Archive | August 11, 2017

Major Catholic Publication Exposes New Evidence That Obama And Hillary Colluded To Depose Pope Benedict So They Could Start A War With Russia

  As the evil legacy of Obama and Clinton continues to unfold, new evidence of just how far their crimes went continues to come out. In a fascinating article from One Peter Five, a major Catholic news website, they have found new evidence suggesting that Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton directly colluded to force […]

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Ireland’s First LGBT Prime Minister Declares Babies Don’t Deserve To Live Because ‘They Don’t Have The Same Human Rights’

We warned for years that the LGBT, based on the words of Sacred Scripture, is a form of serious sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance and leads to other sins such as murder and blasphemy, especially of the innocent. Ireland is a nation with a long Catholic history, but in recent years has […]

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