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Erdogan Enters Istanbul As Triumphant Sultan Proving So Far He Is Still THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR BEING THE ANTICHRIST. This is it. Saints, embrace yourselves keeping vigilant with oil in your lamps. We have just entered an era of darkness where only the Woman who stomps this crescent moon will stop the red-dragon devil (Revelation 12). (Shoebat Sunday Special)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) Erdogan’s Message after the failed attempted coup was kind of simple: “Who is like the Beast. Who can make ‘a coup’ against him?” Just as the world was bamboozled to think that Erdogan of Turkey was out, even sending me messages that ‘your Antichrist theory is now debunked’, hours later, […]

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This “Failed Military Coup” In Turkey Is Just Another False Flag Attack By Turkish President Erdogan To Consolidate His Power And Create A Neo-Ottoman Islamic Super State

I have to give credit where it is due- this false flag military coup in Turkey was a brilliant move by the Sultan aspirant Turkish President Erdogan at consolidating his power and furthering his goal of creating a neo-Ottoman Islamic super state. No, I do not believe this military coup was an organic uprising. This […]

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