Major Sex Club In Catalonia Complains That Business Has Gone Flaccid Because Of The Catalan Revolution


The “El Bagdad” sex club, which is one of the most famous in the world and calls itself the “harem of the internet” has complained that business has gone flaccid on account of the revolution taking place in Catalonia, where talk of politics has dampened the libidos of their clientele:

The sequined curtains of Barcelona’s Bagdad nightclub have seen a few sights in their 40 years — from red-lit sex shows to burlesque troupers hauling gas canisters with their genitals.

But the legendary nightspot, opened in the 1970s during Spain’s swinging return to democracy, is now feeling the pinch from a new sideshow — Catalonia’s drive to declare independence.

“It’s because of the political crisis, all these images broadcast abroad,” says Bagdad owner Juani De Lucia. “People are scared to come to Barcelona and I hope that changes fast.”

The maitre d’ reckons business has slumped 70 percent since Catalonia organised a banned referendum on independence on October 1, plunging Spain into a constitutional crisis.

Normally a favourite haunt of tourists, businessmen and bachelor parties on the hunt for titillation, the mirror-lined club one recent day had just two sole punters on its cherry red seats, taking in an x-rated show that often requires audience participation.

Down the road, an avenue lined with theatres and cinemas is similarly bereft of visitors.

In a reminder of the region’s tumult, the face of a pro-independence actor, Quim Masferrer, appears on a poster for one show. “If we want a normal country, we need to have a normal life,” he told local radio station Rac1.

De Lucia feels much the same.

“When you live in Barcelona, you know you can come and go as you please, but people outside of the city don’t realise this,” she says.

“Here many foreign women are getting frantic phone calls from their families.”

– ‘Slump’ –

Catalonia, home to 7.5 million people, Mediterranean beaches and world-renowned architecture, is Spain’s most-visited region, attracting more than 18 million foreign tourists in 2016.

But in just two weeks following the October 1 vote, tourism saw a 15 percent year-on-year drop off, according to employers’ federation Exceltur.

The Bagdad, named to evoke the tales in “1001 Nights”, was founded in December 1975, a month after the death of dictator Francisco Franco.

The country’s return to democracy hailed an era of sexual liberation in traditionally conservative Spain, including a surge in pornographic and erotic art, particularly in the film world.

It was during a trip to Hamburg’s red light district — around the lurid, buzzing Reeperbahn once home to The Beatles — that De Lucia came up with the idea of her own hommage to hedonism.

“I was super young. Just seeing all these amazing halls, the sex shops, the peep shows, I felt I was on another planet,” she recalls. “Everything was open 24 hours, everything was legal.”

With her husband she decided to let an old flamenco cabaret near Barcelona’s Las Ramblas Boulevard owned by local screen luminary La Bella Dorita.

She says it turned out a wise move.

“There were lines of people waiting down the street. Back then you had to travel to France just to see ‘Last Tango in Paris’, so it was an impressive success.”

The club has produced its share of legends, including famed porn actors Nacho Vidal and Marco Banderas and performers Kumar and Tiger Man, who perfected the improbable feat of lifting a 30-kilogramme bell and a gas canister by their penises.

Banderas admits he’s “never seen such a slump” in clientele, but De Lucia is defiant.

“Bagdad is over 40 years old, it’s a solid business,” she says. “It will still be here, you can’t erase 40 years overnight.” (source)

The address for the club, according to its website, is Carrer Nou de la Rambla 103. Here is a screenshot from Google Maps Street view at Carrer Nou de la Rambla 105 and 103 respectively as to what it looks like from the outside:


Did you notice something in the background in addition to the club? Take a look at the photos again:

It is a Muslim woman, dressed in full Islamic garb and walking down the street.

Now if you “walk down the street” in Google maps, you will notice just a short distance from the club one of those mini “halal markets” that dominate Muslim areas throughout the Western world, and right next to it is a Turkish lounge:

A little further down the street at 97, and you can see a hardware store (“ferreteria”) and “clothing store (“bazaar de ropa”) called “Nawal,” which is arabic for “gift”, and across the street, one can see the Bosporous Restaurant (“Bosforo”), which is clearly Turkish. Remember, that while many Muslims may not drink alcohol, there are quite a few who own bars and are more than willing to sell alcohol to non-Muslims:

But not everything has to do with Muslims. Right across the street from the sex club there is a bar that presents itself as one of Barcelona’s premier metal clubs. Complete with skulls and all types of demonic imagery, the name of the club is called “Hell awaits“:


People in the West talk about the real threat that Islam poses to one’s way of life, and it is a true threat. But as I have said before, the means by which Islam conquers societies is for the most part not one of invading another society that is on some level capable of defending itself from without. Islam acts more like a turkey vulture in that is feeds off of the dead carcass of a formerly Christian society, having been willingly enervated and destroyed by the wanton embrace without any desire for repentance of grave sins such as heresy, homosexuality, and paganism as well as their enabling sister in usury.

Islam is powerful, but much of its power come from the fact the people give it power in order to attempt to make the Muslims do their bidding, which they often do because Islam saps the intellect of its reasoning power. However, the danger of manipulating them for personal gain is that it is almost always done so for sinful reasons, and since sin cannot cast out sin, there is no difference between right or wrong but just preference of sin, and between two sins of unequal strength the stronger one will ultimately prevail, which will always be Islam because while it is weak in strength it compensates for in endurance and once establish in permanency.

Right now, Catalonia is one of the most “Islamized” areas of Spain, with some districts in Catalonia approaching 40% Muslim. Catalonia also has a history of antagonism towards the Catholic Church and religion in general, as the area  has at least since the Protestant Reformation embraced anti-clerical ideas in varying degrees and has attempted to persecute the Church. We have discussed this at in our articles about Catalonian separatism and how it it is a front for a much darker evil, which is the breakup of nations and the rise of German nationalism to reeestablish a new a pagan Reich, as the Catalonia separatism is being backed and assisted directly by Germany and her allies in the Benelux nations.

The decline of once Catholic Spain can also be witnessed on this map. If one takes a look, one can see a Church- San Pau de Camp, or St. Paul of the Countryside. If one “visits” the Church, one can see inside that it looks little different than an Episcopalian “church” or Quaker Meeting hall:

According to Wikipedia:

There are no sources about the monastery’s origins, it is generally thought that it was founded by count Wilfred II of Barcelona, whose funerary inscription was found within the monastery in 1596. The monastery is documented from 977; in 985 it was sacked and destroyed by the Muslim troops of al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir.

Restorations were begun in 1096, through donations from Geribert Guitard and Rotlendis, and a new monastic community arrived. In 1117, Sant Pau became a priory of the monastery of Sant Cugat. By the 13th, a new cloister, church and monastic quarters were built. In 1377, the monastery consisted of a prior and eight monks, which declined in the 15th century to consist of three monks. An initial monastic meeting for the Terragona province occurred in 1577 and such meetings would continue from 1594 to 1835.

The monks were removed upon the secularization of monasteries by the Spanish government in 1835.

It was declared a National Monument in 1879. (source)

On one hand, we have a Spain that has embraced sex clubs where some of the worst kinds of immorality and practiced and boasted every day for the entire world to see. The owner of the club, as per the article, speaks of how “bad” the former Spanish Leader Francisco Franco was and how “conservative” Spanish society was at the time. She says this with her den of hedonism right down the street from the ruins of an ancient church who was build during the Muslim occupations, survived being attacked by Muslims, watched the death of Islam in Spain and her rise as she conquered the savage pagans of the new world and gave them a new life and beginning with their conversion, and was then that was destroyed and secularized by the very same types of men who hated the Church and would likely have been attendees or at least, supporter of her sordid business in their time. At the same time, we have the Muslim vultures, the historical enemies of the Church, moving into Spain to feast on her corpse, and they can even be seen walking among and establishing numerous businesses right on the same street where her operation that is reflective of the decline of Spain sits.

Muslims are indeed a threat to Europe, but indeed the greatest threat one could and must argue is actually other Europeans because their apostasy from the Faith which brought them into existence and protected them is what brought about the rise of Islam to begin with as it destroyed the unity which the Faith brought. Luther and Calvin are even more to blame for the rise of Islam than the Turks or the North Africans are because it was revolutionaries such as Luther and Calvin who, having no regard for truth other than asserting that which would generate the most power for themselves, solidified the heretical notion in Western society that national identity is somehow equal to religious identity and thus established the basis of modern secular and as it is already continuing to devolve into now, the pagan ethnonationalism of the ancient world.

This is not even a question of, as people such as Martin Sellner have advocated for, whether a union of Christians of all denominations or pagans should exist, as though their voices have equal value. The Catholic Church has always invited heretics and even pagans to fight with her, but with the understanding that any such alliance is done explicitly per the terms and in the context of the Catholic Faith, as she is the Church which Christ founded and against which the gates of hell will not prevail. Indeed, to even suggest any sort of equality between the Faith and other beliefs is to set down the path of error as Bl. Pius X noted in his Syllabus of errors:

15. Every man is free to embrace and profess that religion which, guided by the light of reason, he shall consider true.—Allocution “Maxima quidem,” June 9, 1862; Damnatio “Multiplices inter,” June 10, 1851.

16. Man may, in the observance of any religion whatever, find the way of eternal salvation, and arrive at eternal salvation.—Encyclical “Qui pluribus,” Nov. 9, 1846.

17. Good hope at least is to be entertained of the eternal salvation of all those who are not at all in the true Church of Christ.—Encyclical “Quanto conficiamur,” Aug. 10, 1863, etc.

18. Protestantism is nothing more than another form of the same true Christian religion, in which form it is given to please God equally as in the Catholic Church.—Encyclical “Noscitis,” Dec. 8, 1849. (source)

Between the choice of truth and error there no choice other than truth. If one chooses error and does not desire to choose what is right, then one can only fall further into error. As Islam is the culmination of all heresies, it only makes sense that in a once Catholic nation that has chosen death, lest she repents and arouses herself to life by choosing to re-embrace the ancient faith that sustained life and abandon the ways which lead to death, she will one day wake up and realize that not only is she dead, but that the buzzards which consume the dead have already eaten her and from which they will be no return.

They have smelled her carcass, and have already come to feast.