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Iran Frees Former Muslim Turned Christian After Four Years In Prison

Several months ago we reported how the Iranian government arrested Maryam Zargaran for abandoning Islam for Christ and how they were denying her medical treatment. According to a new report she has just been released after four years in detention: An Iranian Christian convert has been released from Tehran’s Evin prison after four years in […]

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Major British Ethicist Warns: They Are Editing Human Embryos To Create A Super Race Of People Who Will Be The Elites And Who Will Oppress Everyone Else

By Theodore Shoebat A major British ethicist has warned that the recent editing of DNA in human embryos in Oregon is part of a sinister plan to create an elite class of people perceived to be genetically superior, and who will become oppressors. As we read in one report: ‘Superior’ designer babies born into the […]

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UK Muslim Shop Owner Stops And Captures Muslim Gang Attacking Christian Man In The Street For His Faith

A gang of Muslims in the UK walked up to a British man and told him to convert to Islam. After he told them no because he is a Christian, they attacked him. Fortunately the attackers were later all arrested after a local Muslim shop owner who saw it happen filmed the incident and called […]

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The Government Of Canada Tells Doctors To Kill People Who Want To Commit Suicide, The Doctors Refuse, So They Then Tell Them: ‘We Will Pay You Extra Money For Each Patient You Kill, And We Will Also Take Their Organs.’

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Canada has been having some difficulty in getting their doctors to kill patients in their diabolical euthanasia program.  To encourage and incentivize the doctors to obey their orders, they are offering extra pay for each patient they kill. The Canadian government also wants to take the organs of those […]

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Asian Man Becomes A Christian, His Parents Kidnap Him, Tie His Hands Behind His Back And Beat Him All Day And All Night Demanding He Renounce Christ

Fortunately the man survived and was able to escape to another village, but not after being tortured day and night by his own parents and siblings according to a recent report: A young Christian convert in Laos was tied up, beaten, and threatened with death by his own family in order to force him to […]

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