Archive | August 29, 2017

British Court Takes 5-Year-Old Christian Girl Away From Her Family And Gives Her To A Muslim Foster Family, The Girl Begs To Go Back To Her Family And The Judge Tells Her ‘Be Quiet And Start Learning Arabic’

In a story out of the UK, a 5-year-old Christian girl put into foster care with Muslims against the wishes of her family. The Muslim family removed the girl’s cross and she begged to go back with her parents. The judge responded that the girl needed to be quiet and start learning Arabic: A 5-year-old […]

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The Conflict With The National Socialists Will Be Used As An Excuse To Silence And Persecute Christians

The National Socialist rallies at Charlottesville were of no surprise to us. We knew of their plans because they were being organized by the Daily Stormer, the largest National Socialist website on the Internet for several months. After the protests, the Daily Stormer was shut down not by the government, but by the private companies […]

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ISIS Releases Statement To All Catholics-‘We Are Going To Take Over The Vatican And Slaughter The Pope For Allah’

After making a video showing Muslim terrorists destroying a church and holy objects, an ISIS soldier held up a picture of Pope Francis and declared the group is going to strike at the Church itself as part of its war on Christianity. They promised an attack on the Vatican and an attempt at murdering Pope […]

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