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Mexican Cartel Takes Human Beings And Beheads All Of Them, A Mexican Female Cartel Member Takes The Bodies, Drains Their Blood And Takes A Bath In It, She Drinks The Blood And Has Sex With The Bodies

By Theodore Shoebat The Mexican Zeta drug cartel beheaded numerous people, and a female member of the cartel drained their blood and took baths in in, she also drunk the blood and had sex with the corpses. I did a whole video on the story with my own commentary: The violence is getting so severe […]

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Homosexual Dresses Up As A Woman, Flirts With Men And Then Murders Them, He Takes Two Men, Stabs One To Death And Then Strangles The Other Until He Dies

By Theodore Shoebat A homosexual in Korea dressed up as a woman and flirted with men before killing them. He murdered two men after luring them into his apartment. The disturbing story was translated by Paul Shin: A 60-year-old gay man was caught by the police while escaping after he lured two homeless men to […]

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Demon Possessed Muslim Runs Into Catholic Church In Italy, Starts Screaming At Image Of Jesus On The Crucifix And Violently Attacks It, Breaks Large Pieces Of It

Islam hates Jesus because the god of Islam is the father of lies Islam is the religion of the antichrist because it is the only religion that denies Jesus’ divnity as part of its formal doctrine, and as St. John writes in his first letters, “Who is the antichrist but he who denies the Father […]

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Muslims Kidnap Random Christian Woman, Pour Gasoline On Her Body And Set Her On Fire Just Because They Could

It looks like senseless violence, but it really is not. Islam teaches that non-Muslims deserve to live only as long as Muslims allow them to, and they can torture or kill them at will simply because they exist. Therefore, kidnapping somebody and setting them on fire is really not a problem in Islam because non-Muslims […]

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