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Turkish Soldiers Take Over CNN Building

By Theodore Shoebat Turkish soldiers have taken over the CNN building in Turkey, as we read in one report: A news anchor for CNN Turk is reporting that soldiers have entered the network’s facilities in Ankara’s Dogan Media Center. “We don’t know how much longer we can continue our broadcast. About five or 10 minutes […]

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Whats Happening In Turkey Will Be Used By Erdogan To Implement Full Islamic Tyranny And Anti-Christian Genocide

By Theodore Shoebat Obama recently stated that what must be supported is the “democratically elected government of Turkey”. Now there is footage of Turkish people going against tanks and the military. The mosques exhorted the people to go out to the streets and chant “Bismillah!” (“In the name of Allah), the very Mark of the […]

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Obama Sides With The Islamic Religion, Supports Erdogan And The Islamist Government And Goes Against The Anti-Islamist Coup

By Theodore Shoebat Obama is now supporting Erdogan and his Islamic government and is going against the anti-Islamist coup. According to one report: During a phone call tonight with Secretary of State John Kerry, President Obama said that the democratically elected government of Turkey should be supported, according to a statement from the White House. The president […]

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Erdogan Says That The Coup In Turkey Will Fail And Those Responsible Will Be Punished

By Theodore Shoebat Erdogan is saying that the coup in Turkey will fail, affirming that Turkey would “overcome this invasion” and he exhorted all the people of Turkey to “gather in squares and see what this minority can do with their tanks and artillery against the people. … Throughout history those who make coups have been […]

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BREAKING: Civilians In Turkey Revolt Against The Military Coup In Support Of Erdogan Chanting “Bismillah” In the name of Allah

By Walid Shoebat What transpired of Turkey is a turning point which will not go down easy, a coup could end up in two scenarios: Erdogan out will bring unrest in a nation that half of its population supports the Islamist AKP where Erdogan is brought back to power and the culprits will be punished or Erdogan is […]

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The French Government Hid The Truth Behind The France Massacre: Muslims Took French Women, Stabbed Their Vaginas, They Took Men, Cut Off Their Testicles And Stuffed Them Into Their Mouths. One Of The Masterminds Behind The Massacre Is A Homosexual

By Theodore Shoebat The French government hid the truth behind the massacre that took place in Paris: it wasn’t just Muslims shooting people and using bombs. The Muslim terrorists took French women and men and mutilated their genitalia with knives. They cut women’s vaginas and sliced men’s testicles off and stuffed their mouths with them. […]

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BREAKING: TURKEY In Turmoil As Military Coup Taking Place Right Now With Gunfire In Turkish Capital; Helicopters, Military Jets Spotted Overhead

By Walid Shoebat Reports are coming out that Turkish Armed Forces took over the government. Military jets are also flying over Turkish capital Ankara; military vehicles are also blocking bridges in Istanbul, reports say. #عاجل #تركيا | اطلاق نار وتحليق للطيران الحربي التركي في العاصمة #أنقرة الآن#Ankara #Turkey — شبكة الثورة السورية (@RevolutionSyria) July 15, […]

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German Police Hunt Down And Raid Social Media Critics Of Islam And Prosecute Them Like Drug Pushers- America You Are Not Far Behind

German Police are hunting down critics of Islam on Facebook and other social media and are conducting SWAT-style raids against them, arresting them, and prosecuting them like drug pushers: On Wednesday, in their first nationwide operation to fight against hate crime on the Internet, the police searched the homes of sixty accused in fourteen states, among them […]

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Muslims Capture People Who Leave Islam And Convert To Christianity And Imprison Them In Islamic Reeducation Camps

By Theodore Shoebat People in Malaysia who leave Islam and convert to Christianity are being arrested by the government and imprisoned in Islamic reeducation camps. As we read in one report on these reeducation camps: Converts to non-Islamic faiths in Malaysia can be detained for more than three months in “Faith Purification Centers.” While some […]

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