This Entire ‘Terrorist Attack’ Is No Different Than The ‘Refugee Crisis’ In Germany, It Is Just An Attempt To Sell Nationalism As The Answer To A Self-Inflicted Problem

More information continues to emerge about the recent attack in New York:

The driver who sped down a crowded bike path in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, killing eight people, had been planning the attack for weeks and appeared to have connections to people who were the subjects of terrorism investigations, police officials said on Wednesday.

As counterterrorism investigators drilled into whether the attacker, identified by officials as Sayfullo Saipov, had meaningful ties to terrorist organizations, it also became clear that some of those close to the attacker had feared for years that he was heading down the path of extremism.

Mr. Saipov, 29, rented a pickup truck from a Home Depot in New Jersey at 2:06 p.m. on Tuesday before crossing into Manhattan on the George Washington Bridge, the police said in first public timeline provided by authorities. At 3:04 p.m., a camera caught him driving onto a bike path alongside the Hudson River, where the police said he appeared to be targeting pedestrians and cyclists as he mowed people down.

After crashing into a school bus near Stuyvesant High School in Lower Manhattan, he jumped out with a pellet gun and a paintball gun and shouted “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “God is great,” the authorities said. Investigators found a number of knives in and around the truck, the police said. And near the truck was a handwritten note with a few lines of Arabic indicating allegiance to the Islamic State, law enforcement officials said.

“The gist of the note was that the Islamic State would endure forever,” John J. Miller, the New York Police Department’s deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism, said at a news conference on Wednesday morning. (source)

Right now a lot of people are very upset about the incident in New York, and rightly so. It is absolutely correct that the attacker was a Muslim and who, according to news reports, claims he is a member of ISIS. Nobody denies this in the least.

However, it is never good to make judgments in a state of emotional turmoil because one cannot think with a clear mind. Before rushing to say THIS WAS AN ACT OF ISLAMIC TERRORISM, let’s consider the facts that we already know about Islam and the situation with the USA and Islamic terror today

As we have been saying for many years, and well before it became popular to be “anti-Islam,” was that Islam is a religion which darkens the mind and the soul. This is because of its infernal source as the culmination of all Christian heresies, where a simple and blind faith defines belief and is not to be questioned in so far as to the veracity of its ontology but only in so far as one is able to conform himself to deeper submission. Islam cannot develop intellectually because in spite of the volumes of texts is produces for orthopraxy, its theology as far as orthodoxy cannot flourish lest its open contradictions and heresies be exposed and are unable to be refuted by the simple wa’allahu ta’aala (“and Allah knows best”). Islam necessarily facilitates and enforces the natural human tendency to group-think, and as it is well known throughout history, to justify the madness of crowds with a veneer of theology.

This deadening of the intellect and the soul that Islam induces into its believers is something that has been noted by governments throughout history, and is a reason why the Muslim world is so often the chessboard of geopolitics. Because the Islamic religion darkens the mind of its followers, in the hands of a skilled manipulator they are easy to control and able to be directed for selfish ends, often times for long periods. Likewise, one learns from historical experience that all Muslim peoples manipulated by outsiders eventually overthrow their manipulators, sometimes even conquering them, only to be manipulated again by another seeking the same power, just with a different face and in a different time but the same exploitation. This pattern dates back to the inception of Islamic history and continues through today.

The US Government is not exempt in this manipulation at all, and indeed since the inception of the nation she has been using Islam and Muslims for political reasons, dating back to employing Barbary Pirates from North Africa to attack British merchant ships (and leading to the First Barbary War after the American Revolution when the Barbary Pirates turned on the Americans). Over the last century, the US and UK governments through their owners in business, industry, and finance to control the oil markets of the Middle East, and as such have participated in the same manipulation.

America industrial and its corresponding global financial policies drive her foreign policy in the Muslim world. She is only there because the government, her industry, and the financial sector as well as the global economy requires a constant flow of cheap, easily processed crude oil and the dollar to act as the means of exchange for said oil for all countries. Like a cheap prostitute who will degrade herself in any way for a dollar, America will get involved with any nation if it means having economic and financial control over the global economy, and she will destroy anybody who opposes her without a hint of remorse.

One such example of American policy for the 21st century, as we have discussed, is ISIS, for as we have noted:

The US Government has admitted and continues to admit that ISIS is a pet project between the CIA and the Saudi Government. (source) In fact there is so much collusion between the US Government and ISIS that Hillary Clinton herself admitted in the WikiLeaks email dumping scandal that ISIS was created by our own government. (source)

The US Government has directly backed ISIS by having talks with them and then attacking the people who are fighting against ISIS. (source) It is similar to how the anti-Islam movement was created by the same people who are supporting this Islamists. (source)

The US Government continues to actively aid ISIS in all of its endeavors by providing material and technical support to them, such as how US Tax dollars built the tunnels which ISIS is using for ISIS. (source)Not only that, but the US Government is shooting down planes of what should be regarded as friendly forces who are attacking ISIS and destroying them. (source)

The US Government sent special forces soldiers to train the leaders of ISIS, including those who participated in the genocide of Christians. (source)

The US Government is working directly with Turkey to support ISIS as part of American geopolitical power-plays with Germany and ultimately, Japan against Russia, (source) and we have copies of the transcript themselves of Turkey giving direct military aid to ISIS. (source).

Sources have been provided for each of the statements made above, and even still, this is but survey of just part of what we have covered over the last several years about ISIS. You can read more information about ISIS and the collusion between foreign governments in the archives or elsewhere.

In addition to this, we have repeatedly cited the words of British Economist Bernard Connolly, who warned back in 2009 that the European Union (Germany) wants to use and if need be, to create major crises in order to assert and grow its own power:

We have demonstrated repeatedly that the “refugee crisis” in Germany was not an actual “invasion” of Muslims, but an open invitation extended by the government of Germany who, working with the US, Belgium, Italy, England, and other nations subsidized the mass transport of hundreds of thousands of people from Africa and the Middle East into Europe who would have absolutely no possible way of ever making such a journey in their lifetimes unless it were directly subsidized because the governments of Europe want Europe to be invaded (source):

The highest average personal income and the only one over $20,000 in the entire continent of Africa is approximately $25,000, and this is the island nation of Seychelles. The next six nations- Equitorial Guniea, Gabon, Botswana, South Africa, and Libya- are all over $10,000 per year. All other African nations are under $10,000 a year. The men in the second video, who say they are from Congo, is the lowest of all the African nations, coming in at $422.

For a little perspective, the federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.50 per hour. At a standard workweek with 52 weeks a year, this equates to just over $15,000 per year gross income. Botswana shows an average income of $16,500 per year, and South Africa $11,000 per year, meaning that the poorest of full-time American workers makes one of the highest average incomes in all of Africa. Even on this wage, he could live like a king in the poorest nations, especially one such as the Congo.

Even if these men were coming from the “richest” place in Africa- the Seychelles, which they are clearly not- they are still paying on average 5% of their gross income for the cheapest ticket available, and that is just for the ticket and does not include food, room, or anything else. For the average person, 5% of your gross annual income spent on any one purchase is a LOT of money.

his does not include the fact that it does not include taxes or daily living expenses, assumes an average salary (for which more people are below the average than above as averages take into account rich and poor), and we know they all had to pay a lot more because they came by a months long sea route.

It is materially impossible for a such a man to purchase a one way trip to the other side of the world to end up in a “camp” compound. Perhaps there are one or two legitimately insane people who would attempt such a trip, but not hundreds of thousands of people. (source)

Likewise, do not forget that the US Government, beginning immediately after World War II, having defeated the Nazis made a 180 degree reverse on policy and began to directly fun National Socialist “revolutionaries” throughout Western Europe as well as supply arms in mass quantity to the Muslim nation of Turkey as a part of Operation Gladio, which is something that we have likewise written about in considerable length and is tied to the “refugee crisis” we see today. If Gladio was about the use of National Socialism to promote policies leading to war against Russia, then the refugee crisis was used as a way to incite the fire of nationalism in the peoples of Western Europe in order to start another war.

Now returning to the terrorist attack in New York, what happened was terrible. But make no mistake, look at it through the context of what we know about ISIS and American and European geopolitics, and the fact that this “terrorist” was not only meeting with the FBI since 2015, but did a terrorist attack with a B-B gun:


Tell me, if you were a evil terrorist, who wanted to kill as many people as possible, and you clearly could have access to weapons or IN ANY WAY some aspect of the criminal underground, which we all know exists and is not hard to access, why on Earth would you use a B-B gun?  Why not even a cheap handgun, or a cheap rifle? What about homemade bombs, which have been well-documented as used by terrorists throughout the world?

Nothing of this terrorist attack makes sense, and it should not make sense because simply based on an outsider, casual view of the series of events, it requires almost no thought for one to conclude that this was a government operation of some kind.

“Sayfullo Saipov”- if that is even his real name- is most likely some agent working with the government who, as Bernard Connolly noted, did this attack for the purpose of inciting anti-Islamic sentiment in order to create a lever by which to foist nationalism upon to the American population in preparation for the coming Third World War. I am not saying that Islam is good, nor am I saying that World War 3 is going to start tomorrow or next week,. I am saying that we are witnessing the preparation stages, for as a gardener tends the earth and prepares it to receive the seeds in which the plants many grow strong and healthy, what happened in New York is for the American context the preparation of the people by fertilizing them with the right sentiments so the seeds of nationalism may be sowed and grow strong within them.

It is important to stand strong against all evils, and Islam is one of those evils as much as the ethnic and civil nationalism is for our times, for this is not an issue of being satisfied of one’s country and want to defend her against evil, but the purposeful usage of patriotism by the industrial and financial owners of government to incite a conflict in order to profit off of the loss of the average man. Indeed, the propaganda is already working and working well.

Remember that it was not a few weeks ago that Stephen Paddock, the Vegas shooter, which was the worst public massacre yet to date, took place. People have now all but forgotten what he did. He was also a non-Muslim, for in spite of all of the claims that he “joined ISIS,” there have been little to no verifiable sources to say this was true (and likewise, if he was a part of ISIS we could again say that it was tied to the government based on the facts presented earlier, but that is another issue for consideration). The biggest bolster to him not being a Muslim is that if we could prove he was, it would have overtaken “conservative” media, and Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer would have certainly printed such as story on their blogs and ran with it for weeks.

However, “Saipov” is a Muslim. His name is clearly Muslim, and he has the Muslim terrorist “look”- scraggly beard, foreign-looking ancestry, is an “immigrant”- all things which are real and have been noted by us and others before. He ATTACKED AMERICANS in a way that ISIS (read: CIA/FBI) PLANNED THEY WERE GOING TO. As such, Pamela and Robert have taken this story and are running with it.

But what about Stephen Paddock? Does it matter that one cannot prove he was a Muslim, for he still committed the worst public shooting yet? And while “Saipov” is a Muslim, does anybody bother at all to ask about the clearly odd facts we have pointed out, which have been known for many years?

The point I am getting at is that what you are looking at here with the Saipov case is one of sheer social manipulation for nefarious purposes, orchestrated by people who have no regard whatsoever for any life or people, and who desire power at all costs with respect to none. Those who set up the attack clearly did not care about the lives of the people they hurt, and those who have knowledge of what is happening are using it to promote the most superficial of causes without any regard to an actual inquiry into what happened. The public is being sold an answer to a problem that was created to get the requested answer in the first place. The difference in how the Paddock vs. Saipov cases right now are a prime example of this. Nobody cares about Paddock, and just like many other shootings, his memory will eventually slip into night, whereas Saipov, who fits the “criterion” desired right now to incite nationalism, is being promoted and regardless of the highly questionable nature of the case, will continually be promoted as a reason for American geopolitics.

Again, I do not say this to defend Saipov, Paddock, or Islam in the least- we are very clear about our positions on these issues. What I am saying is that for all of the criticism about the “mainstream media,” the “alternative media” is as just as and if not more overtaken by manipulation from people who desire power over all things. While any news source will have its biases- we certainly do at the fact is that ultimately in all of these pursuits the purpose is to give a truthful account of events, taking into account different perspectives and making the most reasoned judgment regardless of whether or not that judgment is favorable because truth simply is. It is not easy, and nobody is perfect, but the fact remains that it is very easy to manipulate news and facts to serve evil ends. This is something that the national socialists are experts at, because their entire poison is in the conclusions which their philosophy offers as the solution to the problems of the day.

The Saipov story is a lesson, as we have noted before with our article about the “miracle shot” that kills an ISIS soldier right before he does some horrible crime, about the nature of reporting, and how many times what is supposed to be telling a story of events that have taken place is simply a vehicle for laundering policies that otherwise would not be accepted by a society into acceptance for the purpose of gain by a few at the loss of the many. It is the same as walking into a casino and expecting to “win big”- while some people do at certain games more than others owing to statistical probability that can be increased by a knowledge of mathematics, the fact is that all casinos make money because they are set up for the house to win.

In a situation such as this, as it was said in the movie Wargames, the way to win is not to play.