Liberal Commentator Chris Matthews Shocked About NYC Terrorist Attack, Cannot Understand How Islam Can Be Violent

Liberal commentator Chris Matthews reacted with shock at the recent terrorist attack in New York, saying that he could not believe what had happened and that it had any connection to Islam:

Chris Matthews has put in a strong entry for the title of stupidest reaction to the Halloween jihad massacre in Lower Manhattan.  Was there a memo at NBC News that forbade any mention of Islam or Jihad in discussing Sayfullo Saipov? Or is Matthews really that stupid?

Was this madness passed down from the suits at 30 Rock? Or does Chris Matthews wear such huge blinders that he can’t connect the dots and see that this attack is like Barcelona, Nice, and several other examples of jihadis renting trucks and mowing down infidels?

His colleague, Brian Williams, the fabulist still employed as a purported  ”newsman” at NBC News, expressed equal bafflement.

Here is a hint for Chris: Muslims who follow the scripture of their religion see themselves as members of the ummah (the community of Muslims worldwide), not as citizens of some nation-state, a concept that didn’t exist at the time of Mohammed’s life, and therefore is something to be shunned. Because seventh century Arabia is the model for all of us to use on living our lives. (source)

For the past several days, the story about Sayfullo Saipov has received the majority of news coverage, especially from the “alternative media” on the “conservative” side. Much has been said about how the attacker is a Muslim from a foreign country, and the actions were so indefensible that “liberals” trying to defend or justify the violence of Islam have been reduced to silence. However, one must also give criticism where it is due to the “conservative” side, as while they speak about the attack  so few are asking deeper questions in connection with the attack outside of the superficial. Even, the largest supposed “conspiracy” website, has refused so far from what I have seen to ask if there is another and possibly deeper side to this story based upon what information we know. Instead,

What one is left to contend with are two sides with superficial views that ultimately lead to no resolvable conclusion. The “left” will deny that Islam had anything to do with the attack and will claim to be “shocked”- either real or feigned- when events involving terrorism and Islam happen. The “right” will correctly assert the nature of terrorism as a part of Islam- although they will now deny that it is an intrinsic part of its theology and that there are “many good Muslims” who “renounce terror and ‘jihadism'” ), and having said this will assert that the answer to said terrorism is to give more power in the form of legal permissions and monopolization for government and businesses to “fight terrorism” and “defend the nation.” In both cases, as I have mentioned before, the central problems with Islam are not being addressed, but instead leveraged by political parties for attempts to make private gain at the expense of the many.

Ever since I started giving talks on Islam many years ago, something which I always emphasized is that the struggle between Islam and the non-Muslim world is one of theology. It is regarded by Islam as a ‘clash of the gods,’ and in which they believe they are predestined to inevitable victory by the hand of Allah, and that it is through greater submission to the will of Allah that said will shall be inevitably realized. Since Islam is a false religion and as noted by the great saints of the Church the culmination of all Christian heresy, I have continued to reply that the answer to the problems caused by Islam is found in proper application and execution of the Catholic Faith in the individual and on a social level. While the struggle with Islam may and has throughout history at times involved military combat, the power behind any temporal struggle comes from God Himself, who sent His only Son to save the human race from their sins, to reveal to them that which had been hidden from the foundations of the world, and in whom all life exists and without whom nothing exists. As history has repeatedly shown, there is no long-term solution that will defeat Islam and reclaim that which was taken by the Muslims and hold it outside of the Catholic Faith. This means submission to the Catholic Faith and, at least in a nominal sense, abiding by its teaching in a popular, social, and governmental sense as was done for countless centuries in Europe and other parts of the world. Until this issue is addressed, there is almost no point in even addressing the issue of stopping the rise of Islam in “the West” because this is the foundation upon which all resistance to Islam is based.

The refusal of the people living in “the West” today to even consider the view of the Catholic Church yet are quick to criticize her views based on their own biases they for the most part refuse to acknowledge is a manifestation of a second issue, which is the refusal of many people today to consider an answer that does not fit that which they are hoping it will be. This is another problem common to all men, for one naturally wants a problem or answer that one is not fully sure of to conform to one’s current predispositions. However, truth remains truth and regardless of whether one likes it or not, the answer and its natural conclusions must be stated as they are if one desired to seek truth for the sake of truth. The issue of the West is that at the current time Islam has been designated as the great evil threatening society just how communism was during the 1950s. It is true that Islam is a long-standing and great threat- this cannot be underemphasized- but the reason it is regarded as such a threat today is because it has been deemed so on the sole basis of popular concensus owing to the sentiments of the times, for it remains separated from any deeper ontological roots. It is considered a threat because that is what “good Americans” believe, and if one wants to be a “good American,” one needs to believe that Islam is a threat.

One of the generated results of this is that people will look at an even involving terrorism and Islam and simply acknowledge the superficial aspects without considering any deeper forces that may be at work while explaining away the act as one of “radical Islamism” or “violent jihadism” divorced from any connection to the actual religion. The popular understanding of Islam becomes reduced to, as we have seen, that of a “violent political ideology” that exists among many others which can be “defeated or Americanized,” when the reality is that neither is true. One cannot defeat Islam in the sense of exterminating it because it is simply the culmination of heresy, and so the first answer to stopping Islam is to stop heresy, which is something that the majority of Americans will not address because it necessarily denies what has been called by all of the great saints as an accursed heresy, and one which is enshrined into American law, of “freedom of religion.” Likewise, one cannot say that Islam is a political ideology because the politics of Islam are a manifestation of the theology, and one cannot change politics without changing theology, and to change theology is to change divinely revealed truth, and one cannot change divinely revealed truth without creating another religion.

With a darkened understanding of what Islam is and a refusal to consider that which actually has been effective in stopping it, the answer being given to the problems that Islam naturally causes and are being allowed to manifest in society is to offer the solution of paganism in the form of worshipping one’s nation, identity, and people as the answer to the problems of society and the world instead of submission to the God who made the world through the faith and teachings that He has revealed. This submission is desired by both the “left” and the “right,” and they will fight over how this worship should manifest and be propagated but agree on the essence, and both will attempt to use Christianity or any other beliefs as a veneer in order to market such paganism to the public, yet it is still just paganism in a Christian wrapper just as a pig wearing lipstick is still a pig.

The people themselves are the biggest losers, for by choosing to place government over their Faith and refusing to seek the fullest form of Christian teaching, they set themselves up for immediate failure. Indeed, there is the rise of Islam as a real threat which they will be forced to address, yet they will also be unable to see that the same Islamic threat is being used against them by the government they earnestly support and believe in so to drive them deeper into the intellectual bondage they are already in, unable to see the manipulation that is taking place before their eyes.

One of the criticisms of Americans by foreigners is that they do not seem to be able to perceive events around them of significance outside of the absolute superficial, and this is only if they believe it directly affects them, which otherwise they would not even care to know about at all. This criticism, while it can be leveled unjustly, is rooted in the above mentioned mentality where members of society today are not rooted to a particular understanding of the world based on divinely revealed truth of any sort, but are like tumbleweeds that blow where they may as the social currents change. Like a fish, they do not know they are wet because they have not even considered that there may be a context to their situation outside of that which they already hold to.

I expect more of such terrorist attacks to happen, and not just because of a real threat coming from Islamic terrorist groups, but because such attack are as shown by the Saipov incident ideal tools to manipulate society for social and political goals by men who desire power at all costs with respect to none. Given that Germany and Japan (as we have noted many times) are preparing to rebuild their empires and attempt to replicate in a more efficient way the events of the First and Second World Wars, how American business and financial interests are directly tied to the rearmament and rise of both of these nations and the revitalization of nationalism in Europe has been rekindled owing primarily to the manufactured ‘refugee crisis,’ the conditions are already being prepared for a war and American involvement has been central to this. It is only natural to expect that more manipulation will occur in society in order to reach the same end.

So be watchful and aware, ask questions, and understand that the answer to much of what one sees today is not going to be found in actual facts. The answer or deception being offered will be found in the conclusion which those facts are being used to support as the answer to the problems they discuss. Likewise, be wary of anybody who comes offering an answer of any kind that involves even the mere suggestion that nationalism or other forms of political activism is the answer, be they liberal or conservative, and the answer to the growing crisis will not be found in politicians who never cared for anybody other than themselves for the most part. As the new weapons of war continue to develop at the hands of those who desire to start a war for personal gain, the only hope of salvation will be found in God, for indeed, He always was and is the hope of fallen man.