Archive | July 29, 2016

Michael Brown Is An Agent Of Satan, He Will Attack Conservative Christians And Will Join The Homosexual Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat Michael Brown, the evangelical radio host, is agent of Satan. He will attack Christians like myself for simply affirming what the Bible teaches in regards to homosexuality, and he will side with demonic sodomites like Milo Yiannopoulos, who promotes homosexuality, loves the Emperor Nero, the tyrant who murdered St. Paul and St. […]

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Muslims Take A Man, Strap Him Onto A Board And Bend The Board Together, And Snap His Spinal Cord. They Take Another Man, Chop His Head Off And Then Place The Head Next To Another Man As He Sleeps And Force Him To Wake Up To A Decapitated Head

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS has come up with a new form of torture, they call it the flying carpet. They strap the victim onto a board, and then bend the board together, snapping the victims spinal chord. They also beheaded a man and placed the head next to someone who was sleeping and forced him […]

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Read About The Horrific Ways Hillary Clinton Will Have Children Murdered If She Becomes President

By Theodore Shoebat Hillary (or should I say, “Hitlery”) wants to allow unborn children to be murdered in the third trimester, in horrific ways. This woman is absolutely evil, a modern day Jezebel. The American people cannot vote in this female Hitler! Here is the report on what evils she will support, facilitate and enable: […]

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Muslims Take Nine Christians, And Slaughter Them All

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Congo slaughtered nine Christians. They raided a village and made their attack, and spilt Christian blood. As we read in one report: According to Barnabas Fund, local sources reported that the Islamic militants raided one early morning the three Christian communities near Oicha town and less than two miles from […]

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Two Muslim Teens Befriend Serbian Man And Tell Him To Visit Them, When He Comes To Their House They Rob Him, Tie Him Up And Strangle Him To Death In The Bathtub, Then They Strip His Corpse Of His Clothes And Put Them On Themselves, When Arrested They Say That ‘At Least We Washed The Clothes Before Wearing Them’

This callous Islamic violence in Europe is getting out of control, especially in Austria, which is where this crime happened. A 30-year-old Serbian Man was working as a janitor when he befriended two 19-year olds. They invited him to come to their house, and he accepted. He did not know these Muslims were already preparing […]

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Muslim Pervert Snatches 1-Year-Old Girl From Her Parents At Store And Sexually Assaults Her, Starts Licking Her Face

In a disgusting exhibit of Islamic pedophilia, a Muslim man sexually assaulted a random 1-year-old girl right in front of her parents: “The parents of a small one-year girl has reported a man for sexual harassment of their daughter. The girl and her parents were, according to South and Southern Police, inside the 2nd hand […]

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