POPE FRANCIS will make a trip to the formerly lovely Greek island of Lesbos where the Muslim invasion has all but killed its main industry – tourism

By BI: The purpose of the Pope’s trip is to encourage Greece to accommodate even more Muslim invaders who have essentially scared away the tourists and hurt businesses whose livelihood depends on the tourist trade. I wonder if they will apprise him of the soaring crime, riots, rape, and vandalism, which have accompanied these so-called refugees to Lesbos.

Police are helpless to control the unrest and violence by Muslim migrants on Lesbos:

Migrant problem is growing and set to get much worse as summer draws near:

Muslim invaders stage a protest demanding to board a ferry boat, in the port of Mytilene in Lesbos, while shouting “Merkel, help us.”

Heartbreaking…So, will the Pope visit these residents on Lesbos who are being terrorized by the flood of Muslim invaders washing up on their island everyday? Women and children are prisoners in their own homes because of the Muslim savages running rampant in the streets and threatening them.

Resident of Lesbos complains about the Muslim invaders throwing rocks at them, showing no respect for the local citizens, trespassing on their property and forcing them to live in fear.