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Muslim Terrorists Take Knifes And Hack 20 People To Death In Horrific Bloodbath At Restaurant, Spare Those Who Could Recite The Koran In Arabic

In another horrific attack by Muslim terrorists claiming affiliation with ISIS, 20 people were brutally hacked to death with knifes, beaten, and shot. Bengali special operations eventually killed the terrorist, but not after a horrific bloodbath: Jihadist extremists hacked 20 people to death in a cafe in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka – sparing only those […]

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JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION…about scrubbing “Jihad,” “Islam,” and “Muslim” from all government & FBI documents

By BI: ‘Muslim Advocates’ president, who managed to get all references to jihad, Muslim, and Islam purged from the 9/11 Commission Report and FBI training manuals, because she consider them bigoted, is unable to give Ted Cruz an answer when it comes to radical Islamic terrorism in America. Senator Ted Cruz grills DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson […]

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Barack Hussein Obama gives new meaning to the term “chutzpah” (unmitigated gall)

By BI: On the heels of yet another horrific Muslim terrorist attack, the White House is planning to rally U.S. businesses to give jobs to refugees (instead of to out-of-work Americans) ahead of a September summit where Barack Hussein Obama will urge world leaders to boost humanitarian funds by a third and double the number of […]

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AUSTRALIA: Mosque in Perth firebombed, sprayed with anti-Islam graffiti as hundreds pray inside

By BI: A petrol bomb exploded outside a mosque at the Australian Islamic College in Thornlie while hundreds of Muslims were inside for evening prayer during Ramadan. An anti-Islam message left on the mosque wall indicates the attack was motivated by hate. RT  The hate crime took place on Tuesday night at around 8 pm local […]

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EXCELLENT! Japanese top court greenlights massive surveillance of Muslims in Japan

By BI: A legal challenge to police profiling of Japan’s Muslim population has been dismissed by the Supreme Court. Al-Jazeera  Mohamed Fujita used to host religious study groups at his home that were open to all Muslims. But today he’s afraid to invite strangers, in case they’re police informants. Extensive surveillance has put many people of his […]

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CANADA: Muslim ‘refugee’ adult men are in schools hitting on teenage girls

By BI: A parent in New Brunswick says there are migrant “children” at her child’s school as old as 22. These adult males “with full beards” are “hitting on the 14-15 year old girls.”And that’s only part of it. Bullying, anti-semitism, sexual harassment, jokes about homemade bombs — and refugee girls telling teachers they live in fear […]

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ISIS Takes Five Men, Cuts Their Heads Off And Puts Them On Spikes, Says ‘We Will Do This To You Christians Next’

In another act of barbarism, ISIS took five men accused of being spies, cut their heads off, and then put their heads on spikes while warning Christians that this is an example for what they are going to do to them: According to the British-based watchdog Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the lead executioner declares […]

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Lesbian Couple Adopts Young Boy And Forces Him To Be Homosexual Regardless Of The Fact The Doesn’t Like It. This Is Absolute Child Abuse

By Theodore Shoebat A lesbian couple adopted a little boy and are now forcing him to become homosexual, regardless of the fact that he does not like it. This is absolute child abuse and should be responded to by the authorities of the state. Of course that will not happen because the elites of this […]

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Homosexual Man Makes This Declaration To All Conservatives: “I Can’t Wait To Shoot You In The Face One By One”

By Theodore Shoebat A homosexual in the US made this threat to conservatives on Twitter:   In another tweet he wrote to Republican senator Roy Blunt:   This is typical sodomite behavior. Kill anyone who disagrees with your perverted ideology. In 2014, a homosexual activist in Canada, who goes by Luka Magnotta, murdered a man by […]

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