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Erdogan Holding U.S. Tactical Nukes At Inkirlink Taking Control Of The Second Most Powerful Army In NATO And Is Hailed As Mahdi

By Walid Shoebat Turkey, in less than 24 hours was occupied by Erdogan’s pro Muslim Brotherhood militia and entered the U.S. base where tactical nukes at Incirlik are held. Period. Plain and Simple. Yet there are no headlines in any media that reveals this global catastrophe in this way. Why?   Even the air base, which is used by NATO […]

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Gang Of Muslims Attack Christian Priests And Their Families With Knives And Bats, Murder One And Injure Three Others Over Argument About Crossing The Street

According to the story, this whole debacle started over an argument about Muslim and Christian children crossing the street. While the media will say this was the cause, it is actually just they symptom. Christians are hated in Egypt and their existence is tenuous. The Christians know this. Likewise, many of the Muslims do not […]

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Muslim “Migrant” Takes Bat And Beats Former Muslim Turned Christian To The Brink Of Death While Screaming “I Will Kill You,” He Says Later That It Was The Christian Man’s Fault Because He ‘Insulted Him And Insulted Islam’

In another typical situation, a former Muslim tells a Muslim in the course of polite conversation that he is now a Christian. As happens many times, the Muslim exploded with heinous violence, taking a bat and beating the Christian unconscious and to the point of death. When the Muslim was stopped and arrested, he said […]

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Muslims Demand Christians Not To Pray In Church Because ‘It Is Not Your Day,’ Church Says “No,” So Two Hundred Muslims Attack Church And Rip It Apart Piece By Piece

As usual, the attack started earlier in week. Local Muslims demanded that Christians do not pray in church on Fridays because “Fridays are for Muslims.” The church said ‘never,’ and the Muslims were upset out this. Instead of leaving them alone, the Muslims went to Friday ‘prayers,’ and after they finished a mob of two hundred […]

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The Man Who Took A Truck And Slaughtered Over Eighty People In Nice, France, Was a Homosexual Who Enjoyed Sodomizing Men And Fantasizing About Murdering People

By Theodore Shoebat The man named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who took a truck and slaughtered over eighty people in Nice, France, was a homosexual. I did a whole video on this reality with my own commentary on how Islam is a homosexual religion:   According to one report: Bastille Day terror killer Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel […]

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