Archive | August 15, 2017

Indian State Passes Law That Declares ‘If You Preach The Gospel You Will Be Arrested And Sent To Prison’

Anti-Christian persecution is growing rapidly in India, and due to our work in Rescuing Christians in Pakistan and India from the infamous brick kilns, we are following the situation closely. Pakistan is infamous for its “blasphemy laws” that result in Christians being imprisoned, tortured, and murdered for their faith. However, India is following in Pakistan’s […]

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Chinese Communist Agents Torture Christian Activist By Fastening Staples Into His Legs In The Shape Of Crosses

Howard Lam was a Christian and political activist in Hong Kong who was tortured by Chinese government agents. They drugged and abducted him, beat him, and then took staples and fastened them to his legs in the shape of crosses for being a Christian according to a recent report: A pro-democracy activist in China claimed […]

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Japan Is Now Building A Nuclear Power Plant For Turkey, This Will Lead To Turkey Owning Nuclear Weapons, And The Worst Mass Genocide Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat While everyone is worrying and agonizing over the nuclear capabilities of Iran and North Korea, there is very little chatter about how the neo-Ottomanist are working with Japan to currently build a nuclear power plant in Turkey, and how this ties in to both Japanese nationalism and neo-Ottomanism. Recently, the Foreign Minister […]

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