MANHATTAN: Muslim woman who claimed she was slashed in the face by an ‘Islamophobic’ maniac who called her a “f**king terrorist” actually made up the story

By BI: The slash wound turned out to have been self-inflicted by the woman. Designated terrorist group CAIR had to scramble to scrub all the Tweets on their Twitter account screaming about this “Islamophobic” attack that never happened.



She (the Muslim woman) was simply walking along, when the deranged madman came up behind her and grabbed her by the arm. He then called her a “fucking terrorist” and slashed her face.

The victim ran back to her school after the attack, where she called a family member who called 911 for her. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for medical treatment for the 2-inch gash on her cheek left by the attack. She’s got a noticeable sized cut to the left side of her cheek,” said a police official. “We got a victim that is able to tell us what happened.”

The violent assailant fled the scene of the crime after the gruesome attack, but police were scouring the area in search of him. He was described as a white man wearing a black hat and a black jacket. Police say there have been a slew of random slashings in the city lately, but they are investigating this incident as a possible hate crime.

But being that he called the young Muslim woman a “fucking terrorist” before he sliced her face open, it seems pretty clear what at least part of the motivation for this attack was.



NY Post  A MUSLIM woman of Middle Eastern descent told police she was slashed in the face by man who called her a “f*cking terrorist” on a lower Manhattan street Thursday afternoon — only to later confess that her wound was self-inflicted, cops said.

The 20-year-old beauty-school student said she was wearing a Muslim headscarf on her head while walking on Broadway near Rector Street at about 4:20 p.m. She claimed her assailant grabbed her arm from behind and cut her face. The “attack” happened just steps from the Make-up Designory school, where she is a student, she said. “She’s got a noticeable-sized cut to the left side of her cheek,” said a police official afterward.

But cops scoured the area and checked surveillance video without finding any evidence or witnesses to the attack, sources said. After being questioned at Bellevue Hospital Center, the woman eventually told police that she had slashed herself, according to sources. She was being held at Bellevue for a psychiatric evaluation.