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Muslim Man In Ohio Tries To Murder Federal Judge

A Muslim man in Ohio tried to murder a federal judge, as we read in one report: A 37-year-old man who had previously been charged with providing support to Al-Qaeda was handed a three-count indictment in Toledo, Ohio on Wednesday for soliciting the murder of the federal judge presiding over his case. Yahya Farooq Mohammad […]

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Muslims Take Christians And Execute All Of Them Without Question, They Take Elderly People And Butcher Them, And Then Mutilate Their Bodies, They Also Tie The Bodies Onto Cars And Drag Them Through The Streets

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Syria captured numerous Christians and and executed all of them without questions. They took elderly people and butchered them all. They also mutilated the corpses and dragged their bodies with cars. The massacres were revealed by a former member of ISIS named Zurab. I did a whole video on this […]

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Demonically Possessed Man Goes To Catholic Church And Tries To Destroy The Icons Of Mary And Jesus, A Group Of Evangelicals Rush To Him And Stop Him

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Brazil tried to break into a Catholic church to destroy the statues of Jesus and Mary. Fortunately, a group of Evangelicals rushed him and stopped him from breaking in and damaging the Catholic icons. The attacker is said to be mentally ill, but it is obvious that this is […]

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Six Muslims Demand Christian Woman Give Up Her Property To Become A Mosque And She Says ‘No,’ They Break Her Hands And Beat Her Neck Until She Dies

According to the story, this incident started back in March. That means this entire murder was carefully planned by these Muslims for several months before they carried it how, demonstrating how ruthless and cunning they would be to rob this woman of her land just to turn it into a mosque: Efranse Kadondo, a 50-year-old […]

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Deranged Muslim With A History Of Violent Crime And Mental Illness Rapes A Child, UK Court AWARDS Him $140K USD For ‘Wrongful Imprisonment’

This story makes absolutely no sense. The guy here was a child rapist who has also been to prison before for slashing another person’s face with a broken mirror, yet the UK government just gave him $140K because he was “wrongfully imprisoned,” even though he is still serving prison time for this crime: A convicted […]

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Muslim Mother Goes To Syria With Her 3-Year-Old Son To Fight In Jihad, He Finds A Grenade At Home And Blows Himself Up By Accident

As sad as this is from one perspective, it may actually be a blessing in disguise. According to the story, the boy’s mother also wanted her son to grow up to be a terrorist. However, when she was out the child came across an hand grenade and while playing with it, the grenade exploded, killing him […]

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