Mexican Drug Cartel Cannibalizes Its Victims, And Enjoys Consuming Their Flesh In Tamales And Stews

By Theodore Shoebat

The Mexican drug cartel, Las Zetas, is known to cannibalize its victims and enjoys eating human flesh in tamales and stews. Juan Sánchez Limón, a Mexican narco, recounted this in an interview published by Blog del Narco.

He was asked, “Does Lazca [Heriberto Lazcano, the leader of Las Zetas] eat human flesh?” to which Limon said:

“I have seen that Lazca likes to eat it in tamales and cooked in lemon, on toast, as if it were tartar meat.”

When asked, “What part of the body is what is eaten?” he said:

“Only the buttock and the chamorro”

Limon went on to say that all those who came to the meetings where human flesh was served knew that they were consuming human flesh. He recounted on how in one meeting Mexican military officials were present an joined in on the feast of human flesh, knowing what they were eating:

“Everyone knew it was human flesh and I did not see anyone who did the ugly to the pozole or the tamales; even the military who came to the meeting, invited by El Lazca, came with a lot of appetite.”

He put the human flesh in pozole, which is an ancient stew that was made by the Aztecs. Today, pozole is cooked, but with pork. Originally it was made with human flesh, but this was banned by the Catholic Church after the Spanish conquest (thank God) . These narcos are taking Mexico back to paganism, and this is because they are of the sprit of the antichrist, taking the nation back to the darkness of the pagan world.

This horror in Mexico is so horrific that I spent about a year on a documentary on cartel violence, interviewing local Mexicans on their experiences, and also members of anti-narco militias who have been fighting these evil doers. The documentary is called, Hell Across the Border. Watch it and tell everyone you know about it:

One can never fully understand the violence of the drug cartel, nor the fight between the Christians and the cartel, until one understands the war between Spanish Catholics and the pagan Indians. The violence and massacres of the drug cartel is not some sudden occurrence, but a continuation of the war that has been going since the feet of armored and resilient Spanish men stepped upon the coast of Veracruz. The name, Veracruz, means True Cross, and surely it is of the highest truth that the Cross conquered Mexico by destroying its paganism and advancing the light of the Gospel to the nation. When Cortez and the Conquistadors met with Montezuma, the emperor of the Aztecs, they preached to him the Gospel, as we read from Bernal Diaz (a Conquistador who fought under Cortez):

We had then told him that we were Christians and worshipped one God alone, named Jesus Christ, who had suffered His passion and death to save us; and that what they worshipped as gods were not gods but devils, which were evil things, and if they were ugly to look at, their deeds were uglier.

When the Conquistadors approached the Indians of Potonchan, Cortez, in the words of his secretary, Francisco Lopez de Gomara, “told them of a single God, Creator of Heaven and earth and all men, whom the Christians worshipped and served, and whom all men should worship and serve. In short, after he had explained the Mysteries to them, and how the Son of God had suffered on the Cross, they accepted it and broke up their idols.”

Cortez told the Cholulan Indians to destroy their idols, and affirmed to them that if they refused to do so, “we would do it for them.”

What beauty, what glory, what triumph, did the Cross illuminate through the warriors of Spain, where the blood of martyrs lie and where their strength is shown in the heroes of its history! How they exemplified the might of God by destroying the idols of pagans and the temples of demons, and illustrated the triumph of orthodoxy. For the religion of the heathens was just as demonic as that of the Canaanites, and like Joshua, the Conquistadors obliterated their satanic idolatry.

Bernal Diaz, in his own words, saw a “small tower which was also an idol-house or true hell, for one of its doors was in the shape of a terrible mouth, such as they paint to depict the jaws of hell. This mouth was open and contained great fangs to devour souls. Besides this door were groups of devils and the shapes of serpents, and a little way off was a place of sacrifice, all blood-stained and black with smoke. There were many great pots and jars and pitchers in this house, full of water. For it was here that they cooked the flesh of the wretched indians who were sacrificed and eaten by the papas [priests]. Near this place of sacrifice there were many large knives and chopping-blocks like those on which men cut up meat in slaughterhouses”. (6)

In one pagan conflict in Mexico, the Indians took a man named Chihuaquequenotzin, murdered him with stones, consumed his flesh, and made a neckless out of his fingernails.

It was this wickedness and deranged cruelty that the Spaniards fought against. One of the most beautiful stories that I have heard, and the most valorous story in Christian history, was when the Conquistadors fought the pagans on the steps of the great temple-tower in the city of Mexico. Thousands upon thousands attacked the small group of Spanish warriors. The Christians ran up the steps of the temple, and upon this tower of Babel, they fought with the most graphic of intensity; everywhere one looked, his fellow man was covered in blood, their hearts were beating as fast as the drums the Indians beat upon.

Every strike was explosive, every movement was done upon the thin string above life or death; every thought was heatedly focused on either life or death, every soul contemplated the giving of self, every fighter for God offered himself as a sacrifice for the destruction of evil, emulating the Crucified King when He came to destroy the works of the devil.

There an Indian struck a Christian to his death; there another saint dies like his Lord; and one could turn to only witness another martyr, killed under the hands of the heathen, and liberated through the Cross of Love. They continued to ascend the steps, with sharp blades cutting flesh asunder; with the voices of holy combatants being heard as high as Heaven; with spirit being split from soul; with timeless courage piercing through temporal existence, and transcending finite life through love that has neither beginning nor end, manifesting itself through zeal and sacrificial battle in the cosmic fray for humanity’s redemption.

Time transpired, and yet eternity was present, being seen in the everlasting love of striving soldiers, who fought on, regardless of travails, regardless of pains. Let your eyes gaze upon the soldier who fights for God, and in his actions will you see eternity. Look upon the crusader, and in Him will you see Christ. Eternity can only be seen in sacrifice; selfishness is ego, finite and transient, but sacrifice is love, and love knows nothing of earthly bounds.

St. John said, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8) Christ died for us, so that we — through His death — may have enlightenment on life; that true life is to be aware of holiness and evil, to embrace the former and fight the latter. Christ allowed Himself to be be killed by evil, so that we could fight evil. One must understand the theology of Theosis, or the union between God and man, to understand this. St. Paul said, “I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:8)

Paul was one with Christ, and being in Him, he participated in the work of Christ through His Church. St. Paul also said, “there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5). Notice that he refers to Christ as the man, while being the mediator between God and men. God became Man, and thus the God-Man mediates between mankind and Divinity through the bridge of His Humanity.

As Christ is the mediator, He is still Man, and thus mortals can participate in the mediation of Christ, and therefore partake in His works in humanity. Christ destroys the works of the devil, through His human Church. And so, when the Indians murdered each other and ate human flesh, they participated in the works of the devil.

The Conquistadors, on the other hand, participated in the mediation of Christ by destroying the works of the devil and obliterating the heathen religion. When the Spaniards were fighting the Indians on the steps of the pyramid, they sprinted all the way to the top, where they entered the temple. Cortez, seeing the satanic idols in the dark interior, had all of them burned and destroyed, in holy and fiery anger, working through love; in noble and virtuous fortitude, working through compassion; in pious and selfless care, working through passion; in fearless courage, working through the Cross.

When Cortez led his army of righteous conquistadors, he hoisted a flag on which were embroidered the words: “Friends, let us follow the Cross, and with faith in this symbol we shall conquer.”

Ah, in the Cross do we not see Love; in the Cross do we not see Justice; in the Cross do we not see the spark of the divine, in the teardrops that flow from the eyes of God! In the Cross do we not see that love that flows from the rivers of the soul, and enters time and lets us see timeless faith, in all its glory, in all its rustic beauty, in all its force that breaks the haughtiest of spirits! Ah, if only we could live in the Cross, and allow for it to melt our hearts! Only then would all of our interests dissipate, only then would our egos crumble, and our very beings would be brought into the glowing flames of dauntless Love, Who knows no fear, but only the triumph of compassion and the obliteration of evil.

Love conquered paganism in Mexico, but the serpent has reared its ugly head once again, and is murdering the saints and trying to reconquer Mexico. The Virgin Mary appeared to the Indians of Mexico, and she, participating in the mediation of Christ, destroyed the works of the devil, and crushed the head of the old serpent. Ah, but the devil never rests and “prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

He strives to reconquer the land with witchcraft and pharmakeia, and brings back the satanic rituals of human sacrifice and cannibalism, through these cults and cartels. Look how many thousands of the saints have been killed in Mexico because of this evil. This is why I say that Mexico is a land of celestial beings, for in it there have been made many martyrs, and even when it was sunk into the deepest idolatries, there Saint Mary appeared. The serpent “persecuted the woman, who brought forth the man child” (Revelation 12:13). Is this woman not Mary? She is attacked by the serpent, for they are in war, and we can see this war in Mexico, for the worshippers of the serpent are trying to destroy what the Virgin Guadalupe brought.

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