It is with great reluctance that I must write this piece of work. This is simply because on one hand, Pastor Steven Anderson has stated a lot of good and correct things regarding issues of our time such as his opposition to sodomy/homosexuality and opposing Barack Hussein Obama for his wickedness as well as exposing Martin Luther King for being a Communist; coupled with his good Scriptural sermon on why not all sin is of equal value and a correct understanding of Romans 13 regarding godly government. For a non-Apostolic preacher, I must give him credit for these things as well as his overall defence of proper Christian doctrine on many cardinal issues as well as his zeal in many matters. These will not be the subject of our discussion. Yet on the other hand, he has also done a lot of damage too and taught a lot of evil and heresy, which sadly puts his efforts to nought. The 4 major evils that he has promoted are:

  1. “Easy Believism” Heresy and anti-repentance heresy.
  2. Disgusting promotion of anti-Jewish attitudes and conspiracy theories.
  3. His contempt and unjustified hatred against the Apostolic Churches, particularly Orthodoxy and the Roman Catholic Church.
  4. Heretical teaching that Christ burned in hell for 3 days and 3 nights for the salvation of mankind.

It was because of these 4 disgusting elements combined with other disturbing discoveries over the years that influenced me from being a hardcore Protestant fundamentalist to discovery of the Apostolic Church as contained in Orthodoxy. But that is another story that is not the subject here. My sincere hope to Apostolic Christians and other genuine Christians that may have encountered his toxic heresies and attitudes, is to not only be aware but also to avoid such behaviour which reflects nothing short of a diabolical narcissist. (For more on the concept of a “diabolical narcissist”, please watch this long video by the lovely Ann Barnhardt on this matter:

Martin Luther, the father of “Easy Believism” heresy and the founder of the heretical Reformation.

Martin Luther, the father of “Easy Believism” heresy and the founder of the heretical Reformation.


Jack Hyles, heretical espouser of the “Easy Believism” heresy and founder of Hyles-Anderson College. Known adulterer and pervert.

Jack Hyles, heretical espouser of the “Easy Believism” heresy and founder of Hyles-Anderson College. Known adulterer and pervert.

Of all the heresies that has been most diabolical in sending people to hell and destroying the lives and souls of others, this heresy is the most satanic. Satan through the godless doctrines of Martin Luther and other Reformers has not only taught the abhorrent concept of “Faith Alone. Grace Alone”, but furthermore has added to it these evil ideas from the words of Martin Luther himself: “If you are a preacher of grace, then preach a true and not a fictitious grace; if grace is true, you must bear a true and not a fictitious sin. God does not save people who are only fictitious sinners. Be a sinner and sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly . . . as long as we are here [in this world] we have to sin. . . . No sin will separate us from the Lamb, even though we commit fornication and murder a thousand times a day. (Letter to Melanchthon, August 1, 1521, American Edition, Luther’s Works, vol. 48, pp. 281-82) [Emphasis mine.] This is the basis of the heresy of “Easy Believism” since it states that all one has to do is simply believe by faith only in Christ and not concern oneself with their state of sin. Despite Steven Anderson claiming to be a “Baptist” that is “not Protestant”, yet he not only believes this evil heresy but also preaches it too. In fact, he learnt this evil heresy from another source who also looked up to Luther for inspiration: Jack Hyles. Since Steven Anderson studied many years under the teaching of Jack Hyles in Hyles-Anderson College in Hammond, Indiana, this peculiar heresy has rubbed off on him and all who have gone through the heretical brainwashing in that place. In fact, it has become common knowledge that Jack Hyles and his son, David Hyles, were known for their adulteries and fornications as well as their abusive behaviour towards their spouses, not to mention others. If any of you are in any sort of doubt regarding the sexual immorality and abusive behaviour of the Hyles, then I enclose this video by one of the Hyles daughters, Linda Hyles Murphy, who because of all the abuse, has turned against the Christian Faith. Lord have mercy!

David Hyles, son of Jack Hyles and notorious adulterer and fornicator. Convicted of sexual crimes eventually. Product of “Easy Believism”.

David Hyles, son of Jack Hyles and notorious adulterer and fornicator. Convicted of sexual crimes eventually. Product of “Easy Believism”.


Jack Schaap, son-in-law of Jack Hyles, successor of Hyles-Anderson College and also an adulterer and convicted sex offender. Another product of “Easy Believism”.

Jack Schaap, son-in-law of Jack Hyles, successor of Hyles-Anderson College and also an adulterer and convicted sex offender. Another product of “Easy Believism”.

Can we honestly be surprised therefore that Hyles Anderson is filled with all manner of godless wolves that have harmed many, whether sexually, physically and even more importantly, spiritually? The apple did not fall far from the tree and the successor of Hyles Anderson College, Jack Schaap, has now faced criminal charges over sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl, and worse, blames the victim for it too! (Here is the news article for the viewer to look at: )

All this is a perfect result of the anarchy espoused by Luther and furthered to its evil logical end by the likes of Jack Hyles. However, what is most tragic of all is that despite Steve Anderson leaving Hyles Anderson College due to discovering the perversity of Jack Schaap, is to find him preaching the very same heresy that created the drive for such perversity in the beginning! In this video amongst many others, Steven Anderson preaches against the notion of repenting of one’s sins and advocates this evil teaching of “Easy Believism”. The way the Holy Scriptures have been distorted in this video is indeed satanic! If you can stomach it, please watch and be disgusted:

I have also had my fair share of encounters with those infected by such Protestant trash and heresy. I remember talking to one such person in an Independent Baptist Church I was once a part of, and saw this person destroy his own soul through indulging in antinomianism (logical outcome) to the point of now being an agnostic. In fact, this evil heresy that is tied in to another heresy of “Once Saved, Always Saved” (aka “Eternal Security”). I remember stating this to the person: “There is a difference between simplicity of the Gospel and simplicity of belief. The Gospel is simple but belief in the Gospel is not necessarily simple. Thought and action are one, never divorced from each other. We only need to look at Noah to know this reality. The message to Noah was simple: Build an ark and enter into it since the world will be destroyed by a flood. Belief was not so simple. In fact, Noah warned others about the flood but no one listened. So you see therefore, that simplicity of the message is not the same as simplicity of belief, otherwise the world would have been saved by now. Christ also clearly preaches the opposite to that and states that to believe Him, would indeed cost you something.” I also know of another person in that church who went through the same college and who was taught the same disgusting teaching. That person after a bad encounter with some wicked character in Hyles Anderson College of having his medication stolen, not only left the place but went further down the path of perdition to first Reformed doctrine (the cause of all this heresy in the beginning) to becoming a total atheist and a sodomite. Such is the evil fruit of this Protestant trash doctrine of devils.

St. Irenaeus of Lyons

St. Irenaeus of Lyons

In fact, it was because of this evil doctrine combined with many other evils that led me not only to leave the Independent Baptist Church movement, but also to look towards Apostolic Christianity as found in Eastern Orthodoxy. But that is another story. In fact, according to the logic of the “Easy Believist” heretics, the sodomites in the Church should be considered saved, since they mumbled a prayer, despite the fact that they may deliberately oppose and act contrary to Holy Scripture. According to such heretics, a number of people who converted to Islam and other forms of unbelief out of Christian backgrounds, are saved, despite the fact that they will oppose and deny the Christ of Holy Scripture clearly, which merits being termed an antichrist and a hell bound heretic. (I John 2:22, 23; II Peter 2:19-22). In fact, this heresy is nothing short of the Nicolatine doctrine, that Christ our God clearly stated that he hated. (Apocalypse/Revelation 2:14, 15). St Irenaeus of Lyons, a direct disciple of St. Polycarp and St. John, had this to reveal regarding the Nicolatines. In it, you will find the Protestant “Easy Believist” heretics fitting it to a T: “The Nicolaitanes are the followers of that Nicolas who was one of the seven first ordained to the diaconate by the apostles. They lead lives of unrestrained indulgence. The character of these men is very plainly pointed out in the Apocalypse of John, [when they are represented] as teaching that it is a matter of indifference to practice adultery, and to eat things sacrificed to idols.” (Against Heresies, Book I, Chapter 26:3) [Emphasis mine].

St. Hippolytus

St. Hippolytus

St. Hippolytus, a direct disciple of St. Irenaeus, also confirmed these things in these words: “Now, even those (of the heretics) who are of a more serious turn in regard of the Divinity, and have derived their systems of speculation from the Greeks, must stand convicted (of these charges). But Nicolaus has been a cause of the wide-spread combination of these wicked men. He, as one of the seven (that were chosen) for the diaconate, was appointed by the Apostles. (But Nicolaus) departed from correct doctrine, and was in the habit of inculcating indifferency of both life and food. And when the disciples (of Nicolaus) continued to offer insult to the Holy Spirit, John reproved them in the Apocalypse as fornicators and eaters of things offered unto idols.” (Refutation of All Heresies, Book VII, Chapter 24)

In a word, these “Easy Believist” heretics love indulgence of their flesh rather than they love God. Sadly, the very words of the Fathers regarding the Nicolatine heretics are still in effect due to the fact that this heresy still has many of its followers even in the Church. Steven Anderson has in fact been so badly infected with this Nicolatine doctrine in the same manner as Jack Hyles was, that he refuses to acknowledge his errors due to his own obstinacy. It is this very same heresy that the Lord Jesus Christ hates that is destroying the Christian Church further and further into anarchy, courtesy of the Reformation teaching on grace. Indeed, Alexei Khomyakhov in his assessment on Protestantism, which we have quoted on numerous occasions, is proven correct once again.


It is no secret to those who know Steven Anderson that he has a venomous hatred towards the Jewish people and the nation of Israel due to his belief in Replacement Theology, which infects all the denominations. It is one thing to oppose evil behaviours and blasphemies of unbelieving Jewish people, but it is quite another matter to accuse them of all evil and to even deny the Holocaust as a result based on their DNA! Steven Anderson resorts to the latter. In fact, to make matters worse, he not only did a documentary attacking the Jewish people as well as Israel as a nation called: “Marching to Zion”, but in the documentary, he both quotes the heretic Martin Luther for his vile views and resorts to interviewing the unbelieving, modernistic Jewish rabbis to prove his vile assertion that the Jews are all of Satan. To make matters worse, Steven Anderson has even supported Islamic terrorists that call themselves “Palestinians” and not only went to one of their pro-terrorist rallies in Michigan, but also had his disgusting documentary translated into Arabic. The translation into Arabic for his vile documentary actually reads: “The Jews and Their Lies”.  This is no different to the vile words used by Martin Luther in his tract at the end of his life. What is also revealing is that Steven Anderson has the gall to quote and support 2 vile anti-Semites in his documentary: Texe Marrs, whom I have exposed previously as a blasphemer and the Ku Klux Klanner, David Duke, for reference. [Please see one of my previous articles exposing Texe Marrs here: ] Without going into too many distortions and vile details on this documentary, I will leave the following videos to expose it all; starting with Steven Anderson’s vile documentary and vile denial of the Holocaust with distorted evidence, to his promotional trailer promoting his vile documentary to Muslims (whom he seems to love more than the others despite his supposed refutations of Islam. Sounds like Martin Luther, doesn’t it?) and finally, a Fundamentalist that rejects Steven Anderson that revealed the actual translation of Steven Anderson’s documentary into Arabic. Here they are:


In fact, what is also noteworthy, is that in the same vein as Martin Luther, Steven Anderson goes so far as to hold 2 sermons attacking the Jewish people called, wait for this, “The Jews and their Lies”. In fact, what is disgusting on the part of Steven Anderson is that he has gone so far as to exonerate the Nazis not only in one of the videos above but also has quoted from one of Hitler’s propaganda films regarding the Jewish people in his disgusting documentary. I do not wish to bore the reader with the details but will leave the videos showing his vile sermons and a refutation by a Fundamentalist that exposes how Steven Anderson quoted directly from Hitler’s propaganda to achieve his purpose. Here they are:


Please note, that the Fundamentalist Bryan Denlinger, also attacks the Catholic Church like Steven Anderson does. Nevertheless, his exposure of Steven Anderson using Nazi propaganda is nonetheless useful and revealing.

I wonder how Steven Anderson is going to react to the fact that Christ stated clearly that “Salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22) and that Israel despite her rebellion currently, is going to repent nationally and be united with the Church, as well as be restored in fullness at the return of Christ. (Romans 11:25, 26 and Zechariah 14) I would hate to be in his shoes in eternity in his current unrepentant, spiteful and narcissistic state! In fact, Steve Anderson has obviously ignored the fact that God intends for Israel to return to their homeland in unbelief first so that when they are finally saved, their redemption will be even greater than their apostasy. Such is the clear teaching of Ezekiel Chapters 36, 37 and 38. Romans Chapter 11 is also abundantly clear that God has allowed them to be in a state of unbelief so that His mercy on them when they repent will be even greater. Steven Anderson and many other Replacement Theologians totally ignore this to their own peril. Let this be a lesson to my fellow Apostolic Christians too! In fact, since Steven Anderson and others like him are so keen on advocating Replacement Theology, I wish to ask him as well as the others for some advice on astronomical science since he must have been able to measure the whole of the universe from the lower parts to the outer heavens. “Thus saith the LORD; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the LORD.” (Jeremiah 31:37) Based on this scientific challenge given by God Himself, I really want to ask him and others like him: “Can you give me the exact measurement of the lower parts of the earth as well as the heavens? Do you have such knowledge? If so, then you are God and Israel is truly finished with. If not, then please shut your prideful mouth and let God be true and every man a liar.” Let this also be a lesson for my Apostolic brethren too! How tragic and ironic that a man would use the same Hebrew Old Testament that the King James Translators translated from and turn so venomously on the Jewish people that made that possible in the beginning. Sounds exactly like that vile heretic Martin Luther with his vile polemic against the Jews whilst using the same Hebrew Old Testament, doesn’t it? An evil mind is always inconsistent. There is a Chinese saying that the likes of Steven Anderson as well as others like him should pay attention to: “When drinking from the water from the well, always remember the source of that water.”


What is utterly disturbing on the part of Steven Anderson is not only the above, which is already very serious as they are, but also his utter contempt for Apostolic Christianity. On one hand this is not too surprising, considering that he is infected with Protestant hatred for both Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Yet simultaneously, the way in which he engages such rhetoric is utterly venomous! I know first hand, having come from a Fundamentalist church that engaged in such rhetoric. Thankfully, I was able to see past this after much struggles and now can step back from unwarranted hatred. It is understandable if one is disgusted with wicked and godless men and women in the Apostolic Churches that are in positions of being monks, nuns, priests, bishops, cardinals, metropolitans, popes and patriarch. In fact, I often oppose wicked elements within the Church who through wicked behaviour or heresy, have caused many to stumble at the Holy Faith of Christ. However, sadly, as is the case with most in these churches, the hatred is so strong that they cannot see truth from error. In his video attacking the Orthodox Church, he resorts to the most imbecilic attacks against the concept of salvation as not being an instantaneous process. Through his imbecilic behaviour, he states that birth can happen instantaneously and states that he was born instantaneously, and thus was vainly trying to support the concept that being born again happens in an instantaneous moment.  By such stupidity, he obviously does not understand the nature of biology, that birth begins first with the planting of the seed and it takes a period of time to germinate before bringing forth the fruit of the womb. There is obviously a process involved before full birth takes place. So too it applies in the realm of the spiritual life. The seed of the word of God needs to take root in the heart and soul before a person comes to true faith in Christ. Hence the meaning of I Peter 1:23 that: “Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.” The seed needs to take its own time to generate! Such was the point of Christ in the parable of the sower and the different types of ground. Some fundamentalist, easy believist Protestant is probably going to retort now: “What about the repentant criminal in Luke 23:40-43? Was he not saved in an instant?” It was a case of “Yes” and “No”. “Yes” it happened quickly on that day but “No”, because he clearly had to come to a point of actual repentance of his sinfulness and a true acceptance of the reality of who Christ really is. Notice in the passage that the repentant thief actually realised what the true nature of his sinfulness really was in his rebuke to the unrepentant criminal: “Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss.” (Luke 23:41, 42). Notice that he accepts that he is receiving just punishment for his crimes but that Christ was totally blameless! Notice also that he does not plead for clemency for his punishment, something that today’s modern day Christians ignore and state that putting criminals to death is wrong, without examining Scriptural evidence, but I digress. Finally, notice also that he makes this confession from his soul to Christ: “Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.” (Luke 23:42) He clearly confesses Christ as Lord, a prerequisite for salvation (Romans 10:9) To confess Christ as Lord means to acknowledge who He truly is as God in the flesh and Creator of the universe. It is better for one to do so willingly in repentance than to be forced to say it when Christ judges the whole of humanity. (Philippians 2:10, 11) As a side note, the modern perversions of Scripture have removed that confession of “Lord” from the mouth of the repentant criminal, hence I have constantly advocated for the Authorized Version (King James) with the Apocrypha. In fact, as a result of this repentance, our Lord thus rewards him with entry into paradise on that day. (Luke 23:43). Clearly we can see that the new birth that took place was not “easy” but involved a painful process to bring someone to their knees and repent. This seems to be something that easy believist Protestants object to as well!

But that is not all, in his attacks on the Orthodox Church, Steven Anderson reveals not only his ignorance but his obstinacy and lack of love for Christians. Never mind his ignorant attacks on Orthodox practices such as iconography, liturgy, the clergy, etc. What is most disgusting of all is his attack on Orthodox Christians in Iraq and Egypt as well as other Islamic countries that are being martyred by ISIS and other Islamic organisations. He states that they are not in heaven simply because they were Orthodox and believed in what he termed “a works salvation”. This is despite the fact that they confessed Christ as God (Lord) rather than deny Him. Which matters to Christ more, O arrogant and prideful man, being in the “right” church or truly confessing Christ as Lord rather than deny Him when push comes to shove? (Luke 12:8, 9).

At best, his attacks on the Orthodox Church are imbecilic and ignorant but slanderous and blasphemous at worse. This is evident in his attack on the concepts of the Jesus Prayer, the concept of deification (theosis) as well as his attack on the concept of Mary being the Mother of God. He requests for one Scripture that even hints at this whilst quoting others that seemingly negate the idea. Well, there is one but he most probably overlooked it, as have most Evangelicals and Protestants. Luke 1:43 records the words of Elizabeth, the mother of St. John the Baptist/the Forerunner of Christ, addressing the Virgin Mary in this manner: “And whence is this to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” Notice that Elizabeth acknowledges clearly that the Child Jesus in the womb of the Virgin, is “my Lord”. One thing that I state to Jehovah’s Witness heretics and others like them is this: “Since Elizabeth referred to the child in the womb of the Virgin Mary as ‘my Lord’ and also, since Elizabeth would not have any other Lord but Jehovah/Yahweh, what does that make Jesus and what does that make Mary?” The answer should be obvious. Since clearly Jesus is Jehovah/Yahweh, and is the Lord of Elizabeth and Mary, therefore by being addressed as “Mother of my Lord” should be obvious what that makes the Virgin Mary! What do you have to say now, Steven Anderson and other Evangelical blind guides?

Instead of admitting he is wrong, Steven Anderson has the gall to state regarding deification (theosis) as he does everything else, these words: “I do not want to understand it [deification].” Nevertheless, for the sake of my Apostolic brethren, we clarify that St. Irenaeus of Lyons, direct disciple of St. Polycarp and St. John, stated: “For it was for this end that the Word of God was made man, and He who was the Son of God became the Son of man, that man, having been taken into the Word, and receiving the adoption, might become the son of God. For by no other means could we have attained to incorruptibility and immortality, unless we had been united to incorruptibility and immortality. But how could we be joined to incorruptibility and immortality, unless, first, incorruptibility and immortality had become that which we also are, so that the corruptible might be swallowed up by incorruptibility, and the mortal by immortality, that we might receive the adoption of sons?” (Against Heresies, Book III, Chapter 19, 1) Deification has nothing to do whatsoever with the New Age concept nor the Eastern religious concept of all can become gods and be God without any distinction between Creator and created. Rather, it has all to do with mortality being swallowed up with immortality and even more fundamentally, the human, fleshly nature being conformed and made after the image and likeness of God, thus being absorbed into God. The serious difference between deification (theosis) in Orthodoxy and the pagan Eastern religions, is that in Orthodoxy, the self is effaced and God is glorified, whereas in the pagan Eastern religions, the self is glorified and magnified. In Orthodoxy, deification is about being conformed to the “divine nature” (II Peter 1:4) and also as St. John the Baptist/Forerunner would state simply: “He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30). We as Orthodox Christians seek to decrease whilst Christ our God increases in our lives, so that in the end, when men look at us, they see Christ our God and for that matter, the whole Holy Trinity in us. Let the self decrease but Christ increase in all that we do!

Steven Anderson goes so far as to even attack Orthodox Christians for the recital of the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me a sinner”. [This is the most basic form but there are variations of that, but I digress]. In his imbecilic and foolish attempt to attack Orthodox Christians for so doing, he accuses Orthodox Christians of being “Hindus” and “Buddhists” merely because of appearing similarities. He also uses the standard argument of: “use not vain repetitions” as the means to attack the recital of this prayer. What Steven Anderson and others like him fail to understand is that we Apostolic Christians seek to “Pray without ceasing” (I Thessalonians 5:17) and that far from being a vain repetition, the Jesus Prayer is meaningful. It causes one who is approaching it correctly, to meditate meaningfully on what is recited and to focus on Christ, the Centre of the Prayer. Vain repetition is what the pagans do since they do it merely for number without meaning. Orthodox Christians, on the other hand, seek to speak meaningfully with focus on Christ, and not based on number. It is something that Steven Anderson never fully understands and nor does he wish to, which is doubly tragic.

In addition to the above, Steven Anderson confuses Orthodox monks with Catholic monks by falsely accusing Orthodox monks of practicing self-flagellation and other harmful austerities. We do not need to discuss this at all but it should be pointed out to reflect his ignorant hatred. Without further ado, I will leave this video where he sprouts forth all his venom with all the above stupidities and blasphemies here:

What should be pointed out, but without need to go into great length, is his standard Evangelical/Fundamentalist attack on the Roman Catholic Church as being the “Mother of harlots” and in short, the cause of all the evil in the world. He has spent numerous videos attacking the Roman Catholic Church, but nevertheless, the one that deserves some mention is his attack on the Spanish Inquisition. Whilst here at Shoebat Ministries, we have successfully discredited most of the vile attacks made against the Catholic Church via the Spanish Inquisition, nevertheless, I will put 2 videos up, one with Steven Anderson’s baseless attacks in a sermon and the second, a proper documentary featuring a Jewish historian, Professor Henry Kamen, that actually busts the myths regarding the Spanish Inquisition. Here they are:

Steven Anderson is very sadly blinded as I once was, into blind hatred against the Apostolic Churches, and very similar to both Martin Luther and another Reformed heretic, Edward Hendrie (whom I have dealt with earlier in another article mentioned above), blames not only Catholicism for all evil in the world, but also attacks the Jewish people in the same vein. It was because of this blind hatred that I started to question the Reformers and the Evangelicals too, unexpectedly finding myself drawn to the Apostolic Churches.


Of all the teachings that is most blasphemous of all, it is this one. Steven Anderson distorts the understanding of Christ going to hell in that time period. Sadly, this is a misunderstood teaching due to the wording of the phrase in the Apostles’ Creed: “He descended into hell”. First and foremost, Steven Anderson distorts the 3 verses in Matthew 12:40; Acts 2:27-31 and Jonah 2:2-5. Any serious student of Scripture can see that that Christ was indeed in hell as a sign of Jonah regarding the 3 days and 3 nights. However, what people like Steven Anderson fail to take into account is that:

  1. The wrath of God and punishment for sin already fell on Christ at the cross so much so that not only did Christ state “It is finished.” (John 19:30) and He had already felt the punishment on behalf of mankind by stating “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46; Mark 15:34). It is not in vain therefore that the veil/curtain of the Temple in Jerusalem was torn from top to bottom in 2 (Mark 15:38), since now the Temple sacrifices on behalf of the people in Israel for sin has now come to an end with the more perfect sacrifice, which is discussed in both Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53.
  2. Christ clearly told the repentant criminal that he was going to see Him in paradise on the same day of death. (Luke 23:43). So much for burning in hell for 3 days and 3 nights!
  3. Elsewhere, we are told by the Prince of the Apostles, St. Peter, that after Christ had suffered for the sins of mankind, He went and preached to the disobedient spirits since the time of Noah in hell. (I Peter 3:18-20). What Christ preached to these damned souls, we are not given details, but we can safely assume that Christ was clearly not there in hell for the purpose of suffering but rather as a proclamation of victory. Hence the reason for Christ our God to state: “I am he that liveth, and was dead; and behold, I am alive forevermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and death.” (Apocalypse/Revelation 1:18)
  4. In the process of all of this, Christ also emptied paradise (aka Abraham’s bosom in Luke 16:22) and transferred all the righteous souls since the Old Testament straight up to heaven, thus totally emptying Hades/Sheol, only leaving hell there. This is made clear in Ephesians 4:8-10. Also, we discover that as soon as Christ gave up the ghost, these Old Testament Saints and righteous men and women, were granted resurrection bodies even after the resurrection, only to be taken up to heaven by Christ our God. (Matthew 27:51-53).
  5. Finally, from the perspective of the Church Fathers, both Eastern and Western, Christ’s descent into hell was not for the purpose of suffering, but rather as a proclamation of victory and confirms the above 2 points discussed. For all the details, please go to this link: Therefore, whilst the details may vary from Father to Father, what is certain is that Christ’s descent into hell was not for suffering but for proclamation of victory and to bring the righteous souls out of Sheol/Hades in paradise/Abraham’s bosom to heaven itself.
    Byzantine Icon depicting Christ’s descent into hell and the emptying of the righteous area (Paradise/Abraham’s bosom) into paradise. Depicted here resurrecting all Old Testament Saints, including Adam and Eve here.

    Byzantine Icon depicting Christ’s descent into hell and the emptying of the righteous area (Paradise/Abraham’s bosom) into paradise. Depicted here resurrecting all Old Testament Saints, including Adam and Eve here.

I will finally conclude this segment with 2 videos. The first is Steven Anderson’s shallow and blasphemous assertion that Christ burned in hell. The second is a refutation purely from a Scriptural standpoint by a Fundamentalist himself, Robert Breaker, of this blasphemous notion promoted by Steven Anderson. Before I do so, I would like to conclude this with a true account. A Muslim apologist that was deliberately trying to distort and ridicule the Holy Scriptures, asked his Christian opponent this question: “If Christ died for the sins of mankind, who did He pay the debt to? Was it to God or was it to Satan?”. The Christian wisely replied: “Neither. It was to pay the debt of justice.” This Christian man is not even Eastern Orthodox and yet he understood the heart and essence of Orthodox teaching regarding the purpose of the death of Christ that it was for justice regarding sin and to defeat death itself with death, thus opening the door to mankind for immortality. Nevertheless, here are the 2 videos:

May God help my other brethren who have been struggling with this question too by our discussion of this matter.


It is very tragic and disheartening to see that a man who otherwise would be a force for great good in the battle against evil and heresy, has sadly succumbed to heresies himself. The greater tragedy about this is that Steven Anderson is stubborn and adamant about his erroneous and heretical ideas as well as his blind hatred of both the Jewish people and the Apostolic Churches. He is no different from Martin Luther in both heretical ideas and hatred, and we sincerely hope that he would repent of such. But worst of all, is his teaching on Christ burning in hell and then accusing others who do not support his blasphemous notion as not being in line with Scripture, etc. I have news for Steven Anderson. I came to the right conclusions also by studying the King James Bible just like you have without any prejudices. Instead, you insisted on interpreting the Holy Scriptures based on private interpretation and insisting on being a Baptist first above anything else.

Steven Anderson should be treated with great suspicion and rebuke based on the above, and even as a heretic too. In fact, despite his protests to the contrary, he is more sympathetic towards Islam than he is anything else, and he has even hinted at this many times when commenting on the Jewish people with his hatred as well as discussion of social matters. It is not in vain therefore at Shoebat Ministries, that we have a video highlighting clearly: “Islam is a Protestantizing Religion”. Both Steven Anderson and Martin Luther have much more in common than they are willing to accept.

When listening to Steven Anderson, it is wise to remember this verse in Ecclesiastes 10:1: “Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour.” There are many dead flies in the teaching of Steven Anderson, which thus ruin any wisdom and honour that he otherwise would have had. In fact, he is in grave danger of being a diabolical narcissist, all due to the fact that he has fallen into prelest (Russian for demonic deception that is all encompassing. This has also been discussed at length previously by me. See: ) I would hate to be in his narcissistic state when death and eternity finally catches up to him. May God open the eyes of not only this man but others who have been deceived by his heretical teachings.
God bless. Glory be to God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Both now and forever, and unto the ages upon ages. Amen.