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Satanic Cult In Italy Is Kidnapping Girls And Selling Them To Muslims To Be Sex Slaves. The Muslims Buy The Girls And After Raping Them, They Feed Them To Tigers

By Theodore Shoebat A satanic gang in Europe, called the Black Death, kidnaps girls and sells them to Muslims. When the Muslims tired of them, they feed them to tigers. I did a whole video on this: We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence As The […]

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Muslims Accuse Man Of Stealing A Pair Of Speakers From A Mosque And Savagely Beat Him Then Burn Him Alive, Realize Later The Speakers Were His

The Imam of the mosque later apologized and the man’s wife forgave them, but not after a horrible ordeal in which a TV repairman accused of stealing from a mosque was severely beaten and then burned alive according to a recent report: Last week, a man in Indonesia was beaten up by a group of […]

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Countless Scores Of Muslims Are Renouncing Islam And Giving Their Lives To Christ In Finland

While there have been many Muslims who have arrived in Finland in recent years, there is also another phenomenon, and that is that so many Muslims are renouncing Islam for Christ. The numbers are so much so that the churches are having difficulty keeping track of the numbers according to a recent report: Finland has […]

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ISIS Declares It Is Sending Secret Brigades Of Fighters To Terrorize Europe

As ISIS retreats and its numbers decrease, the terror group still remains a threat. According to a recent report, the group is said to have dispatched countless number of fighters as a part of secret terrorist cell across Europe to carry out more deadly attacks: A secretive unit of Islamic State has been training British […]

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Muslim Woman Discovers That Jesus Christ Is Her Lord And Savior, She Converts To Christianity And Flees To Sweden, The Swedish Government Tells Her That She Has To Go Back To Iran, She Tells Them It Is Very Dangerous For Her. The Swedish Government Tells Her: ‘Thats Your Problem. Its Your Fault For Becoming A Christian.’

By Theodore Shoebat An Iranian actress left Islam and converted to Christianity and fled to Sweden. Now the Swedish government, exhibiting their anti-Christianity, is now making her go back to Iran, and even said that if she is persecuted it will be her fault for converting. As we read in one report: An Iranian actress, […]

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