The German Government Wants To Merge Europe With Asia, This Will Only Lead To The German Ottoman Alliance And A Mass Genocide Of Mankind

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat ( Sunday special) 

There is a plan being devised by the German government to merge Europe with Asia. It is the project of Eurasianism, and the foreshadowing of the coming alliance between Germany and the new Ottoman Empire. We know this from the writings of an institution that the great majority of people are not paying any attention to: the Max Planck Institute, a eugenist establishment that was heavily involved in Nazi atrocities and today lies as the scientific wing of the German government, being heavily funded with hundreds of millions by the German state. 

Germany’s most prestigious scientific institution, the Max Planck Institute, is dissecting and freezing countless babies that were murdered in the human slaughterhouses that we call abortion clinics. The Max Planck Institute, after the Second World War, was being directed by major Nazi mass murderers such as Richard Kuhn, Erich Traub and Gerhard Schramm. has written three essays on the Max Planck Institute: an introductory article, Part 1 and Part 2. This precent article is part 3.

Chris Hann, a founding director of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, wrote an entire essay in defense of the concept of Eurasia, or the merging together of both Europe and Asia. In one part of the essay, Hann states that the Euro is doomed; that the integration policy for immigration and migrants does not work, and that because Northern Europe cannot rely on Southern Europe (a sentiment reflective of the hatred of the Germanic Protestant North against the Catholic South), and because of the migration crises, Europeans should now look to Eurasia as the solution:

“The Euro was doomed at birth, and it became clear in the first half of 2015 that the powerful states of the north were not prepared to continue practicing solidarity with their economically weak southern neighbors. Meanwhile, the ghosts of the Cold War have reappeared, thanks to the crisis in Ukraine. In other parts of Eastern Europe, too, elites play the Europe card to trump their local rivals and solicit Western help to exclude Russia. Should Europeanist anthropologists refrain from drawing attention to these processes? Pina-Cabral summarizes some of the current iniquities, before concluding that we must nonetheless ‘hold on fast to the ecumenical ideals of European integration.’ ‘Ecumenical’ is a fine word of Greek origin. I used to share such ideals myself, since my entire education saturated me in them. But the dominant forces in today’s Europe are accentuating divisions rather than working to alleviate them, as we witness in the tragic flow of migrants across the Mediterranean. The most basic reason for looking to Eurasia today is that nothing remains of the ecumenical project of European integration: in political, economic, and sociocultural terms alike, it has been aborted.”


Chris Hann

Hann is using the migrant crises as a way to justify merging Europe with Asia. While Hann complains about the migrants, he wants to unite Germany (a nation whose highest immigrant population consists of Turks) with Turkey. This is all very interesting, because such language sounds eerily similar to the neo-nazi and nationalist type jargon heard today. For one, the Max Planck Institute is here saying that the Euro is doomed and that Europe should be recreated to be more linked with Asia; the right-wing parties also say that the Euro is doomed and that Europe needs to be recreated to be more merged with Asia, and that there should be, intellectually and ideologically, more interlinking between Europe and Asia. For example, Erich Reiter, the Austrian military specialist and member of the right-wing Austrian People’s Party, wrote:

“The great changes of the present are taking place in Asia, because the geopolitics, which are often declared dead, are currently gaining in importance again”

Reiter also affirms the reasoning behind the fixation on Asia: to control the world, for, as he says, whoever rules Eurasia, rules the earth:

“These are theories, and Nicholas Spykman, for instance, who carried MacKinder’s analysis further, formulated that whoever controls the Eurasian rimland rules Eurasia, and whoever rules Eurasia controls the destiny of the world.”

And who will the Germanic hoards unite with in their aspiration for world domination? The Turks. For while it was the Turks who destroyed the eastern half of the Roman empire, it was the German who destroyed the western half; and certainly in the First World War, it was the Germans and the Austrians who allied with the Ottoman Empire. The nationalist and identitarian forces want to recreate Europe to something that geographically spans from the Atlantic to the Urals, which encompasses northern, southern and western Russia, the coast of the Arctic Ocean all the way to the Ural River and northwestern Kazakstan. This means that they want a unity between Germanic supremacists and Islamic supremacists. The prophet Ezekiel declares:

Now the word of the Lord came to me, saying,  “Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him,  and say, ‘Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I am against you, O Gog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal. (Ezekiel 38:1-3) 

When we examine some of the greatest biblical reference manuals, like the Macmillan Bible AtlasOxford Bible Atlas,The Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands, The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary, the IVP Bible Background Commentary, The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary, The Catholic Encyclopedia and The Matthew Henry Complete Commentary, they all locate MagogMeshechTubalGomer and Beth Togarmah in Asia Minor or in the landmass between ancient Armenia and Media —in short, the Republics south of Russia and north of Israel, comprised of Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkestan, Chechnya,  etc. — all Muslim nations.

Moreover, when we take St. Ambrose’s interpretation, that Gog represents the Germanic peoples, it makes sense that there will be an alliance between Muslims and them that forsake [abandoned] the holy covenant. (Daniel 11:30) The prophet Daniel foretold that “the ships of Chittim [Romans] shall come against him [Gog/Antichrist]” before the Antichrist makes an alliance with the ones that forsook the covenant, that is, those of Christendom who rejected the Catholic Faith (For more, click here).

That God sends the Romans (Italy) to fight the Antichrist, and that the Antichrist allies with the ones who forsook Christianity, indicates a conflict in which traditionally Catholic southern Europe will fight against anti-Christian Europeans and the Islamic antichrist forces.

Andreas Molzer, a pan-German and leading member of Austria’s Freedom Party, and also a former member of the European parliament, alluded to this pan-Eurasian desire when he said that the recreation of Europe “from the Atlantic to the Urals would be desirable but is not possible at the moment”. Marine Le Pen also reflected this aspiration, stating:

“We are wrongly accused of being anti-Europe, but we are for (a Europe) that stretches from the Atlantic to the Urals, not from Washington to Brussels”

This fixation on Asia is also seen in the Alt-Right and Identitarian circles. The leader of the Austrian Identitarian movement, Martin Sellner, uses the Japanese nationalist, Yukio Mishima, as one of the icons for his cult. Sellner’s website, Phalanx Europa, praises Mishima for his committing of sepukko (ritual suicide), stating that he “was inspired by the zeal code of the samurai to ask how in the modern world an honorable life and dying is possible.”

In the official website for the alt-right leader, Richard Spencer,, there is a post from February of 2017 entitled, Making Iran Great Again, in which it states:

“the Iranian Renaissance may be the contemporary cultural movement with the most revolutionary geopolitical significance for the future of the Middle East, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. Its triumph could also open the possibility of a deeply rooted and enduring alliance between Iran’s future regime and nationalist movements in Europe and North America.”

In a recent interview with Jesse Lee Peterson, Richard Spencer said that ancient Persian was part of ancient white civilization and a proof that whites do not need Christianity to be civilized:

There is a common theme here: merging European and Asian nations united under the common goal of genocide, imperialism and anti-Christianity. Alfred Rosenberg, the head ideologue for the Third Reich, linked both Europe and Asia by affirming both Odin and Ahura Mazda to be nordic gods, and declared that the German people must fight for the Persian god, Ahura Mazda:

 “In this struggle, we must fight on the side of Ahura Mazda (just as the Einheriar in Valhalla [the heaven of the Vikings] would fight for Odin against the Fenris Wolf and the Midgard Serpent).”

Both the Max Planck Institute, which is part of the German government, and right-wing parties and institutions agree in a merging between Europe and Asia, either literally or at least in an ideological sense.

Both the Max Planck Institute and the far-right agree that the Euro is doomed and want to see a recreation of Europe. If the Euro destabilizes, and to quote Yanis Varofakis, “We’re going to end up with a new Berlin wall, only this time it’ll be running down the Rhine and the Alps. There will be a division of Europe, between a Germanic part, east of the Rhine and north of the Alps.” 

The fragmentation of Europe will only intensify hatred between the traditionally Protestant northern Europe and the traditionally Catholic southern Europe. Remember what Chris Hann of the Max Planck Institute wrote:

“The Euro was doomed at birth, and it became clear in the first half of 2015 that the powerful states of the north were not prepared to continue practicing solidarity with their economically weak southern neighbors.”

This parallels with what one of the leaders of the far-right AfD party, Joerg Meuthen, said:

“We [Germany] can have a common currency with the Netherlands, Austria, Finland or Baltic states. They have similar cultures of stability like ours, but the French have a different one, not to mention the Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese and Greeks. They don’t want austerity at all.”

Joerg Meuthen

That both the Max Planck Institute, which is part of the German government, and the far-right AfD, want to see the death of the Euro (which is, supposedly, uniting Europe) shows that the German government itself wants fragmentation and destabilization in order to justify recreating Europe, and both want genocide.

Chris Hann of Max Planck further goes on to mention the rise of populism as a response to the migration crises, and also refers to the suggestion that what is needed as a solution is the return to the nation-state (countries based on race). But Hann’s solution to the migration crises is not exactly populism, but rather, Eurasianism:

“In Germany, as elsewhere in Europe, an aggressive, intolerant, inward-looking populism is the main political consequence of these trends. While some observers call for a deepening of European institutions, other scholarly analysts counsel a return to the institutions of the nation-state in order to preserve democratic legitimation. My position is different (Hann 2014). I argue that, given global geopolitical constellations, it now makes more sense to aim at new forms of integration at the level of Eurasia.” 

Hann’s idea is that by merging Europe with Asia — and forming Eurasia — there would be no room for racial tensions because White Europeans would be a part of the same continent as Asians; while at the same time, in this utopian vision, racial pride, or identitarianism, would continue on without the threat of ethnic struggle. Hann in fact goes on to suggest that a “Eurasian Commission” is needed to fund education that would teach on the ancient pagan Mesopotamian roots of European civilization in order to build a cultural bond between Whites and Asians. In this utopian worldview, Pan-Asianism and European identitarianism, merge together. As we read in the essay:

“At the Eurasian level, too, the basic criteria of unity in diversity are met, once one extends the time frame appropriately. It goes without saying that the diversity is greater than in the case of Germany or Europe, in terms of languages, religions, kinship, cuisine, and all the other things routinely investigated by anthropologists. But these are details. Just as the European Commission generously supports programs to promote European identity, based in an allegedly shared history, so a future Eurasian Commission might provide the funding to turn the potential that is there from Mesopotamia onward into a subjectively convincing reality.” 

The eugenist elites are even looking to archeology and studies on antiquity in order to show a historical link between Europe and Asia with the intention of justifying a supranationalist project of Eurasia. This is reminiscent to what the Nazis were doing in Asia, going to countries like Tibet and the Middle East to search for an Aryan connection between Europeans and Asians.

Chris Hann references Gordon Childe, an Australian archeologist of the first half of the twentieth century who believed in using the study of archeology to promote Marxism. In his referencing of Childe to substantiate the merging between Europe and Asia, Hann writes that Childe “emphasized not the emergence of agriculture in the Neolithic, a world-historical process with parallels in Africa and the Americas, but rather the emergence and long-term consolidation of highly stratified societies on the basis of literacy and the new urban economies that flourished in the Bronze Age (Childe 1942).”

By presenting Europe and Asia as having ancient societies that were more intellectually mature than Africa or North America, Hann is trying to show that Europe and Asia share an intellectual superiority. Hann goes on to describe “Eurasian civilizations” as sharing forms of society that were superior to what he calls “pre-Axial societies,” or societies that did not develop the philosophical and religious ideas of nations like ancient Persia, India, China, Greece and Rome. Hann writes:

“a succession of Eurasian civilizations developed new combinations of redistribution and exchange, or of state and market, to employ the binary that became dominant much later. They legitimated these structures through ideals of sociopolitical inclusion, including the concept of democracy itself, which clearly differed from the equivalent principles in pre-Axial societies (primarily kinship).”

By linking Europe with ancient societies, Hann is also advocating for the revival of the paganisms of antiquity. In exalting his utopian vision, Hann writes that “only in Eurasia has it played out on such a vast scale over so many centuries to yield results that offer humanity a future”, and in declaring his desire for world empire, he continues on to say that “My expansive territorial usage would become universal if the establishment of a Eurasian political-economic unity were to be the prelude to a world society.” This is an emphatic call for a one world empire under Eurasian supremacists. 

Chris Hann is dismayed that the vision of a Eurasia coming together is for the most part ignored, and attributes this to the fall of the German Empire, the defeat of the Nazis in the Second World War and in effect the rejection of German anthropology, and the scientists of the Anglo-sphere treating Russian anthropologists as insignificant:

“Historians and other social scientists routinely engage with the German-speaking world and with Eastern Europe, taking seriously the scholarly communities of those regions. However, sociocultural anthropology has been dominated for a century by the Atlantic fringe. Germany lost its empire at the end of the First World War, and its anthropologists were further discredited at the end of the Second. Russian anthropologists were also marginalized, albeit for different reasons. Across most of the rest of Eurasia, anthropologists busied themselves primarily with their own peoples, which was enough to disqualify them from the emerging international canon (despite a few awkward cases, such as folklorist-ethnologist Arnold van Gennep). While the Anglosphere still pays lip service to contributions from France, nowadays even these are read only in translation. The undeniable fact is that, in the early twenty-first century, notwithstanding significant developments in the Hispanic world, one tradition of anthropology is almost hegemonic. It is not surprising that such a discipline, less multilingual than it was in the nineteenth century, has been unable to recognize Eurasia.”

Translation: ‘because we lost the war, everyone is ignoring German race studies, and if we won the war, the idea of Eurasia would have succeeded.’

Hann’s disappointment for the rejection of German anthropological studies that were done during the Third Reich is, I suspect, a reflection of his utopian Darwinist and ethnocentric sentiments.

What is the masterplan behind this? It is the ushering of a new genocidal regime, consisting of both Europeans and Asians. The Nazis were allies with Japan and also with Muslim nazis, and Hitler himself lamentably said that he wanted Germany to adopt the Buddhist Shinto religion of Japan: “Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the fatherland as the highest good?” 

The Nazis were heavily interested in the connections between Germany and Asia, and had an archeological and anthropological project called “ancestral heritage” or Ahnenerbe, in order to investigate the relations between Europe and Asia.

The Max Planck Institute is continuing the same geopolitical dream of one of the most influential geopoliticists in Germany before the rise of the Third Reich, Karl Haushofer, who believed in merging Europe with Asia in a Eurasian bloc. He wrote that because Asia has “uniform climate rhythm” and so many different cultures, it contains “the two greatest concentrations of mankind ever witnessed in the history of the world.” According to journalist, Francis P. Sempa:

“Haushofer hoped instead for a great transcontinental Eurasiatic bloc to oppose the sea powers of Britain and the United States, with Japan leading the Asian sphere and Germany leading the European sphere and both powers collaborating with Russia.” 

Karl Haushofer with SS officer (and his student), Rudolf Hess

Not only was Haushofer for Eurasianism, but also an exhorter for German imperialism, being instrumental behind the ideology of lebensraum, or German living space, the idea that Germany had the right to conquer other lands to make them habitations for the German race. Scholar Hanco Juergens writes that Haushofer “fostered the political, military, and strategic thinking of the National Socialists. He is an important father of the concept ‘Lebensraum,’ one of the mantras of Nazi ideology.”

Haushofer developed these ideas years before the Nazis ever took power. This is important to point out because it shows how such evil ideas were developed under a different government and then adopted and imposed by the later regime (the Nazis); this signifies that the ideology of the Max Planck Institute, although taught under the current government, may be adopted by a later regime. In other words, the evil ideas of the past are being redeveloped right now only to be imposed in the future.

During the Nazi regime, the Max Planck Institute (known at that time as the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute) conducted human experiments as a Nazi entity; today the very same establishment experiments on unborn children, and in the future, under a more sinister regime, it just may conduct experiments on already born people. That the Max Planck Institute conducted human experiments on people during the Holocaust, and today does human experiments on unborn people, shows that the spirit of Nazism lives on in the soul of Germany.

In 1918, Haushofer founded the Vril Society, an occult group that sought to make contact with “beings” living under the earth, and believed that the Aryan race originated from Central Asia, that is the original lands of the Turk (Magog). It was these occult beliefs that would influence Haushofer’s eurasianism.

In 1935, under the influence of Haushofer, Hitler authorized Frederick Hielscher to establish the Ahnenerbe society. Hitler configured the group with the objective of finding the origins of the Aryan race, and it was in Asia where they believed they would find this. A central place of interest for the Ahnenerbe was Tibet. According to Chinese journalist, Ren Yanshi, one of the principle objectives behind the Nazi researchers going to Tibet was “to verify Heinrich Himmler’s Nazi racial theory that a group of pure-blooded Aryans had settled in Tibet.”

One of the main funders for the Nazis’ expedition in Tibet was the eugenist Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft or the German Research Foundation. What makes this very interesting is that the German Research Foundation is still in existence today and works directly with the Eurasianist and eugenist Max Planck Institute in conducting human experiments on unborn children. The German Research Foundation, which funded the eurasian Ahnenerbe,   today funds the human experiments of the Max Planck Institute. This shows that the aspiration for Eurasia, is for the ultimate goal of genocide. One example of this was how the German Research Foundation funded an experiment on the corpses of unborn babies. 

It is quite amazing that the very organization — the German Research Foundation — that funded the Ahnenerbe’s exhibition to Tibet, is the same organization that now is funding the Max Planck Institute which, like Ahnenerbe, is Eurasianist and wants to link Europe with Asia. The Ahnenerbe believed in an Aryan root in both Europe and Asia, and the Max Planck Institute believes that only non-blacks, mainly Asians and Europeans, have ‘advantageous neanderthal genes.’ This is not a coincidence.

The goal of Germany has not changed, with the country continuing its Nazi race theories and imperialist goals, but under guises that, not appearing blatantly Nazi, do not give the impression of Nazism. The Nazis, funded by the German Research Foundation, went to Tibet to see an Aryan root in the Tibetan people, for the cause of genocide; the Max Planck Institute, also funded by the German Research Foundation, went to Tibet to study a neanderthal link in the Tibetan people, for the cause of genocide.

Stefan Mundlos, group leader of the Research Group Development & Disease at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, back in 2008 conducted a study with other scientists in which they examined the bodies of babies, 17 weeks in development, and suffering from certain ailments, right after they were murdered through abortion. They wrote this regarding their corpses:

“shows generalized edema most extreme at neck and head (gray arrowheads in [A] and [B]),pterygia at elbows and knees (black arrowheads in [A] and [D]), and severe joint contractures (A, D–F) after induced abortion at 17 gestational weeks. X-ray reveals scoliosis, malformed head, and soft tissue swelling by nuchal hygroma (E, F).  Acetylcholine Receptor Pathway Mutations Explain Various Fetal Akinesia Deformation Sequence Disorders … Figure 4. CHRNA1 and CHRND Mutation-Positive Fetuses Presented with Massive Hydrops, Pterygia, and Contractures on Post-mortem Examination whereas Novel Recessive Missense RAPSN Mutations Caused Congenital Arthrogryposis and Life-ThreateningRespiratory Distress(A–F) Individual II-2 from family CHRNA1-F2 shows generalized edema most extreme at neck and head (gray arrowheads in [A] and [B]),pterygia at elbows and knees (black arrowheads in [A] and [D]), and severe joint contractures (A, D–F) after induced abortion at 17gestational weeks. X-ray reveals scoliosis, malformed head, and soft tissue swelling by nuchal hygroma (E, F).(G–J)”.

Stefan Mundlos

In another experiment that Mundlos led, back in 1992, unborn babies, 17-23 weeks in development, were aborted to see the effects of osteonectin on their bodies. In their report, the children are described as “material” and also “newborns”, revealing how these evil scientists know that they killing human life, while at the same time reducing them to simply the level of “material” to be experimented on. The report reads:

“Intact human embryos of Carnegie Stage 17-23 (41-56 days post conception) were obtained after therapeutic abortion using prostaglandin pessaries. Embryonic stage was determined by morphological appearance, weight, and crown-rump length. In addition, material of 7-12 weeks gestational age after suction termination and autopsy material from later stages and newborns were analyzed.”    

The experiment on human embryos was funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), or the German Research Foundation. Moreover, notice that the document from the Max Planck Institute on these experiments shows that it was done for the Federal Republic of Germany. The spirit of Nazism lives on:

Snapshot of the document from the Max Planck Institute, on Mundlos’ experiments on children

Image of the Max Planck Institute’s document on Mundlos’ experiments on children

The German Research Foundation (or DFG) is a major scientific establishment in Germany that is a central advocate for the use of human embryos for scientific experiments. On their own website they state:

“The DFG wishes to point out again, quite clearly, that imported stem cell lines may still only be harvested from so-called supernumerary embryos, in other words embryos that are no longer required for reproductive purposes.”

Both the Max Plank Institute and the German Research Foundation hate the Catholic Church. In 2007 there was a huge spat — not talked about in the English speaking media — between the Catholic Church and these very two eugenist institutions. Bishop Gebhard Fürst declared that the murder of unborn children for experimentation for so called “stem cell research” was reminiscent to the evils done by the Nazis, and that the National Socialist scientists, like the “stem cell research” scientists today, used the objective of finding cures for diseases to justify their evil and diabolical experiments on humans.

Bishop Gebhard Fürst

The Max Planck Institute, the German Research Foundation, and a hoard of other German scientists all attacked this successor of the Apostles. In October of 2007, a declaration was made against Bishop Fürst, stating:

“The near proximity of stem cell research to the human attempts of the national socialists, which was recently under the leadership of Bishop Gebhard Fürst, is an offense to all the scientists who work in this field. With such a comparison, he also defames those in our country, who, after careful weighing of all arguments, have declared themselves responsible for the authorization of stem cell research.  Fürst said that even the National Socialists had justified human attempts on the grounds of improving the healing chances of other people … A bishop should be aware of the scope of his testimony.”

The declaration against the bishop was signed by eighteen scientists, including Wieland Huttner, Managing Director of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, and Hans Schöler, Managing Director of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine.

Wieland Huttner


Hans Schöler

In December of 2007, Matthias Kleiner, who was president of the German Research Foundation, attacked both Bishop Fürst and also Cardinal Joachim Meisner, for his statement that Annette Schavan, a Christian Democrat who agreed with embryonic stem cell research, should change her position since she is under Christian influence.

Joachim Meisner

Kleiner stated that the Cardinal’s words are “also making the continuation of this important debate even more difficult” and that “the slanderous remarks made by several bishops against the differing position expressed by the Federal Minister for Research, Annette Schavan, are unacceptable. This is particularly true of the assertion by bishop Gebhard Fürst, that on the basis of current laws, stem cell research is moving closer and closer to becoming like the human experimentation that was carried out by the Nazis. This kind of statement should definitely not be tolerated!”

Snapshot of German publication on the conflict between the Catholic Church and the Max Planck Institute

The bishop is absolutely correct: the experiments being conducted by the Max Planck Institute and other scientific institutions will eventually escalate into atrocities that will be just as evil as the Nazis, if not worse. Like their spiritual father, Martin Luther, these prophets of an evil science have nothing but contempt for the Catholic Church, being of the spirit of antichrist.  The statement of Kleiner, that the words of the bishops “should definitely not be tolerated!” can only be translated as: ‘Kill the bishops.’ There is no doubt that these “scientists” would not hesitate to commit genocide. Just look at the experiments that they do on unborn children.

This fight between the Church and the Max Planck Institute can be compared with the struggle between the Church and the Nazis, when Eugenio Pacelli (who would later become Pope Pius XII), declared of the Nazis:

“they are the only lamentable plagiarists who cover old errors with new trumpery. It matters little that they mass around the flag of social revolution. They are inspired by a false conception of the world and life. Whether they are possessed by superstitions of race and blood or by false conceptions of the social and economic world, their philosophy is essentially opposed to the Christian faith.”

In 1938, Pacelli conducted a conference in Budapest, Hungary, which the Nazis prohibited Germans from participating in, and declared the Nazis to be antichrist:

“Face to face with us is drawn up the lugubrious array of the military godless shaking the clenched fist of the antichrist against everything we hold most sacred.” (See Rader & Fedoryka, The Pope and The Holocaust)

The Pope was right, Nazism was antichrist, and today we are facing the rise of a new antichrist, with all the same evil designs yet differently guised, one of which is the evils being done by Wieland Huttner, a leading figure of the Max Planck Institute, and one of the scientists who attacked Bishop Fürst. Huttner was the head of a research team back in 2015 who injected brain tissue from a murdered human baby into the brain of a mouse. One report on the evil experiment says:

“The new study began when Wieland Huttner, a developmental neurobiologist at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany, and his colleagues started closely examining aborted human fetal tissue and embryonic mice. ‘We specifically wanted to figure out which genes are active during the development of the cortex, the part of the brain that is greatly expanded in humans and other primates compared to rodents,’ says Marta Florio, the Huttner graduate student who carried out the main part of the work.”

Huttner and his team of modern Nazi scientists were fixated on one gene, called ARHGAP11B. Why? because they believe that this gene is what advances “human evolution.” And they said that this gene is not found in chimps or mice, but in “neanderthals.” Now, what does this mean? There is a diabolical and eugenist conspiracy behind this. Africans don’t have “neanderthal blood” according to these men of science, but whites and Asians do.

And since this gene is what leads human evolution, according to these insidious people, then that means that Africans are in the lower end of the Darwinist racial hierarchy system. This all goes back to the Eurasianist ideology of these nazis at the Max Planck Institute who want to make up a common root between Europeans and Asians, just as the Third Reich wanted to find an Aryan origin in Asia and Europe.

The Max Planck Institute, like their Nazis predecessors, focus on Tibet as a place of origin for the “denisovans,” which is another name for neanderthal, but for the ones that, they teach, were in Tibet. The Max Planck Institute teaches that the Tibetans inherited “advantageous” genes from the denisovans. Svante Paabo, a director at the Max Planck Institute, says:

“people in Tibet who live on the high plateau in Tibet are adapted to living at a low oxygen tension there have gotten a variant that helps with that ability from relatives of neanderthals that we have discovered, these denisovans in Asia. And 80% of Tibetans have that [genetic] variant today. …genes come over from these other groups, some of them are advantageous, and will then rise to high frequencies, and will actually have its impact.”

These Max Planck scientists who believe this eugenist ideology took the human brains of a murdered baby and said that (as we read in the report from the Max Planck Institute), it was done for their sick race theories on neanderthals and Denisovans:

“The human tissue had 56 genes that their mouse counterparts lacked, the team found. The one that was the most active in dividing human fetal stem cells was ARHGAP11B, a gene already under suspicion for aiding human evolution. … Neither mice nor chimps have ARHGAP11B, but modern humans and their ancient relatives, the Denisovans and Neandertals, do. ‘That it was a human-specific gene duplication made it very exciting,’ Huttner says.”

The murder of human life for Darwinism, done by German scientists who believe that they have the blood of some ancient humanoid creatures, reminds one of the not so distant past in which their predecessors, the Nazis, were slaughtering innocent people for Darwinism, with the belief that they had the blood of an ancient, superior and divine race they called “the hyperboreans.”   

Huttner, in a report for the Max Planck Institute, said that it was this gene found in neanderthals, ARHGAP11B, that led to humans having large brains:

“ARHGAP11B is the first human-specific gene where we could show that it contributes to the pool of basal brain stem cells and can trigger a folding of the neocortex. In that way, we managed to take the next step in tracing evolution”

This gene, as he says, is the first gene that they have found to contribute to the evolution of the human mind, and its found in neanderthals. But, the Nazis in suits at the Max Planck Institute say that neanderthal blood is only found in non-Africans, primarily Europeans and Asians, which again shows the eugenist ideology behind this “research.” What these current day Nazis are saying, under the cover “science,” is that Africans did not inherit this evolution of the human mind, and only those who inherited this gene from the special neanderthal race, obtained this evolved brain. Its the same race theories of the eugenists of the past, only this time it is said in a much more sophistical and diplomatic way. In another report produced by the Max Planck Institute, it states:

“The human-specific gene ARHGAP11B arose through a partial duplication of the ubiquitous gene ARHGAP11A approximately five million years ago along the evolutionary lineage leading to Neanderthals, Denisovans, and present-day humans, and after this lineage had segregated from that leading to the chimpanzee.”

Humans thus inherited the gene for big brains from neanderthals, the characters of the Darwinist mythology whose blood Africans did no receive.

To study this mythology of evolution, the wizards who call themselves scientists shed the blood of babies to supposedly gain further knowledge on their pompous myths of evolving to higher beings. The Church says ‘no’ to such evil, but the wizards of our time declare, ‘More blood, more death.’