No You Fool. All Religions Are Not The Same And The Devil Does Exist And Christianity Is SUPREME


By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Tuesday Special)

If I got paid a cent for every time I heard a fool say “all religions are the same” I would have retired early, made two or three million dollars, put it in the bank and collected interest and lived high on the hog, so safe, that no Muslim would want to touch me.


Are all religions equal?

While there are many religions, the Bible reveals that there are only two religious sources; The Bible by Yahweh Who divided us or Shinar by the devil which encompass all other religions that want unity under a one world government. The lie is discovered when we ask: why God ordained a single faith, many nations,  while they ordain many faiths and a single one world nation under one tyrant? God is not schizophrenic with a multiple personality disorder as they are.

While an atheist objects that there is no God or devil, history reveals that the Bible by Yahweh will bring peace while all others result in absolute tyranny. If in doubt, just examine Immigration, it is highest to Christian based societies more than non-Christian. This is a fact.

Since man failed in Shinar at the Tower of Babel, he never ceased attempting to make the world one. Evil continued to create every other religious system to be at odds with the biblical truth in order to complete this evil mission predicted in Genesis.

So Shinar was again manifested in every other religion besides Christianity. One can find this attempt from pre-Islam, Islamic Jihad, to even centuries later in Nazism and today we see a revival of all forms of religions as the Church falls away. History reveals that all these systems had a similar goal of uniting the world under one leader and they all brought tyranny.

There are no other religious sources of spirituality besides these two springs, one fountain provided everlasting water while the other only provides endless bloodshed.

Despite the realities, the mantra continues everywhere we go repeating that “all religions are the same”.

Shinar’s refutation of truth is simple to detect. Shinarians always become solely anti-Bible critics. They attempt to convey that they have a scientific mind and that mankind advanced beyond what they term “biblical legend”.

These whitewash tombs, who Christians can see through their evil eyes, would argue all sorts of things, write all sorts of worthless books by using a simple technique. They would always pick on what is difficult to scientifically prove. They would take anything from scripture which cannot be put under a microscope to say something sounding scientific “no one has seen this ‘Luminous One’ defined in the Bible as an angel of light. therefore, the devil does not exist.


Jesus’s “white washed tombs” and the “eyes are window to the soul” are prophetic. We can still see pre-Christian archeological relics like here still exist, even today.

While the Bible was not meant to be a scientific research, Shinarians rarely take the arguments to Muslims or Mormons where their false prophets claim to have seen the “most beautiful of all angels.”

The question should be why? Why do such critics not take their arguments over this issue with Muhammadans? Muhammad claimed to have encountered someone with this very description and so did Joseph Smith.

Why is it that the argument is usually almost always against the Bible?

Wouldn’t this reveal that these are driven by the very essence of what they claim does not exist: lucifer?

While no one can manifest this being we call lucifer under a microscope, why then do many progressive elites believe in angels, worship nature, earth and cosmos as living things?

Why are most of these so-called ‘myth busters’ themselves follow pure myth?

The earth is not itself a living thing, the only living on it are created beings and plants. Scientific minded critics of the Bible mock paganism and equate Christianity as evolving from it. But if one probes most of these, in reality paganism insists we see what we worship while Christianity doesn’t insist we see God. Therefore, these scientific Shinarians (who insist to see) are more pagan than they think.


Christianity etched that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

Therefore, we rely on enough evidence while we insist not to see things we cannot possibly fathom. Almost every court case relies on certain evidence and not every piece of evidence to prove a case.

Why is it then that such reprobates would rarely go after cults, but would always attack the Bible, demanding evidence!

Christians wonder why? Why do we see today so many reprobates attack mainly the Bible, while the real devil lurks in disguise? These come in all sorts. Some claiming to even believe in the Bible, or a lost Bible.

And why do these always hone in the mediocre minds gearing them to look into other sources of religion, that all stem from, and all end up back to Shinar claiming that we all be one?

Such questions are difficult to answer for the reprobate, especially when we compound much of the historic references including archeological digs that reveal much evidence to show that all non-Chrsians religions stem from the same source which reveal that a Shinar event did exist.

For example, the idol of Bel was renamed as Allah who was hailed as the supreme god of Islam and corresponds to the Babylonian god of Baal. We see that Islam wants a one-world order and a one-world language (Arabic) just like in Shinar. No Muslim can worship Allah without Arabic.

And since these demand ‘evidence’, historian Snorri Bergson sheds light on the origin of Allah:

“The Quraysh adopted Allah as Baal, and added the goddesses to his cult the same way as Baal had three daughters in the Fertile Crescent. They venerated him and his three female companions in his new House, the Ka’ba at Mecca.”

Stephen Langdon confirms:

“Allat was a Babylonian, or earth and moon goddess. Her consort Allah was simply the god who impregnates the earth.”

Others correctly argue that if Allah was indeed introduced by Muhammad the founder of Islam, why then did the Arabs know of him long before Muhammad when Allah was only one out of many gods and goddesses in Arabia; Allat is simply the feminine name for Allah.

Muslims counter this argument since the Qur’ân denounced moon worship (Q 41:37) and that Muhammad abolished the Ba’al worship in Arabia.

While we recognize that Muslims deny any astral connection or worship, they contend that bowing several times a day towards an asteroid The Black Stone and claim it to be symbolic, they question that paying homage to it is a redemptive act since “it come to life to testify of all who touched it”. From the Islamic perspective, the Black Stone will “have eyes and ears and will become alive.”

Who can deny the paramount influences of the moon in Muslims’ lives? In Islam, the moon is considered the holiest astronomical object and the guiding light for all Islamic rituals and festivals. Contradictions and conflicts are very common with the dates of Eids and Ramadan. It is a chronic problem with the moon at its nucleus. A Crescent moon and star is the symbolic sign in the national flags of most Muslim countries, and it is present over the Mosques, in the Muslim graveyard.


Allah, the Moon-God was the god of the local Quaraysh, Muhammad’s own tribe well before he introduced Islam to lead his people out of their polytheism. Muhammad was a strict Unitarian who simply made Allah childless. The prophet was dual-minded to first proclaim Allah’s daughters Allat, Al-Uzzah and Al-Manat as intercessors between the Arabs and Allah. Later he claimed that Satan inspired this theology.

But why is the Muslim crescent apparent in almost every religion we find? And why is it that only the Bible answers such a question?


If the devil does not exist, the Jesus-style questions that are not being answered are these: why is it that only the Bible exposes the very guise of lucifer and even predicted history in advance of what this evil entity will do? No one can deny that in over a millennia ago, and even today, we have crescent-mooners hunting us down striving to end our Christian civilization where only the Bible predicted such enmity against Christ and the seed of the Woman?

John etched this as well as Isaiah and Ezekiel and even the Book of Judges.

If only scientists can answer these questions, it will prove the limitations of science and that not everything seen constitutes “evidence”.

In Judges 8:21, the word used for crescent is saharon, which literally means crescent moon. It comes from the root of sahar (Luminous) as in Isaiah 14 God renders lucifer as Hilal ben Sahar.

Hilal, or heylal, is Hebrew for “Luminous” or “morning star/crescent moon,” which is the very symbol of Islam including almost every cult that persecuted the seed of the Woman in Genesis 3:15.

History and archeology (which scientists should love) reveals from time immemorial the worship of gods that were symbolized by the image of the crescent moon.

And here is the shocker to all false religions. Since the Bronze Age, the East, from Anatolia to Sumer and Egypt we had moon god symbols:

Arma, the Hittite Moon God, Artimes, the Greek Moon-Goddess, Coyolxauhqui the Aztec Moon Goddess, Diana the Roman Moon-Goddess, Ix Chel the Mayan Moon God, Khons the Egyptian Moon God, Mawu the African Moon God, Men the Moon God of Asia Minor (Turkey), Luna the Greek Moon Goddess, Sin the Sumerian Moon God, Suma the Hindu Moon-God, Tsuki-Yomi the Japanese Moon-God, Yarikh the Ugarit Moon God and Heng-O the Chinese Moon-Goddess.

What logical mind can deny, this covers the religions from Mesoamerica (Mayan) to Africa all the way to Asia to its tip in the orient … this is nearly the whole world.

Is this not enough to conclude that lucifer’s symbol was carried out to the whole world until God said enough?

Bel or Baal simply means “lord” and is also a title of reverence to the Babylonian moon-god that Abraham left behind for Yahweh. In Asia Minor they worshiped a war deity called Men. Gyges of Lydia was the first to be called a tyrant acquires a particular significance since the ancient sources are supported by the fact that there seems to be no doubt about the Phrygian or Lydian origin of the word turannos (tyrant).

And why are all tyrannies anti-Christian?

The name of the Phrygian Moon-god Men is often followed by the epithet turannos in Greek inscriptions of Attica and Phrygia, and the name of some divinities is followed by the epithet .bd turan in Etruscan inscriptions. From Herodotos (I.14) one gathers that the Herakleid kings supplanted by Gyges had the title of tyrannous.

And why is it that only the Bible argues about lucifer being a Gyges (tyrant)?

Several Biblical scholars have argued that Gyges is behind the figure of Gog, ruler of Magog, who is mentioned by Ezekiel and by John in the Apocalypse.


From Gyges to Bel, it comes as no surprise then that Jesus referred to Satan as Beel (Bel) Zebub or Ba’al Thubab (Arabic) in Matthew 12:24-27.

The Hastings Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics confirms that the Arab name Allah correlates to Bel. Even the Bible reveals such hints where everything written in it is so prophetic to the core where science today refuses to consider; how God ordained only that His word has such amazing clues.

For example, Gideon was named as “Jerub-Ba’al,” literally, the one who contends with Ba’al the moon god.

Therefore, the war in the garden is carried out through mankind’s history until even now and we have so many who refuse to admit and see that God truly exists and He is beyond our comprehension. Even Gideon’s name was prophetic since the name was a type of the warring Messiah because he fights Ba’al: Lucifer.

Likewise Christ, the ultimate Jerub-Ba’al (contender of Ba’al) will fight Ba’al in the flesh (Antichrist), and bruise his head, completing what was promised in Genesis 3:15 completing the circle on tyranny, how it began in Genesis and how it all ends in John’s amazing Apocalypse.

The Christian is also a Jerub-Ba’al since we all challenge and contend with lucifer’s minion who are “of this world”.

Jerub is a semitic word. It is Arabic as well from Jarraba, Jerub … “to test, to become wise through experience”.

We also become battle hardened from the wiles of the devil whom God allowed to test us as Job was tested through persecution and baptism by fire as gold is refined through fire.

This is what I and every true Christian went through. Before I became Christian I even witnessed when I dabbled in things I shouldn’t have; an angel of light appeared and had a witness to see it (2 Corinthians 11:14).

It was the moment where I saw in scripture that lucifer appears as an angel of light that struck me and the inner light bulb went on.

Dr. Arthur Jeffrey, professor of Islamic and Middle East Studies at Columbia University and one of the world’s foremost scholars on Islam, wrote that the name, “Allah” and its feminine form “Allat,” were well known in pre-Islamic Arabia and were found in inscriptions uncovered in North Africa. According to Jeffrey, Allah, “is a proper name applicable only to their peculiar god.” He adds, “Allah is a pre-Islamic name corresponding to the Babylonian god known as Bel.”

“Bel simply means ‘lord’ and this is a title of reverence to the moon-god Sin” Isaiah gives us a powerful picture of what Bel will do at the end of the age:

“I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.” (Isaiah 45:23-46:1)

This verse is later echoed in the New Testament:

“every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess…that Jesus Christ is Lord.” (Philemon 2:8-10)

A few verses later, Isaiah also tells of one being in particular who is among them:

“Bel bows down, Nebo stoops; Their idols were on the beasts and on the cattle.” (Isaiah 46:1)

This is none other than the image of the crescent-moon which the beasts wore on their necks: “Their idols were on the beasts and on the cattle”, the very symbol that Gideon removed – the crescent moon (Judges 8:21).

While Shinarian-minded scientists like Richard Dawkins predicts that we will all bow to evolutionary science, the Biblical God predicts that every man, even Bel will bow down before God.

But with ample evidence we can show that the issue here is not proving or disproving that God, does, or does not, exist. The issue, simply put, is that all nations that introduced certain gods and others that eliminated the Biblical God and others that promoted no any-god altogether have always been tyrannies.

In our book For God or For Tyranny, we present a fascinating study and the results are shocking on how throughout history every non-Christian system was absolutely tyrannical.

The so-called scientific atheist will always counter with sophistry: “All gods are tyranny” and he will always bring in Inquisition or a Crusade as if resistance to tyranny is in itself tyrannical.

If these were truly sincere, all right, then let us open the dialogue for everyone to examine the most popular gods.

But where can we assemble for such a dialogue?

This question alone reveals that before we examine if God exists, that this process alone will reveal that lucifer too exists.

Where shall we assemble proves the case beyond doubt. Should we assemble in church to debate these atheists if God exists?

These will object that this would be the narrow Christian view where Christians will insist that their God Yahweh is the only true God. These would fear to even enter the church lest the demons agitate their possessed souls that hate the sight of the Crucifix.


The Mosque? Muslims already insist that Allah is the only God. In fact the Muslim creed says, “There is no god but Allah.”

So where do we discuss God? In Schools?

Since schools and universities claim to be ‘for dialogue’ and even ‘for debate and research’ you would think that this is probably the best place to dialogue over God.

Yet fact is, that schools are the least of places that allow dialogues about God. We would have a better chance discussing God in a pub over a glass of scotch than in a school. In fact, more schools today are allowing more programs to promote His non-existence. Everything the anti-God do proves that there is a devil.

You might counter that: “God is not scientific and school subjects are. God is a philosophical issue that should remain away from schools”.

Then why do they teach philosophy in schools? Philosophy is not scientific; it’s simply an attempt to explain our existence, knowledge, truth, law, justice and the moral values that influenced the world. Why should we then study Socrates and not Jesus?

While we cannot scientifically prove the devil exists, we can surely prove that his stench smoke does.

Spiritism is even part of the philosophy being taught in universities. Not only do Christians object to this as unscientific since it is stemming from Hinduism and its belief in reincarnation; philosophers are making it a science.


Spiritism is Pseudoscience, which is a methodology, belief, or practice that is claimed to be scientific, or that is made to appear to be scientific, but which does not adhere to an appropriate scientific methodology and lacks supporting evidence or plausibility, or otherwise lacks scientific status. Pseudoscience is any subject that appears superficially to be scientific, or whose proponents state that it is scientific, but which nevertheless contravenes the testability requirement or substantially deviates from other fundamental aspects of the scientific method. Spiritist philosophical inquiry is concerned with the study of moral aspects in the context of an eternal life in spiritual evolution through reincarnation, a process its adherents hold to as revealed by Spirits.

Sympathetic research on Spiritism by scientists can be found in the works of Sir William Crookes, Ernesto Bozzano, The Society for Psychical Research, William James, the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine winner Charles Richet, Professor Ian Stevenson’s group at University of Virginia, and Professor G. Schwartz at University of Arizona. The main characteristic of Spiritism is its emphasis on the study and investigation of the Spiritist Doctrine in its triple aspects, ‘scientific’, philosophical and moral.

In the 19th century, Spiritualism spawned an important offshoot, the synthetic religion Theosophy, which has had a heavy influence on 20th century pseudoscience and pseudo scientists, from Edgar Cayce to Charles Berlitz, from George Adamski to Erich Von Daniken. Even more important, Spiritualism, as it faded in the early 20th century, gave birth to all the familiar folderol about “psychics,” and “psychic phenomena,” including extrasensory perception, telepathy, psycho kinesis, psychic detectives, and psychic “supermen.”

If spiritual matters that stem from ancient Hinduism are all suddenly declared ‘scientific’ by anti-Bible philosophers.

Why then exclude ancient writers like Ezekiel, Isaiah, Joel, Moses, Abraham and others in Scripture?

These wrote fascinating predictions into the future. Why should we study Psychology 101 but not have Futurology 101?

A critical question needs to be asked. Why are they blocking only this narrow avenue – the Bible – while opening the floodgates of every spiritual avenue that is contrary to the Bible?

Wouldn’t this undermine the Constitution and critical thinking? Wouldn’t this show that there are ‘principalities’ and ‘powers in high places’ just as the Bible warned?

Other reprobates will argue that since we are multi-cultural that “if we start studying about God, we will have a war in schools”.

We rarely had wars discussing God in schools. These wars have nothing to do with the different gods people worship, but simply the issue of teaching the Biblical God – all the other religions or any derivatives thereof are welcome as evidenced in all of our schools and universities.

Who then started this war over God? The American Constitution declares that:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The authors of the Constitution believed in God the Creator. Why then do we see the struggle on all levels brewing between pro-God conservatives and anti-God-liberal-progressives? We have a struggle regarding everything from prayer in school, abortion on demand, transgender bathrooms, God, guns, the Ten Commandments in courts and an array of issues in all facets of life from government to education and media.

All this reveals that lucifer does exist and even controls governments that hate God.

We will always have struggles within. No matter what, we will always have wars. We have a war on drugs, a war on homelessness, war on pollution, war on racism and even a war on God.

We also have a war of labels that we see daily in the media. We tend to lump individuals into atheists, progressives, liberals, anarchists, socialists, communists, libertarians, conservatives, neo-conservatives, liberal Christians, Christian Fundamentalists, Christian Zionists, Catholics, and the list goes on and on.

Even if I argue that life is either being for God or for Tyranny I would be labeled as “divisive”. If you feel this way then you are also labeling.

Everyone applies labels. No matter what camp or side I attend – everyone applies labels – and if labeling is a sin, we are indeed all sinners.

You might say, “What if I support no side at all? I can be neutral.”

Life is designed that no matter what your choice is, you are either sheep or shepherd, liberal or conservative – you will be led and you will deal with the consequences. Active or inactive, you will end up participating. You follow tax laws, traffic laws, and regulations. You will end up following whichever regulation set by whichever administration be it liberal or conservative, pro-God or not.

And just in case you are anti-war, let me remind you, there is always a war. If it were not a world war, it would be a cold war. If it is not a cold war, it might be a political war, a social war, or even a racial war. No matter what label you choose for yourself, you will always suffer being a casualty of one of these wars.

The war of labels also includes name calling in which we fling sticky-labels of xenophobia, bigotry, racism and an array of inflammatory accusations against anyone who attempts to critique a specific religion, despite the critique of religion being allowed by our Constitution. I am to open debate over religion; everyone should be entitled to critique religion – any religion.

Everyone has a duty to examine issues of a philosophical, political, ideological and spiritual nature. If we examine the sources from the greatest thinkers, philosophers and ideologists that influenced mankind throughout the centuries to expose in some detail their works that influenced humanity; their faith in God or godlessness, views on the world; to unite it or not, God; remove Him or not, religion; the consequences of religion or irreligiousness, religions; are they all equal?

Sophists will always argue that “there are no absolutes” and we counter such fools with “are you absolutely sure?”

Christianity is supreme for God etched man’s destiny and warned us to beware of all Shinarinas who plug their lips into any spiritual socket to breath the smoke, right out of lucifer’s nostrils.

We must never forget Izmir (Smyrna) and that evil crescent. Our fathers fought it and so must we, instructing our sons and our daughters from young age to never forget its pincer sting and how it came after the seed of the Woman. I did not need the school to teach my children, we had our dining table:


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