Muslim Refugees Who Come To Germany And Convert To Christianity Are Being Deported While Government-Supported Muslim Translators Falsify Their Applications And Mock Christ Openly

It’s no longer a secret- Germany’s government has become possibly the largest promoter and propagator of Islam in Europe. Once a Christian people, the German nation is deliberately handing its nation over to Muslims who hate Christianity and Christians. These Muslims are persecuting Christians in Germany and now, in a new development, are targeting Muslim refugees who convert to Christianity, falsifying their documents, lying in court, and getting them deported back to their own nations where they will likely face certain death for their faith, and all the while they are mocking and blaspheming Christ to their faces:

Germany is rejecting applications for asylum from Iranian and Afghan converts to Christianity following “kangaroo court” hearings, according to a Berlin pastor.

In a letter to supporters of his ministry sent before Christmas and reported by World Watch Monitor, Rev Gottfried Martens, who has baptised more than 1,000 former Muslims accused the “almost exclusively Muslim translators” in the hearings of deliberately falsely translating the converts’ responses to jeopardise their applications.

In a damning indictment of the working of the Ministry for Immigration and Refugees (BAMF), he said: “Almost all congregational members and candidates for baptism are having their hearings scheduled well-nigh simultaneously, and yet the only qualification of those charged with hearing their cases has often added up to no more than a three-week course; many are manifestly clueless about the situation of Christians in Iran and Afghanistan, and worse yet they are utterly clueless concerning questions relating to the Christian faith.

“But all of this does not prevent them from assuming the role of self-appointed experts, whose questions ‘unmask’ the supposedly deceitful Iranian asylum applicants one after another, even when those hearing the cases don’t even know the difference between the Creed and the Our Father.”

He said applicants were asked questions such as the names of the two sons in the parable of the Prodigal Son, or what Martin Luther died of.

“In this way Christians who learned the first elements of the Christian faith in their house church in Iran are well and truly hung out to dry,” he said. “Many hearings are more like kangaroo courts in which our congregational members and candidates for baptism have absolutely no chance of presenting what is important to them. And then they must repeatedly undergo being mocked and laughed at when they relate how it is important to them that Jesus Christ died for their sins on the Cross.”

He also referred to attacks on Christian asylum seekers by radical Muslims, and criticised the Catholic Church and the Protestant EKD Church, which had opposed housing Christian and Muslim refugees separately because doing so might suggest religions could not coexist peacefully.

A spokesman for Christian charity Open Doors in Germany said: “These Christians have either fled from their home countries because of their newfound faith and the persecution they had to face because of it, or have come to believe in Jesus Christ after fleeing to Germany.

“Sending them back to their countries of origin is completely irresponsible in view of the situation for Christian converts in places like Iran or Afghanistan, because it is truly a matter of life and death. Open Doors demands an immediate revision of the policy of the BAMF in view of their dealing with converts.” (source)

Hilaire Belloc

As we have pointed out, none of this comes as a surprise to us, as it has been in development for centuries. Islam is, as St. John Damascus, Bl. Peter the Venerable of Montbossier, and the 20th century Catholic writer Hilaire Belloc notes, the fruition of Christian heresy:

And so on with the other heresies. But Mohammedanism, though it also contained errors side by side with those great truths, flourished continually, , thoughthirteen hundred years have passed since its first great victories in Syria. The causes of this vitality are very difficult to explore, and
perhaps cannot be reached. For myself I should ascribe it in some part to the fact that Mohammedanism being a thing from the outside, a heresy that did not arise from within the body of the Christian community but beyond its frontiers, has always possessed a reservoir of men, newcomers pouring in to revivify its energies. But that cannot be a full explanation; perhaps Mohammedanism would have died but for the successive waves of recruitment from the desert and from Asia; perhaps it would have died if the Caliphate at Baghdad had been left entirely to itself; and if the Moors in the West had not been able to draw upon continual recruitment from the South.(source)

Germany has been in a state of heresy and later, apostasy for centuries and the people have not shown a willingness to return to the Faith. It only makes sense that into this formerly Christian vacuum that something like Islam could enter in, for Islam historically fills a hole left when Christianity is abandoned from a society.


From my article about mass immigration. You can see here how the governments of Europe with the help of businesses and NGOs are the main cause of the “migration” we see

This is not to deny the effects of mass immigration at the hands of government and business powers- they are clearly responsible for bringing these people over and they have been caught red-handed doing so. But at the same time, the inability of that nation to deal with this problem and even, as we have been saying, to invite the Muslims in with the intention of using them to destabilize society for the purpose of creating division in an attempt to seize even more power in the name of empire is a kind of suicidal blindness that comes only from a blindness of the soul. This blindness was chosen by the people on account of their refusal to accept, follow, and persist in the Faith, the very thing which kept them safe in ages past and really was the only thing of value that they, their neighbors, or anybody else ever had, has, or could have.

Many people today speak of temporal solutions such as limits on immigration, stronger anti-terrorism laws, or an end to “political correctness.” While temporal solution are not per se bad, they will not work because of the very thing which they are, and that is temporal- temporary.

This should not have to be said, but please understand clearly: The Neo-Pagan, eugenicist, volkisch chimera that is National Socialism is NOT a solution or a substitute for Islam. It is the same as substituting Coke for Pepsi- it is the same thing but with a slightly  different flavor

Some people today in Germany are talking about how Germany needs a permanent solution- a “final solution”, if you will- to the problem with Islam. Aside from the fact that many of these same people will refuse to address the heresy, apostasy, eugenics, and neo-pagan ethnocentrism that brought Europe to where it is today (which we have been trying to do here in our writings about the rise of National Socialism), these are also really just temporary solutions when one looks at them. They are negative reactions to something not good (Islam), but they do no actually provide any positive solutions in return.

Yet right now, Germany is pursuing a false final solution on two fronts. One side says the final solution is the destruction of the Germany people and their complete annihilation through Islamization. The other says the solution is to massacre all the Muslims in the name of volkisch neo-pagan socialism and eugenics. Both are wrong and will ultimately lead to disaster and the damnation of many souls.

This is the temporal aspect of Christian Militancy. Notice how unlike National Socialism, it is completely devoid of any pagan imagery or concepts.

There is, however, a real final solution. That solution is Jesus and His Holy Church. Pure Christian militancy, in the perfect balance of mercy and justice is what Germany needs. Indeed, it is what the whole world needs, has always needed, and will always need. Such a final solution would cleave the wicked among the Muslims from the righteous Muslims, and give the righteous the ability to embrace the Christian truth as the men in this story above did. It would also restore the honor of the German people, placing their glory not in their land, their culture, or their history, but in their piety before the Lord who made them.

Jesus the Just Judge, from the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. Notice his face, his muscles, and his posture. This is a Jesus that we are overdue for in the West, and I mean this in a positive way. Yes, Jesus is merciful, but He is also God almighty. He is worthy of the best of everything- our time, our money, our lives, everything. He will judge us all. This is the real Final Solution right here, because not only is He omnipotent, but his rulings are final. This is why we must not accept either Islam or National Socialism, because in the eyes of the Just Judge, they are both evil.

Whether it is the Muslim’s “final solution” or Neo-Pagan’s “final solution,” both are from the pits of hell and will end in the same evil place they were spawned from. It is only the Church that offers the true Final Solution, which is the only word that matters, and that word is Jesus.

So let us continue to pray and make sacrifices for our persecuted bretheren, which indeed are these former Muslims turned Christians. They are closer to us than either Muslims or the European pagans who, both out of hatred for Christ, are allowing these men to be send most likely to their deaths and all the while laughing at them.

But not to worry, for all injustices will one day be made right…

Dies Irae, meaning The Day of Wrath. Yes, Islam is scary, but this is a lot more terrifying.