GREECE: Muslim barbarians grab a baby and threaten to use it as a weapon against police

By BI: A Muslim illegal alien invader grabs a baby from its mother and threatens to throw it at Greek officers during a clash over plans to move the invaders to a holding center. Greek commentators have denounced the event as ‘barbaric.’


Breitbart According to various reports the man grabbed the child from its mother and threatened to throw it at the authorities after they stopped him from smashing up a car. As onlookers attempt to calm him down the man is seen shaking the child roughly above his head, holding it by the neck and legs, before another migrant is able to snatch the child away and return it to its horrified mother.

The Greek government has released a statement announcing an inquiry into the incident would be launched. It is not clear whether or not the migrant is the baby’s father.


The video appears to have been filmed at the port of Piraeus, where around 5,000 Muslim illegals are camped out. In total, approximately 53,000 invaders are stuck in Greece, unable to move northwards thanks to the closing of national borders all across Europe.

The Greek government, which wants the port back in use before the Greek Easter holidays at the end of the month, has said it plans to move the invaders to other locations around the country, but they are refusing to leave.

Harbour officials have accused pro-migrant volunteers of inciting the illegals to protest and demand that national borders be re-opened, Ekathimerini has reported.