On the heels of the Muslim rape epidemic in Germany, now Angela Merkel has decided to allow German citizens to be raped economically by Muslim illegal aliens

By BI: German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition announced new fast-track Muslim “integration” reforms Thursday that will remove worker protections from European Union and German citizens so Muslim migrants can compete with them for jobs. Of course, this would only become a problem for German workers if all the Muslim freeloaders actually wanted to find work rather than live off the welfare system. 


Daily Caller  The draft measure would suspend a law preventing companies from hiring non-EU citizens, unless there is no EU citizen willing or qualified to take the job. The new law would allow those companies to also hire refugees.

With more than one million pending asylum applications, Merkel hopes the new regulation will open up at least 100,000 job opportunities for refugees. The EU-citizen protection would be back in effect in three years.


The Guardian  According to the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the aim of Germany’s first ever integration law is to make it easier for Muslim economic migrants and asylum seekers to gain access to the German labour market, with the government promising 100,000 new “working opportunities”, expected to include low-paid workfare jobs.

A law requiring employers to give preference to German or EU job applicants over asylum seekers will be suspended for three years.


The vice-chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, described the agreement as a historic step, saying he was convinced that “in a few years’ time this law will be seen as a milestone for our immigration law”.

More than 476,000 asylum applications were registered in Germany in 2015, with officials putting the total number of arrivals at over a million.


The new integration measures also include mandatory classes on the German language and culture for arriving migrants, and “one-euro jobs” —  in which refugees can work for low wages of between $1.13 and $2.80 — without it impacting their welfare support status. Failure to complete the language and culture classes will result in cuts in welfare.

Merkel said the reforms are due in part to a growing concern over homegrown terrorism in Europe, and Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said the new laws will go down in history as a “milestone for our immigration law.”