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Muslims Take Thousands Of Little Girls And Sell Them To Be Sodomized And Raped On Facebook For Thousands Of Dollars

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists have kidnapped thousands of little and and young girls and are selling them though internet apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and other communication outlets. I did a whole video on this evil with much of my own commentary about what is really happening:   According to one report: Islamic State militants […]

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Putin Signs New Controversial Anti-Terrorism Bill: If You Are Involved In Terrorism In Other Countries You Will Be Thrown In Prison For Ten Years

By Theodore Shoebat Putin signed a new controversial anti-terrorism bill: if somebody is involved in terrorism in other countries they will be thrown into prison for ten years. As we read in one report: President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a controversial Russian anti-terrorist bill in the face of objections from internet companies and […]

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Two Homosexuals In Australia Take 10 Month Old Baby Into Their Care, They Spend Three Hours Sodomizing The Baby And Taking Photographs Of The Baby’s Private Parts

By Theodore Shoebat Two homosexuals in Australia took a 10 month old baby into their care, sodomized the child for three hours and took pictures of the child’s private parts. I am not making this up, this is society with sodomites. Here is the video with my own commentary on the story:   According to […]

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Muslims Enter Church And Tell The Pastor To Convert To Islam, He Refuses To Deny Christ, They Take Him And Cover Him In Gasoline And Set Him On Fire, His Sister Comes To Him, They Pour Gasoline On Her And Everyone Else In The Church And Burn All The Christians Alive

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria entered a church and demanded from the pastor that he convert to Islam. When he refused they covered him in gasoline and set him on fire. His sister rushed to him and the Muslims covered her and all but a few members of the congregation and burned them all […]

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Evil Lesbian Couple Who Beat Two-Year-Old Boy And Forced Him To Eat His Own Vomit Until He Died Is Jailed For Life

We covered the case of Liam Fee earlier this year on This very disturbing case of a lesbian couple in the UK who tortured the woman’s own son to death by beating him senseless and making him eat his own vomit have been jailed in what has been one of the nation’s most-watched criminal […]

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Muslim Terrorists Laugh And Tell Jokes With Each Other While Woman Being Raped Screams For Mercy In The Background

Again, it sound like a scene out of a horror movie, but it’s another reality, and that of Islamic violence. If you watch this video clip as provided by the UK Daily Mail was taken from a dead terrorist’s phone. You can see these terrorists laughing and having a good time in the background, all […]

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Phil Robertson Declares The Truth About Homosexuality And Says That If A Society Accepts Homosexual Marriage It Will Go Into Chaos And Extreme Violence

By Theodore Shoebat Phil Robertson declared the truth about homosexuality and said that if a society accepts homosexual marriage it will enter chaos and extreme violence. I did a video where I show the video of Phil Robertson and give my commentary:  CHRISTIANITY HAS BEEN CORRUPTED AND PORTRAYED AS A WEAK RELIGION FOR FAR TOO […]

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