UK: Christian woman stabbed in the back (figuratively) by Muslim co-worker she befriended

By BI: Most Westerners are ignorant of the quranic verse which commands Muslims not to befriend Jews or Christians. This British Christian NHS worker who prayed for a Muslim colleague loses her job over a “bullying” ruling.


MW News  After a Christian woman had developed a friendship with a Muslim female colleague, she decided to express her gratitude by giving the woman something that was very special to her. However, as soon as she handed the Muslim woman the thoughtful gift, the recipient took one look at it and reported the gift giver to authorities, causing the Christian woman to lose her job and be found guilty of “harassing and bullying.”

Perhaps Victoria Wasteney, a 39-year-old senior occupational therapist, mistakenly thought that Islam was just like any other religion, or maybe she believed that as long as she treated Muslims with tolerance and acceptance, she’d be given the same respect. Whatever the case, it took a hard lesson over several years to figure out that not only is Islam a supremacist ideology, it has special privileges in the West.


The Daily Mail reports that the Wasteney, a Christian woman, was suspended for nine months from her job at the East London NHS Foundation Trust after being found guilty of harassing and bullying her Muslim colleague, Enya Nawaz, in 2014. Her employer, St. John Howard Centre in Homerton, argued that Wasteney had terrorized her coworker by inviting her to church, praying with her, and giving her a prayer-book after Nawaz asked her about her Christian faith.

The pair had talked casually about Islam and Christianity and the local church’s work in the community against human trafficking. Wasteney had even prayed for “peace and healing” for Nawaz, which the coworker willingly accepted. Even more so, Wasteney claims that the discussions actually began because Nawaz confronted her about her Christian beliefs.

While the NHS admitted that Nawaz had been happy to discuss religion equally with Wasteney and had never given her superiors evidence to support her allegations of harassment, the NHS quickly ruled that only the Christian employee was to be reprimanded.


What the court clearly failed to do was to say how, in today’s politically correct world, any Christian can even enter into a conversation with a fellow employee on the subject of religion and not, potentially, later end up in an employment tribunal,” Wasteney explained. “If someone sends you friendly text messages, how is one to know that they are offended? I had no idea that I was upsetting her.

“I believe the NHS singled me out for discipline because Christianity is so disrespected. Previously, a Christian worship service that I set up for patients was closed down, but accommodation for Muslims to practise their faith wholly facilitated and encouraged.”

Just last year, Wasteney took her case to an employment tribunal to contest the NHS’s decision to suspend her for 9 months, only to be told that her employer had not discriminated against her.

Just recently, a judge gave Wasteney the opportunity to appeal the employer’s decision, adding that the punishment might have violated the European Convention on Human Rights’ defense of freedom of speech and religion. On Wednesday, however, Judge Eady QC denied the appeal, stating that the employer was justified in its decision to punish Wasteney for her religious discussion, but not Nawaz, Premier reports.