoning with the Arab and Islamic world’s failure to create a single normal country, to accept the fact […]

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Arrogant imam claims: “There is no such thing as radical Islam. It’s either radical or it’s Islam, it can’t be both”

By BI: Christian Pastor begs to differ. In a contentious exchange about Islamic terrorism and its linkages with Muslims and Islam, a pastor described Muhammad as a “bloodthirsty warlord” in pushing back against an imam’s assertion that “radical Islam” is a misnomer. Daily Wire  Describing the term “radical Islam” as a problematic neologism, Elahi divorced Islamic terrorism […]

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The Most Fascinating Bible Prophecy Reveals The Muslim Caliphate Will Revive And Invade Europe But God Intervenes With Plagues And Swarming Locusts And Defeats Them

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)  Allah has 99 names; locusts lay 99 eggs; and the Muslim prayer beads have 99 beads. It was a specific locust that invaded from the Muslim world and it will be the same locusts that invades them in the end. Many ask: why in Revelation 13 John spoke of two […]

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