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Terrorists In South Barcelona Are Being Hunted By Police And Killed On The Spot (Four Have Been Killed Already And Growing)

Spanish police say they have killed four terrorists south of Barcelona in response to a terrorist attack. Videos from the moment police confronted the terrorists while shots being fired can be seen here: LOS TERRORISTAS ABATIDOS. #Barcelona #Cambrils 👏 BRAVO LOS MOSSOS 👏 — beenson -22✈️ (@beenson_) August 18, 2017 “#Barcelona | Operativo policial en […]

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While The Attacks In Spain Link To A Bomb Making Terrorist Muslims On Social Media Send Joyous Messages That The Attack Is An “Expansion of the Caliphate”

By Walid Shoebat Terrorism has become a usual event in the West as we have seen Barcelona hit today where at least 13 dead and more than a hundred wounded in the most serious attack suffered by Spain since eleven months ago. This time its on La Rambla, in the heart of the Catalan capital. The attack […]

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Australian Government Declares To Catholic Priests- ‘You Must Report People’s Sins To The Government Or You Will Go To Jail’

The Australian government is threatening to pass a law that will arrest and imprison Catholic priests and bishops for “refusing” to violate the seal of the confessional by identifying and reporting people who confess to sins of child sexual abuse according to a recent report: The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse […]

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The Government Of Chechnya Arrests Twenty Seven Homosexuals And Kills Them All

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Chechnya has reportedly arrested and executed 27 homosexuals, as we read in one report: According to their sources, Novaya Gazeta concluded that all 27 of these men were detained shortly after Chechnya began its anti-gay purge in late December 2016. They think the men were then shot to death near the end […]

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The Nation Of Chile Has A Very High Population Of Children With Down Syndrome, The Reason Is Because Chile Is A Catholic Nation That Does Not Abort Children With Deformities. Catholicism Is The Greatest Defense For The Unborn

By Theodore Shoebat The nation of Chile has a very high number of children with Down syndrome. The reason is because Chile is traditionally a Catholic, and because of these Catholic roots, the unborn are more protected. I did a whole video on this: Were Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood […]

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