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Christian Recounts How Life Was Under Islamic Caliphate: Muslim Terrorists Came To Him And Declared, “You Have To Leave Within 48 Hours, All You Have To Take Is Your Clothes, If You Take Anything Else We Will Kill You”

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian has recently recounted the horrifying life under Islamic hegemony, about how he was told by Islamic terrorists: “You have to leave within 48 hours, all you have to take is your clothes, if you t[ake] anything else we will kill you”. As we read in one report: Eight Christian churches […]

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Hindu Terrorists Severely Beat Christian Woman And Drive 15 Christians From Village For Refusing To Renounce Christ And Say ‘If Jesus Is Alive Have Him Heal Her Now’

A group of Hindus demanded 15 Christians renounced Christ and when they refused to they attacked and expelled all of them, including a 22 year old woman they severely beat. After beating her, they mocked Christ by shouting ‘if your God is real then have him heal her now’ according to a recent report: More […]

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Thousands Of Austrian Women Are Prostituting Themselves To Young Muslim Men So They Can Freely Indulge Their Sexual Perversions

There is a lot of talk about Muslims and Africans attacking people and committing crimes such as rape. However, there is another phenomenon that is not talked about nearly as much, which is the fact that thousands of women throughout Europe are prostituting themselves to these “refugees” to indulge their sexual desires, according to a […]

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Muslims In Turkey Are Raping And Torturing People With Disabilities, A Muslim Man Takes A Disabled Woman, Rapes And Impregnates Her, Another Muslim Attacks A Disabled Man And Carves A Scar Onto His Face

By Theodore Shoebat Sexual and physical torture of people with disabilities is on the rise in Turkey. Stories of a disabled woman getting raped and impregnated, and of a disabled man getting a scar carved onto his face, are being reported. As we read in one Turkish publication, the Hurriyet Daily News: Sexual and physical […]

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Muslim Gang Attacks Christian Man Preaching The Gospel And Slices His Head Open With Machete

A 27-year old man miraculously survived but with deep wounds to the back of his head after a gang of Muslims attacked him on the street while he was preaching the Gospel according to a recent report: An Ethiopian Christian man suffered deep wounds to the back of his head when he was attacked by […]

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