First Superbugs, Then Cancer Outbreaks, Now Hepatitis A Is The Next Plague Laying Waste To The LGBT

First, there has been the emergence of new and drug-resistant forms of STDs. Then, there has been an outbreak of anal cancer that doctors are calling the ‘next great LGBT health crisis’ and are powerless to stop it. Now, there is a third health crisis exploding across California with the spread of Hepatitis A among the LGBT:

While hepatitis A outbreaks are occurring among homeless encampments in other regions of California, Los Angeles County is seeing the disease spread among gay men, public health officials said in an alert released Thursday.

The spread has prompted Los Angeles County public health officials to expand their outreach efforts to men who have had sex with men, urging them to get vaccinated.

“Public Health is continuing its outreach efforts without change to persons who are homeless or use drugs,” the county’s public health department said in a statement to the Southern California News Group.  “At the same time, Public Health will expand its outreach efforts to men who have sex with men (MSM) to encourage those who are not already vaccinated with the hepatitis A vaccine to do so.”

The alert from the Department of Public Health noted that of the 14 cases documented so far this year in Los Angeles County, 12 have been confirmed among men who had sex with men, who are neither homeless nor are using drugs. The number of hepatitis A cases among those men are higher this year than last year, health officials added. The other two Los Angeles County cases were among two people who are homeless.

“Several additional cases are pending further investigation,” according to the alert.

“All (men who have sex with men) should be offered (hepatitis) vaccination,” the alert advised health care professionals. “Vaccination is the best method for preventing (hepatitis) infection.”

Last year, there were nine hepatitis A-confirmed cases reported among men who have sex with men, health officials said.

Much of the vaccination outreach efforts in Los Angeles have been focused on homeless people who live in encampments. Health officials are concerned that,  because of an outbreak among homeless people in encampments in San Diego and Santa Cruz counties, the disease will spread in Los Angeles.  As of Oct. 26, there have been 536 cases and 20 deaths in San Diego. In Santa Cruz, there have been 75 cases. (source)

The Hepatitis A outbreak, in all fairness, in not just limited to the LGBT. It is also being found in a considerable amount among homeless people, and this has to do with the nature of Hepatitis, for according to the World Health Organization, hepatitis is spread by unsanitary lifestyle practices and in particular by making unsafe contact with human excrement:

Hepatitis A is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus. The virus is primarily spread when an uninfected (and unvaccinated) person ingests food or water that is contaminated with the faeces of an infected person. The disease is closely associated with unsafe water or food, inadequate sanitation and poor personal hygiene.

The hepatitis A virus is transmitted primarily by the faecal-oral route; that is when an uninfected person ingests food or water that has been contaminated with the faeces of an infected person. In families, this may happen though dirty hands when an infected person prepares food for family members. Waterborne outbreaks, though infrequent, are usually associated with sewage-contaminated or inadequately treated water. (source)

The virus can also be transmitted through close physical contact with an infectious person, although casual contact among people does not spread the virus.

In layman’s terms, you get Hepatitis A from eating or rubbing poop and pee on yourself.

With homeless people, this is not a surprise. If you have ever worked with the homeless, you know that one of the first things that any shelter does (excluding the “emergency” type shelters or “last chance before prison” ones, whose purpose is to keep people alive for the moment because their situation is either unstable or the people themselves are so unstable they pose a danger to themselves and those around them) is to give homeless people a shower, have them wash their clothes, and isolate their things from their immediate person. This is because since homeless people sleep on the street, they get physically dirty. They have to relieve themselves like any man, and since the same places in which they have to sleep in order to be hidden from public view are often limited, many times homeless people will either relieve themselves close to where they sleep or they will unknowingly end up sleeping in an area where somebody has relieved himself. This is a fact of life on the streets, and it is an easy and effective way to spread diseases transmitted by contact with human waste such as Hepatitis A.

California is of particular note with the Hepatitis crisis because as it has been reported, in many cities homeless people are allowed to get away with committing dangerous and sickening acts in public and the police do not stop them. Make no mistake, I am not speaking of or advocating for the criminilization of homelessness such as has taken place in many cities, but I do speak of enforcing basic laws that uphold basic public health, such as not openly urinating into public fountains located in public parks where everybody can see your actions, or defecating on the sidewalks.

It is of no surprise that homeless people are getting Hepatitis A. This was bound to happen because of the lack of proper sanitation.

So, why therefore is the LGBT getting so sick from disease specifically communicated by contact with urine and feces? After all, so many LGBT people like to present an image that is “clean cut” and “proper”.

The answer, which is only one of the few website to boldly proclaim and to do so in accordance with Catholic teaching, is because owing to the nature of the actions they partake for the purpose of hedonism, the LGBT derives sexual pleasure from masturbating with feces.

Consider that the largest gay porn producer in America and one of, if not the largest producer in the world Michael Lucas, clearly and proudly notes as we have reported that a great deal of his “films” are centered around homosexuals eating feces and drinking urine. His perversions are so great that he was sued by a woman who unknowingly rented her home out to him, and he came in a filmed without her knowledge gay porn in it, and she returned to find her home destroyed with feces all over the walls, carpets, furniture, and ground in so badly the entire building had to be professionally cleaned and the soiled objects destroyed:

The owner of a California mansion alleges that she was duped into renting out the property via Airbnb to a firm that produces hardcore gay porno films and left the 1920s property awash in enema kits, various “sexual devices,” and assorted bodily fluids, according to a lawsuit.

Kristina Knapic, owner of the Acacia Mansion in Ojai, a city 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles, charges that she agreed to lease the property for five days in mid-August to a woman who claimed that she and a “group of friends” would stay at the $1095-a-night home “for a quick summer vacation.”

In a November 19 Superior Court complaint, Knapic, 46, alleges that “Anna,” the purported renter, was actually Andrei Treivas, the gay porn actor/director/producer known professionally as Michael Lucas (seen above).

Knapic charges that she gave the keys to the property to Treivas, who posed as “Anna’s brother-in-law.” Knapic said she was told that “Anna” was still en route to the Ojai mansion.

According to Knapic’s lawsuit–which includes claims for fraud, negligence, trespass, and breach of contract–she returned to the property on August 16 and “immediately noticed that [it] was filthy.”

Knapic claims that “enema kits were found throughout the house–on the floors, in the beds, in nightstand drawer and in the trash.” Additionally, “various sexual devices were found in the beds and in the trash,” linens were stained brown, and the “hot tub water was brownish in color.”

The complaint alleges that “urine, semen, and fecal matter” were found on “linens, carpets, upholstery, walls, ceilings, and in the hot tub.” Knapic, the lawsuit states, is concerned that “pornographic images and films made at the Property will damage” its “reputation and image.”

As Knapic inspected the mansion, she found a business card for Lucas Entertainment, the New York-based porn outfit owned by the 43-year-old Treivas. Some online research by Knapic revealed that not only was Treivas the man she handed her keys over to, but that his social media pages reported he was “on location” filming pornos at the Acacia Mansion.

Knapic alleges that she attempted to clean the property, but quickly became concerned that the mansion may have been seriously damaged. “Many of the films Lucas Entertainment produces depicts men urinating on each other and giving each other enemas,” the lawsuit states. “These activities were not being conducted in a bathroom, but rather on beds, floors, and furniture.”

When Knapic resorted to the use of a black light while inspecting the home, she discovered “the presence of bodily fluids throughout” the property, according to the complaint, which notes that Knapic has “replaced soiled linens, drained and bleached the hot tub, bleached and painted all walls, steam cleaned the upholstery and shampooed the carpeting.” The complaint contends that Knapic “continues to clean and sterilize the Property.”

In addition to unspecified monetary damages, Knapic’s lawsuit is seeking a court order enjoining Treivas and Lucas Entertainment from distributing the “vile pornographic movies” shot at the Acacia Mansion. (source)

As we have reported on before, the practices of the LGBT are extremely effective means of transmitting disease to each other. These practices are not limited to the act of sodomy alone. There is shoving each others hands and even up to one’s elbow into the rectum of another man, called “fisting,” There is taking homosexual men with loose anuses and having them push their anuses out so they get rectal prolapse, a serious medical condition in which the intestines actually protrude from the body, and then licking the protruding rectum, called “prolapse sex” or “rosebudding.” There is outright engaging in coprophilia (eating feces).

Additionally, there is also a very horrible practice call “bug chasing” in which homosexual men attempt to infect each other intentionally with the HIV virus for the purpose of sexual gratification. The obsessive fetishization of HIV from the LGBT is so bad that they have even made movies in which they intentionally show this, such as one movie in which 200 HIV positive men masturbated into a jar and then the semen from the jar was funnelled directly into another man’s anus, and he held it in while other men licked the semen that dropped out from his anus according to an article from Vice magazine. As the director notes:

In one scene in Viral Loads, there’s a jar of 200 different loads labeled “POZ CUM.” It is poured directly into Blue Bailey’s ass. You can see how that would upset people.
The number of men who have written to me asking to be the recipient of gallons of semen is virtually uncountable. These aren’t the incidental fantasies of a small fringe of outliers. These speak to the heart of the sexual imagination of most queer men. It wasn’t made for you. There’s no reason for you to see it. For you, it would read as an irrational stunt. But for the straight world, much of what comprises queer culture and life is incomprehensible. Regrettably, the same can still be said for many of the older members of the gay world. Years ago I stated that all gay men are HIV-positive. That is, every gay man alive today is defined as much by the viral load narrative as by any external homophobia. If you wonder at the meaning of a jar filled with poz loads being poured up the ass of a happy, intelligent, and more-than-willing young gay man, the primary meaning is that there is no reason or excuse for continuing to live in fear of a virus. (source)

This is absolutely disgusting. Any normal person would agree with this.

The LGBT gets mad at people when they get called out for partaking in these kinds of behaviors, but what else is a person who calls himself a Christian supposed to do? Christians must give mercy and justice where it is due, and while God is surely the just judge who rules and orders all things perfectly, He has enjoined upon Christians to speak directly about these issues for the good of all people, that the sinners might convert, and that the evil might be known in its fullness so that by seeing it one can realize it for the evil it is and stop participating in it.

The fact is that no matter how “nice” or “kind” a homosexual is, these people have willingly chosen to make themselves into toilet bowls, filling themselves by choice with the vilest of things and for the purpose of pleasuring themselves. This is the reason why there is an outbreak of Hepatitis A among them- one contracts the sickness by coming into contact with human feces. Indeed, if a man defines his life by playing with feces, it is any surprise that he would likely contract diseases spread specifically by human waste?

But the issue here is far more than just one of temporal disgust. The ugliness of the actions of the LGBT speak to the darkened condition of the soul which they have chosen to embrace. Indeed, the LGBT choice of lifestyle is not one of freedom to live as one was created to live, but to debase oneself by allowing one’s passions to rule the mind with absolute license.

People are concerned about the rise of Islam in society, and rightly so because Islam is a long-standing threat to all civilizations. However, the threat of Islam cannot be mitigated by allying with internal and equally dangerous, existentially speaking, threats found in a society because they are “against the Muslims.” The Bible makes very clear that evil cannot cast out evil because they are of the same source, and anybody who claims such is a liar who, like a contractor re-routing the course of a stream, is simply channeling the flow of evil from one point to another without actually stopping the flow itself.

Heretics, Paganism in all forms, and homosexuality are three of the major internal evils that while existing in any society, are united as threats against Christendom and from any one of these threats will naturally grow the others. This is why people representing these different and seemingly separated groups will on various social causes seem to unite at certain times and with great vigor. The saying “politics makes strange bedfellows” is true, but the reason why they are all “in bed” with each other is because the separations between them are not as concrete as one would imagine them to be, or perhaps that those in those groups (particularly on the lower echelons of power) will even perceive them to be.

There is another saying which says “lie down with dogs, and come up with fleas,” meaning that one will pick up the characteristics, traits, and habits of those who one associates simply by being around them. Everybody is affected by the behavior of those around them, and while to a certain extent one cannot stop certain influences, there is also a choice that one has in so far as to the degree that one chooses to associate with and be influenced by those around him.

For example, a homeless person is at a much higher risk of getting Hepatitis A because he sleeps outside, and he does not per se know where certain people have or have not done their business, and owing to the street environment, he is at a much higher risk of contracting this sickness. However, for all of the risk that he is at, he can also take measures to prevent himself from becoming sick, and indeed one will notice that the more vigilant of homeless people will actually try to keep clean as much as is possible while on or attempting to get off of the streets because, as they live on the streets, they are aware on an existential level of certain dangers they face to their health and to their credit, they are doing what they can with what they have in their particular situation.

The LGBT is an entirely different issue, for as mentioned earlier, the entire movement is defined by choosing to engage in unnatural, aberrant, dangerous, and disgusting practices involving the bodily fluids of other people that can easily transmit disease. To that, these same people view the actual transmission of disease as the realization of a sexual fetish, and since one cannot gain any physical pleasure from intentionally spreading any disease, the only answers as to why they find it so arousing must be that it imparts a sense of power and domination to the humiliation of another that is found in the mind of the person spreading the disease. Since the mind is the organ which communicates the desires of the soul, it speaks to a deep sickness of the soul and affliction by extreme evil, for nothing can knowingly good come from this, and knowing this, one can only conclude that such a person not just has embraced evil, but he loves evil and takes delight in spreading evil to others.

The series of major health crises that have befallen the LGBT also correlate with the rise in the promotion of the LGBT worldwide. Could it be perhaps that God is allowing for such diseases to manifest in order that man might be given a chance to realize the error of his ways and hopefully, with the grace of God convert and abandon this sinful lifestyle before a firmer and more permanent form of justice befalls them?

Remember that in the Old Testament, God told the Pharaoh of Egypt to let the Hebrews go free, and nine times the Pharaoh refused, even after God sent plagues against his country. It was not until after the 10th plague with the death of the first born over all the nation that he finally relented.

I am not saying this is going to happen or not happen. What I am saying is that in the Bible, we see a pattern of mercy being given until a fuller form of justice is served, and it is truly a fearful thing to fall into the hand of the living God, for as He is all that is, we can bring to Him nothing but our intentions, our actions, and the record of the life that we lived and the lives we affected.

Every man must face God, and the time to accept His mercy is NOW because there is no promise of tomorrow for anybody.

Today it might be diseases, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? That is, of course, assuming that tomorrow is guaranteed.

The Last Judgment by Jan Provost