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Angela Merkel Declares: We Will Bring In More Muslim Immigrants Into Germany

By Theodore Shoebat Angela Merkel has declared that Germany will be accepting in more Islamic refugees. Even after the recent attacks in Germany, she still wants to bring in more Muslim terrorists. As we read in one report:  German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her confidence in coping with refugee challenges on Thursday, repeating her mantra […]

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BREAKING: Convoys Of Berserk Muslims Headed Against US Air Force Base In Turkey

By Walid Shoebat What you see on the news from Turkey are protesters shouting anti-American and anti-Israel slogans, but what most are not seeing are the miles long of convoys headed towards the Incirlik base where U.S. Air Force is stationed to stage a massive rally against the U.S. Here is one photo: #incirliğeyürüyoruz canlı […]

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Muslim Football Team Wants To Take A Photo With Teen Girl’s Football Team In Sweden, They Openly Sexually Assault The Girls Team And None Of The Players Are Arrested

The only person who was arrested from the Muslim team was the coach. Even though the police came and the girls complained in mass, the Muslim players walked away without so much as even being held in a pair of handcuffs, and their only punishment was they were not allowed to play in the tournament: […]

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Hungarian PM Orban Doubles Down Against EU On Muslim Invaders, Says ‘We Don’t Need A Single Refugee, You Are Poison’

***NOTE: It seems that Merkel’s Facebook censors are going after this post. This is not the first time this has happened to us with postings. Let’s show Merkel & company that we will NOT be censored.*** Hungarian PM Viktor Orban isn’t afraid to speak his mind about the Muslim invasion of Europe. In a recent […]

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Muslim Doctor Saves Christian Man’s Life So His Employer And Co-Workers Try To Hunt Him Down And Murder Him

Always remember that Muslims are even more violent towards each other than they are towards Christians. Likewise, it is also good to remember that while Islam is evil, there are still some people who are Muslims who are good and may even become Christians. In this case, a Pakistani doctor was helping a Christian man […]

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