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Two Thousand Hindus Surround Christian Woman And Declare To Her That She Must Reject Christianity And Worship The Hindu Gods. She Refuses, The Hindus Grab Her And Beat Her Until She Becomes Unconscious And They Scream Out: “If Your Jesus Is Alive Ask Him To Heal Her Right Now”

By Theodore Shoebat A mob of two thousand Hindus surrounded a Christian family in India and declared that they must convert to Hinduism. The Christians refused and the Hindus took a Christian girl and beat her until she became unconscious. The Hindus then screamed with diabolical vitriol: “If your Jesus is alive ask him to heal […]

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Saudi Arabia Goes To War Against Its Own Citizens In Desperate Attempt To Maintain Control As Turkey Silently Watches

Saudi Arabia is in trouble. Right now she is losing control over her own people and is engaging is a brutal crackdown attempting to retain control as unrest simmers according to a recent report: The Saudi regime is in the midst of an extreme and brutal crackdown against its own citizenry in the country’s Eastern […]

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Government Of Somalia Forces Church To Stay Closed, Says ‘The People Don’t Want Christ And We Don’t Want You Either’

The government of Somalia was preparing to reopen a major Catholic Church that has been closed for almost 30 years. However, they reversed that decision saying that the people didn’t want anything to do with Christianity according to a recent report: The National Government of the Republic of Somaliland on Thursday reversed its previous decision […]

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Brand New Film On Youtube Teaches Little Children To Sodomize Each Other

  A new short cartoon teaching little children to sodomize each other on Youtube that already has millions of views in a few days and is currently the #1 video on the site. The cartoon, called In A Heartbeat, and was produced by Beth David and Sebastian Bravo, depicts two boys attempting secretly disclose their […]

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Catholic Priest Caught Taking 13 Year Old Girl To Have Sex With Her

CORRECTION: It was not a Catholic priest who did this, but an aglipaya priest. By Theodore Shoebat A Catholic priest was caught driving a 13 year old girl to a motel for sex, as we read in one report: A Catholic priest in the Philippines was caught by police allegedly driving a 13-year-old girl to a […]

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