Archive | August 23, 2017

I Am Not Worried About Sharia Law Taking Over America, Feminism And Female Empowerment Are More Dangerous Than Sharia Law

By Theodore Shoebat  I am not worried about Sharia law, I am more worried about She-ria law, that is, the tyrannical feminism that we see in the Western world. I did a whole video on this: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is […]

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Bengali Government Forces Two Hundred Christian Groups To In The Name Of ‘Fighting Terrorism’

The government of Bangladesh recently changed a law to that has forced two hundred Christian organizations to shut down for being Christian under the guise of ‘fighting terrorism’ according to a recent report: …the Bangladeshi government has indirectly shut down 200 operating Christian NGOs since the Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Bill, 2016 (FDRB) was […]

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Four Witch Doctors Rape And Ritually Sacrifice Woman, Hundreds Of People Come To The Doctors And Beg To Feast On Her Flesh For Power

Four witch doctors kidnapped a woman and after taking turns raping her, they slaughtered her and carved her body up like an animal. People then came to the doctors asking to help them get richer, more power, or better sexual performance, and the doctors gave them pieces of her flesh to eat. At least 300 […]

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