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Muslim Attacks Christian Girl Walking Home From Church, Forces Her Into His House And Rapes Her, Now His Family Is Harassing Her Family And The Police Are Not Doing A Thing

According to the story, the Muslim came from a “respectable” family with political and social connections. Therefore, he felt that he had license to rape and threaten to murder this Christian girl, and then even harass their family in spite of his open crimes: On 7 July 2016 at 10am she was going back from church […]

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Muslim Man Sets Random Teen Girl’s Hair On Fire In Subway Because She Is Not Wearing A Burka, Media Pretends They Don’t Know What Happened

The original video was posted on Liveleak and is pretty harrowing as this woman struggles to put the fire out in her hair after the Muslim man runs away: Surveillance camera, underground station ‘Zoologischer Garten’/Berlin. Suddenly the hair of a 17 .y.o. woman are on fire. With the help of bystanders she is able to […]

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French Mayor Says ‘No More Muslims’, Orders The Destruction Of The Infamous Calais Camps And Expulsion Of Over Seven Thousand Muslims

Muslims rampaging at the Calais camp. It is about time. We have reported here extensive on about the “Calais jungle”- the once popular French tourist town turned into a third-world Muslim hell on earth where violence is rampant, rapes are random, and non-Muslims are hated with a passion. Calais is not just a “black […]

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