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In The United States, The Homosexual Agenda Is More Powerful Than The Muslims. The Homosexuals Are So Powerful That They Stopped The All-Star Game From Happening In North Carolina Because It Refuses To Have “Transgender” Bathrooms

By Theodore Shoebat In the United States, the homosexual agenda is more powerful than the Muslims and the Islamic agenda. In fact, the homosexuals are so powerful that they they stopped the All-Star Game from happening in North Carolina because it refuses to have “transgender” bathrooms. I did a whole video on this: CHRISTIANS ARE […]

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Donald Trump Praises Islamist Erdogan In Turkey. While Trump Wants To Ban Muslims From Entering The U.S. Should We All Be Excited To Find Out That Trump Stands On The Side Of This Devil?

By Walid Shoebat Mr. Donald Trump had nothing but praise for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the man behind the rising Caliphate in Turkey. How could this be? Is Trump part of this kingdom of Antichrist? Are we about to get rid of Obama, Erdogan’s slave puppet to only be replaced by Trump, another puppet? Boy, […]

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Two Muslim Teens Sexually Assault Young Woman Walking By Mosque, Her Boyfriend Beats Them Both Into A Bloody Mess

CAIR tried to tell the media this was an “anti-Muslim hate crime.” They lied and said her boyfriend was using “anti-Muslim slurs.” It totally blew up in their face when it came out that the teens chased the woman and were grapping her breasts and body even through her car window. At first, the NYPD […]

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High Profile Murder Case Of Infamous Pakistani Sex Symbol Exposes The Connection Between Protestantism And Islam

The late Fouzia Azeem, known by her showbusiness name as “Qandeel Baloch” or “The Kim Kardashian of Pakistan,” was murdered by two of her brothers as part of a honor killing done in the name of Islam. With all respect to everybody, there is a lot to digest here. Her brothers were certainly wrong in […]

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